Raw is War

Boston, Massachusetts
April 28, 2003


Linda McMahon names Stone Cold RAW's new Co-General Manager!

A quick reversal of fortune devastated Eric Bischoff on Monday night. One minute, Bichoff was preparing for an intimate rendezvous with Trish Stratus. The next, he found his managerial power subverted when Linda McMahon named Stone Cold Steve Austin the Co-General Manager of RAW!

Bischoff allowed Trish Stratus, who lost the Women's Championship to Jazz at Backlash, to earn a rematch. To do so, all she'd have to do was defeat Bischoff in a match. Should she lose, however, she'd have to spend a night with Bischoff in his hotel room! Bischoff made sure the scales tipped in his favor by calling on Victoria and Jazz to do his dirty work in the ring. He covered Trish up and got the pinfall, but his celebration was cut short when WWE CEO  Linda McMahon arrived at the FleetCenter!

Linda told Bischoff that the Board of Directors frowned on his unprofessional conduct as RAW's top man. Some of the directors wanted to fire Bischoff outright, but a compromise was worked out. Starting on Tuesday morning,  Bischoff will have to share general manager duties 50-50 with Stone Cold! As his first order of business, Stone Cold dropped Bischoff with a Stone Cold Stunner!

Chris Jericho debuted his own segment on RAW, dubbed "Chris Jericho's Hilite Reel." Y2J called in Goldberg as the segment's inaugural guest! The two Superstars have a history with each other that dates back to their time in WCW. Those tensions almost boiled over, but Christian came out to taunt Goldberg. Christian stated that many Superstars didn't want Goldberg in WWE. To back him up, out came Steven Richards, Victoria and 3 Minute Warning. The Superstars all threatened to get in the ring and take down Goldberg, but Steven Richards was the only one to step through the ropes. All he got for his trouble was a vicious spear!

Later, when 3 Minute Warning interfered in Booker T's match against Christian, Goldberg came to the rescue by hitting a Jackhammer on Jamal and spearing Rosey through the ring barrier!

Riding high after winning the six-man tag team match at Backlash, Triple H and Ric Flair sought to dethrone Kane and Rob Van Dam of the World Tag Team Championship. Their plan was thrown off course, though, when Kevin Nash appeared at ringside with a sledgehammer! Nash chased The Game into a limo, then smashed the vehicles windows before it raced out of the building!

For the past few weeks, a pair of Frenchmen announced their intention to come to WWE. On Monday night, they made good on their promise. La Resistance, as Renee Dupree and Sylvain Grenier are called, laid a beating on Scott Steiner and Test!  

Match Results:

The Hurricane def. Chief Morley

Rodney Mack def. a white boy

Kane & RVD def. Ric Flair & Triple H

Test & Scott Steiner def. Rico & Chris Nowinski

Booker T def. Christian by disqualification

Eric Bischoff def. Trish Stratus