Raw is War

Seattle, Washington
March 31, 2003


Goldberg debuts in WWE! 

When WWE purchased WCW, millions of fans anxiously waited to find out what would become of Goldberg. It took two years, but the former WCW Champion appeared on RAW!

Goldberg made a resounding impact in his brief appearance. While The Rock was in the ring basking in the glow of "Rock Appreciation Night," Goldberg interrupted the party and told the People's Champion, "You're next!" A split second later, The Rock was rolling on the ground after absorbing a crushing spear!

The past two days have been a disaster for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Just one day after losing to The Rock at WrestleMania XIX, Stone Cold was delivered a pink slip as RAW opened. RAW General Eric Bischoff, after reviewing some medical reports that showed Stone Cold's neck was in bad shape. Bischoff declared Stone Cold to be too large of a liability and promptly fired him!

Kane and RVD fell shot of winning the World Tag Team Championship on WrestleMania Sunday, but the duo made good on their rematch opportunity. Chief Morley and Lance Storm relinquished the titles to Kane and RVD after Mr. Monday Night's Five Star Frog Splash got the pinfall on Morley in an Elimination Match that also included the Dudley Boyz.

Match Results

Triple H def. The Hurricane

Scott Steiner def. Christopher Nowinski

Maven def. Rosey

Booker T def. Chris Jericho by disqualification

Jeff Hardy def. Steven Richards

Kane & Rob Van Dam def. the Dudley Boyz and Chief Morley & Lance Storm