Raw is War

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 7, 2003


RAW is running on Diesel power 

Shawn Michaels and Booker T teamed up in the main event of the evening to take on World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and Chris Jericho. After a back and forth battle, HBK and Booker finally wound up walking away with the winners’ end of the purse. Their victory, however, was not celebrated, as the numbers game took over. Ric Flair, Triple H and Jericho outnumbered HBK and Booker. Finally after disposing of Booker, Jericho handcuffed Michaels to the ring rope. It appeared as though Jericho, Triple H and Flair were going to have their way with Michaels. That was not the case, however. After a nine month absence from WWE, Kevin Nash returned to save his buddy Shawn Michaels.

Still upset that his “appreciate night” was ruined last week, The Rock called out Goldberg. When Goldberg came out, a cocky Rock told Goldberg that there was no way he was going to give him and the fans what they want – a match at Backlash. The Rock then walked out of the ring towards the backstage area. As The Rock walked back, Christian, attempting to seize the day, attacked Goldberg from behind on behalf of his new friend. Unfortunately for Christian, his attempts were thwarted, as Goldberg quickly dispensed of the talented superstar.

One week after getting fired by Eric Bischoff, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music ran through the arena. The crowd exploded as Stone Cold’s signature truck drove to ringside. However, the fans were disappointed to see Bischoff walkout from behind the driver’s seat, rather than Stone Cold. After Bischoff got out of the truck, he told the fans that he fired Stone Cold because he was a liability to the company. Bischoff realized that not everybody agreed with his decision, especially Jim Ross. Bischoff then called J.R. out and told him to talk to him face to face. J.R. jumped at the opportunity to tell off Bischoff to his face, despite Jerry “the King” Lawler’s attempts to keep him at his broadcast position. When J.R. got to Bischoff he told the RAW General Manager to “take this job and shove it.” The voice of RAW then quit.

Match Results:

Trish def. Jazz

Chief Morley def. Rob Van Dam

The Rock def. Jeff Hardy

Dudley Boyz def. Kane

Goldust def. Steven Richards

Booker T & Shawn Michaels def. Triple H & Chris Jerico