Raw is War

Los Angeles, California
Febuary 10, 2003


Bischoff vs. Austin at No Way Out!

Within one tense hour Eric Bischoff was fired as the RAW General Manager, rehired, then found himself locked into a match at No Way Out against Stone Cold Steve Austin!

With his job on the line at the start of RAW, Bischoff vented his frustration on J.R. by blaming him for not helping to persuade Stone Cold to return to WWE> Bischoff promptly fired J.R., who immediately began making calls to track down the Rattlesnake. Later on, Bischoff was given a pink slip when not even the promise of some HLA could sway Vince. Upon hearing from J.R. that Stone Cold was guaranteed to appear at No Way Out, Vince had a change of heart. First, he reinstated J.R., then he promised to rehire Bischoff as long as he would join the Vince McMahon Kiss My Ass Club! Bischoff tried, but just couldn't bring himself to seal the deal. Vince came up with another idea. Bischoff could have his job back, but he would find himself at No Way Out as a competitor and not a general manager when he faces the Texas Rattlesnake! 

Vince also announced that next week, Triple H will team with Batista against Booker T and Scott Steiner! The WWE Chairman didn't seem to mind that The Game is nursing a badly bruised thigh and is still on crutches. 

Like Bischoff, Chief Morley was also given a pink slip by the WWE Chairman. Unlike the general manager, Morley was not rehired. Vince did, however, give Morley the opportunity to keep his job. All Morley had to do was win his match; a 3-on-1 affair that pitted him against all three Dudley brothers! The Dudleys seemed to immensely enjoy the devastating punishment they levied on Morley before picking up the pinfall victory.

Jazz picked up right where she left off in WWE before taking a leave of absence while her torn ACL healed. Jazz dominated Molly Holly and earned a submission victory with the STF hold in her first match back on RAW!

Match Results

Test def. Christian

Booker T def. D'Lo Brown

Jazz def. Molly Holly

Kane & Rob Van Dam def. 3 Minute Warning

The Dudley Boyz def. Chief Morley

Batista def. Tommy Dreamer

Chris Jericho def. Jeff Hardy