Raw is War

Greenville, South Carolina
May 19, 2003

 Jericho: 'I did it'

RAW Co-General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin vowed to solve a mystery on Monday night. And by the time RAW was through, the Texas Rattlesnake followed through.

Last week on RAW, someone tried to run down Goldberg in a speeding SUV as the former WCW Champion exited his limousine. The majority of the more than 260,000 fans who voted on a WWE.com poll during RAW thought that The Rock was the culprit. But after investigating the incident, Stone Cold grilled Lance Storm. The Rattlesnake's intense interrogation forced Storm to confess, but he admitted to being put up to the stunt by someone else. As punishment, Stone Cold ordered Storm to face Goldberg one-on-one! Goldberg made quick work of Storm then forced him to reveal who masterminded the vehicular assault. The answer: Chris Jericho!

When confronted by Coach about the accusation, Jericho appeared startled at first, then admitted to orchestrating the ordeal. He then announced that Goldberg would be his guest next week on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel!

This week's episode of Jericho's segment took an abrupt turn. After Jericho congratulated Christian on his Intercontinental Championship win, RVD came down to challenge the champ. Eventually, a brawl broke out and a Tag Team Title match was ordered by Stone Cold. RVD and Kane successfully defended their titles against Christian and Y2J.

Stone Cold created friction between Triple H and Ric Flair. Stone Cold told The Game that he would have to compete on RAW, but Triple H could pick his own opponent. The only catch was that the opponent had to be a former World Champion. Triple H chose Flair, thinking that his mentor would merely roll over for him. The 16-time World Champion put up a hell of a fight, and barely lost to The Game. After an exhausting match, Stone Cold announced that Triple H would face Kevin Nash at Badd Blood in Hell in a Cell!

After seeing Rosey and Jamal battered by the Dudley Boyz in tag team action, an angry and emotional Rico announced that he was leaving the two ferocious big men. What this flamboyant Superstar will do next remains to be seen.

Match Results:

The Dudley Boyz def. 3 Minute Warning

Kane & RVD def. Christian & Y2J by disqualification

Rodney Mack def. Spike Dudley

La Resistance def. Test & Scott Steiner

Goldberg def. Lance Storm

Triple H def. Ric Flair