Raw is War

Mobile, Alabama
May 26, 2003


The Dirtiest Player & the Game wreak havoc 

Why is Ric Flair called the "dirtiest player in the game." This week's RAW was a perfect example. It seemed that Flair was ready to walk away from Triple H -- ready to be "Ric Flair again" -- after taking the World Heavyweight Champion to the limit last week. In fact, Flair was even brought out to the ring by Shawn Michaels, and the two legends told stories of their deep mutual respect. They even agreed to wrestle at Bad Blood in what was supposed to be a scientific clash to determine the better man. General Manager Eric Bischoff subsequently ordered Triple H to wrestle both Flair and HBK in a Handicap Match later in the show; it seemed that it just wasn't the Game's night.

When the match got underway, Flair ended up giving HBK a low-blow -- the whole ordeal was a ruse! Meanwhile, backstage, a masked man assaulted Kevin Nash. But Nash recovered, and ran to the ring to help Michaels. Soon, however, it was Flair, Triple H and the masked man -- who turned out to be Randy Orton -- ganging up on Nash and Michaels, who were left nearly unconscious as RAW went off the air.

Now, HBK and Flair will face each other at Bad Blood -- but it'll be an emotional grudge match. And while Triple H was not successful in convincing co-General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin to cancel the Game's Hell in a Cell with Nash at Bad Blood, Nash will undoubtedly be weakened heading into the career-shortening encounter.

Why did Chris Jericho orchestrate the attempted vehicular assault on Goldberg? Jericho explained this week: he wanted to send a message to Goldberg that "nobody wants Goldberg in WWE -- especially me." Jericho challenged Goldberg to a match at Bad Blood, and Goldberg stormed to the ring and accepted. When Goldberg got his hands on Y2J, Jericho sprayed him in the eyes, temporarily blinding him. Y2J then hit Goldberg with his own move, the spear, before sprinting out of the arena.

Even though Austin was sporting a black eye because he was "singing in the shower and slipped on a bar of soap," he was feeling the spirit of Memorial Day. Austin had RAW ring announcer Lilian Garcia sing "America the Beautiful" live on the show. Shockingly, she was interrupted by La Resistance. But Austin came out, Stunned the two Frenchmen, and had Lilian sing the song again -- and this time, he sang it along with her! Austin then thanked the troops that made it possible for him to be Stone Cold Steve Austin. He drank a few beers with Lilian -- who downed them just the way Austin does -- and slapped hands with members of the military and other fans at ringside.

Since Scott Steiner and Test just cannot get along together, Stacy Keibler said this week that she'd manage them separately. This news apparently didn't sit well with Test. During Test's match with Booker T, the Bookerman went for a baseball slide, and Test pulled Stacy in front of him! Stacy took the brunt of the punishment and was knocked cold! Fortunately for Stacy, Steiner came to ringside and carried her backstage, out of harm's way.

Match Results:
Booker T defeated Test via pinfall.

Val Venis def. Steven Richards, accompanied by Victoria, after a Money Shot. Trish Stratus joined Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler for commentary during this match, and vowed revenge on Victoria, who caused her to land on her head two weeks ago at Judgment Day.

Goldust def. Intercontinental Champion Christian in a non-title match.

In a White Boy Challenge, Rodney Mack def. Bubba Ray Dudley in 2:30 to remain undefeated. Give the assist to Christopher Nowinski, who inexplicably helped Mack by clobbering Bubba Ray in the back of the head while the referee was distracted.

La Resistance def. RVD & Kane in a non-title Flag Match, thereby earning a shot at the World Tag Team Championship at Bad Blood.

Triple H def. Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair in a Handicap Match when Triple H pinned HBK.