Raw is War

Atlants, Gerogia
April 21, 2003


Unfinished business served up for Backlash

The odds were heavily stacked against Booker T on RAW. Not only was he facing a difficult opponent in Triple H with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, but Ric Flair and Chris Jericho made their way to ringside. Plus, RAW General Manager enlisted Shawn Michaels to serve as special referee. With the relationship between Booker T and HBK still strained from last week's clash, Booker had his work cut out for him.

Although HBK and Booker made amends, the five-time WCW Champion wouldn't add the World Heavyweight Title to his accolades. A wild brawl that included the two opponents, Flair, Jericho, HBK and Kevin Nash caused the bout to end in a no contest. Clearly, there is much to be settled this Sunday when all these Superstars engage in a six-man tag team match at Backlash!

The Rock Concert II turned out much more to the Great One's liking this time around. The People's Champion ended up demolishing Goldberg with sadistic steel chair shots just six days before they are set to meet on pay-per-view! The Rock openly poked fun at Goldberg with some outlandish lyrics, and also by bringing out Gilberg! Goldberg fought his way into a confrontation with his imitator, but that only allowed The Rock to sneak up and level his future opponent with a chair to the head! The Great One smashed the chair across Goldberg's body several times before calmly leaving. Goldberg regained his feet and the look on his face made it apparent that this Sunday's match is going to be an unpredictable, vicious affair!

The crowd in Atlanta was surprised to see Lita come to the ring. Lita began saying that she's nearly ready to come back to action after undergoing surgery to repair her injured neck. But Eric Bischoff spoiled Lita's announcement. The sleazy RAW General Manager wondered aloud if Lita could bring his show great publicity the same way that Torrie Wilson got the spotlight onto SmackDown!; by posing for Playboy! Lita said that if she wanted to pose in Playboy, she would, and it would be on her terms and not because of what it could do for Bischoff. The Bisch tried to convince Lita to give him an exclusive look at what Lita had to offer in his hotel room, but Lita pushed him away and left the ring. Bischoff threatened Lita that if she didn't do what he wanted, she'd be out of a job. Lita kept walking, prompting Bischoff to fire her!

Chief Morley again asked the Dudley Boyz to prove their loyalty to the Bischoff administration by taking on Trish Stratus and their half brother Spike. D-Von refused to answer Morley's orders to put Trish through a table, and before Bubba could convince him otherwise, Kane and RVD rushed in to end their Backlash opponents' quarrel.

Theodore Long issued a bold proclamation on RAW. Long laid out the details of the Five Minute White Boy Challenge. Simply put, Long stated that Rodney Mack could defeat any white competitor in under five minutes. Mack put the theory to the test and wiped the mat with an unnamed opponent in plenty of time.

Match Results:

Chris Jericho def. The Hurricane

Rodney Mack def. a white boy

Scott Steiner def. Test

Trish Stratus & Spike Dudley vs. the Dudley Boyz ended as a No Contest

Triple H vs. Booker T ended as a No Contest