Raw is War

San Diego, California
June 2, 2003

Not even Evolution can hold back the Nature Boy

With less than two weeks to go until he battles Shawn Michaels at Bad Blood on pay-per-view, Ric Flair took to the ring and explained how he became the most respected man in sports entertainment. According to he Nature Boy, you cannot claim you are the greatest unless you have slept with 3,000 women, spent $30 million, wrestled 350 nights a year and bled each and every night. Ric Flair has done this, and according to him, this makes him the greatest.

Flair did manage to show a touch of bitterness, however. Several years ago when Shawn Michaels was on top of the WWE mountain, Flair said that everywhere he traveled, people told him that HBK was the man and that HBK was the new legend and that HBK was the greatest of all time. This clearly still haunts Flair. According to the Nature Boy, though, he is going to make Michaels his bitch when the two go one-on-one on June 15 at Bad Blood.

Elsewhere on RAW, Christian took over for a hiding-Chris Jericho as host of the Highlight Reel. As host, Christian's first plan of action was to change the name of the show to the Peep Show, in recognition of all his peeps out there. As scheduled, The Rock was Christian's guest on the show. Over the past several weeks, the new Intercontinental Champion has flaunted his new relationship with The Rock, claiming that it was Rock that anointed him the "New People's Champ." When The Rock hit the Peep Show stage, however, fans learned that this was far from true. In fact, The Rock went on to say that he was the one and only People's Champion. The capacity crowd then blew the roof off of the arena to show their support for The Rock.

Not long after The Rock showed up Christian, Chris Jericho headed to the ring to take his show back over. It only took a couple of minutes before both Jericho and Christian were double teaming Rock. It looked as though there was no end in sight for the beating Rock was receiving at the hands of Christian and Jericho. Then Booker T came down to make the save. After Booker and The Rock cleaned house, The Book coerced The Rock into giving the fans a Rock-a-roony.

Stacy Keibler told test that their relationship was over on RAW, only Test did not agree. Test informed Stacy that she was contractually obligated to work for Test, even though she wanted to manage Scott Steiner. It appeared as though Stacy was in a pickle. Then Co-General Manager Eric Bischoff came out to the ring with a resolution -- Test will battle Steiner at Bad Blood with the winner receiving Stacy's services.

Match Results:
Ivory, Trish & Jackie defeated Jazz, Victoria & Molly when Ivory pinned WWE Women's Champion Jazz.

Scott Steiner defeated Steven Richards via pinfall.

Rene Dupree defeated Kane via pinfall.

Booker T & Goldust defeated Christian & Chris Jericho when Booker pinned Intercontinental Champion Christian.

Randy Orton, Triple H & Ric Flair defeated Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash & The Hurricane