Raw is War

Dallas, Texas
June 16, 2003

Kane makes a decision

Mick Foley showed up on RAW even though he said that he would go back to his "normal life" after Bad Blood. The Hardcore Legend had a lot on his mind, but he was unable to unload it all before Evolution came to the ring and interrupted him. Randy Orton told Foley he was washed up and should stay out of WWE. Orton then went on to reveal that Evolution was going to extend an invitation to a WWE Superstar to join their group. Before long, all three members attacked Foley. Just when it looked like Evolution had Foley's number, however, Maven and Al Snow came to the ring and saved their buddy.

Later in the evening, fans learned that the Superstar Evolution had their eye on was Kane. After Kane got his team disqualified in the night's main event, the big red monster went on a killer rampage. Triple H came to the ring to tell Kane that it was good to see the old Kane back. He told him that he was impressed with his renewed mean streak. He then asked Kane to join Evolution. Before Kane could answer the World Heavyweight Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the ring and told Kane that he would give him a shot at Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship next week if he turned down Triple H's offer. Eric Bischoff's music then hit the arena. The Co-general Manager told Kane that if he were to accept Stone Cold's offer and lose, he would have to remove his mask. After a short deliberation, Kane chokeslammed Triple H, signifying the fact that he had chosen to take the shot at the World Heavyweight Championship even though his mask was on the line.

Rico returned to WWE on RAW. This time, he had Jackie Gayda by his side. In his return match, Rico handily defeated Spike Dudley.

WWE rookie Garrison Cade battled Lance Storm in a one-on-one battle. Before the match started, Stone Cold came to the top of the ramp with a pillow and a blanket. Throughout the match, Stone Cold reminded Storm how boring he was and that his personality and wrestling style puts him to sleep.

Match Results:

Ivory & the Dudley Boyz defeated Jazz, Rodney Mack & Christopher Nowinski when Ivory pinned Women's Champion Jazz.

Garrison Cade pinned Lance Storm in a boring match.

Goldberg & Booker T defeated Christian & Chris Jericho when Booker T pinned Intercontinental Champion Christian.

Test and Mae Young wrestled to a no contest.

Rico defeated Spike Dudley via pinfall.

Randy Orton (with Ric Flair) defeated Maven (with Mick Foley) via pinfall.

World Tag Team Champions La Resistance defeated
Rob Van Dam & Kane via disqualification.