Raw is War

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
May 5, 2003


Austin, Goldberg toast at RAW beer bash

When Stone Cold Steve Austin throws a party, you can guarantee that there will be beer involved. But nobody could have guessed that the new RAW Co-General Manager would be chugging beers with Goldberg on RAW! 

Stone Cold promised to end his first RAW as Co-GM with a beer bash, but when he arrived at the ring, he found the pissed-off former WCW Champion stewing. Goldberg had defeated 3-Minute Warning, but was blindsided by a steel chair attack from Christian a la The Rock. Stone Cold stared down Goldberg initially, and the tension between the two skyrocketed. But Stone Cold announced that Goldberg would get a chance for revenge soon. Next Monday night on RAW, Stone Cold announced, Goldberg will face Christian in a No Holds Barred Steel Cage Match! Goldberg obviously approved, and the beer bash was underway.

Stone Cold and Eric Bischoff began their first episode of RAW at odds, and things only got worse as the night progressed. Austin kicked off RAW by announcing that he was going to make a few changes. First, he pledged to bring back the Intercontinental Championship! This once-coveted title would be awarded to the winner of a Battle Royal at Judgment Day! According to the RAW Co-General Manager, all former Intercontinental Champions on RAW would be entered into the Battle Royal.

Stone Cold also went so far as to rehire Jim Ross! But he was opposed by Eric Bischoff, who stated that the two needed to corroborate on this type of decision. As a compromise, the two decided to let J.R.'s fate rest on a match between Chief Morley and Jerry "The King" Lawler! Lawler got the pinfall, J.R. got his job back, Morley was fired by an angered Bischoff and Stone Cold gave Coach a Stunner as a sendoff!

Kevin Nash was the initial guest on the second edition of "Chris Jericho's Hi-Lite Reel," but his appearance turned ugly when Y2J deviously brought out Triple H as a surprise guest! Nash and Triple H, who found out that they will face each other for the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day, engaged in a bloody, savage brawl that spread outside the arena and didn't end until The Game stole a car to make his getaway! Jericho devilishly grinned at the mayhem he created, until Stone Cold came up to him and announced that Y2J would be facing Kevin Nash next week on RAW!

Match Results:

Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Chief Morley

Kane & Rob Van Dam def. Test & Scott Steiner

Booker T def. Lance Storm

La Resistance def. Tommy Dreamer & Spike Dudley

Jazz def. Trish Stratus

Goldberg def. 3-Minute Warning