Raw is War

Buffalo, New York
June 30, 2003

Bischoff's an out-of-control maniac!

Remember when Linda McMahon ordered the hiring of a co-General Manager to keep Eric Bischoff in check? Tonight's RAW -- live from Buffalo, N.Y. -- was the paradigm example of why. Bischoff's co-GM, Stone Cold Steve Austin, was not there, out sick with food poisoning. So Bischoff was in charge. While he did order several matches that the fans wanted to see -- for example, all of RAW's championships were defended tonight -- he also proved without a shadow of a doubt that he's downright evil.

He ordered Kane to face the fans without his mask on. If Kane didn't, Bischoff promised he's fire Kane! Furthermore, he ordered Terri to go interview Kane -- and if she refused, she too would be fired! Terri couldn't find Kane in his makeshift dressing room. But Kane would turn up -- at the end of the World Heavyweight Championship match. Just when it looked like Kane was going to chokeslam Rob Van Dam, he turned and chokeslammed Bischoff off the stage, through a table below! Most fans would say that Bischoff had it coming.

He also ordered Stacy Keibler into a match against two men. Granted, she had Scott Steiner as her partner, and Steiner did his best to keep Stacy out of action. But Bischoff took things a step further, and changed the unusual tag-team contest into a no-disqualification match after Jericho had gotten his team disqualified. It seemed Bischoff wouldn't be satisfied until Stacy was hurt -- which she was, the victim of a pumphandle slam by Test.

Assuming Stone Cold has recovered, what's he going to have to say about Bischoff's nefarious actions next week when RAW is live in Montreal?

Match results:
The Goldberg-Lance Storm match never officially got underway, as Goldberg was attacked by Rodney Mack. Mack ended up getting speared and jackhammered by Goldberg as Storm escaped.

Gail Kim, making her RAW debut, won the Women's Championship, as she was the last woman standing in a seven-Diva battle royal for the title. She countered a powerbomb attempt by Victoria into a head-scissors takedown, catapulting Victoria over the top rope.

The Christian-Booker T match for the Intercontinental Championship ended in a draw. Referee Nick Patrick awarded the win (and the title) to Booker, but Bischoff came out and said that both men's shoulders were down (which a replay confirmed) and therefore called the match a draw, allowing Christian to retain the title.

Chris Jericho & Test defeated Scott Steiner & Stacy Keibler when Test pinned Stacy after a pumphandle slam.

Due to liberal interference by "Miss Jackie," the flamboyant Rico pinned Maven after a roundhouse kick.

Randy Orton, accompanied by Ric Flair, pinned Tommy Dreamer after the RKO. After the match, Orton and Flair added insult to injury -- Flair put Dreamer in the figure-four leglock while Orton clobbered him with a kendo stick!

World Tag Team Champions La Resistance defeated Hurricane & Spike Dudley when Sylvan Grenier pinned Spike.

In a no disqualification, falls-count-anywhere match, Triple H pinned Rob Van Dam after a DDT on the steel ramp.