Raw is War

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
July 7, 2003

Time to move on

Co-General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin kicked off RAW live from Montreal, Quebec, by announcing that his cohort, Eric Bischoff, was not in attendance after taking a "chokeslam to hell" from Kane last week. Austin, it would turn out, would suffer the same fate. Throughout the night, Kane brutally attacked Tommy Dreamer and Rico because, he later revealed, he thought they were making fun of him. Austin finally convinced Kane to come out and face the fans -- who cheered wildly for him, proving Austin's point that the fans would support him no matter what he looks like -- but when Austin remarked that Kane's chokeslam last week on Bischoff was "funny as hell," a paranoid Kane also thought Stone Cold was making fun of him. He attacked Austin, but Stone Cold defended himself, clobbered Kane with a steel chair, and delivering a Stone Cold Stunner. A bloody Kane, however, sat right back up and chokeslammed Austin!

Shawn Michaels agreed to join Chris Jericho in the Highlight Reel and discuss the controversial 1997 Survivor Series/Bret Hart situation -- in front of the same fans and in the same arena that the so-called "screwjob" took place. Michaels encouraged the Montreal fans to move on, saying that the Bret situation took place six years ago, and that the rest of the world had forgotten about it. He said that if Jericho wanted to stand up for the Montreal fans, the two Superstars could wrestle "right here, right now." But Jericho -- who was cheered wildly by the Montreal crowd -- refused to fight in Canada due to the "devalued dollar," much to the crowd's chagrin. Instead, he agreed to face Michaels in a WrestleMania rematch in two weeks at RAW in Hollywood -- or, more specifically, the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Test, who now finds himself single, puts the moves on Trish Stratus backstage. But when Stratus refused, Test grabbed her. Kevin Nash, standing nearby, intervened and challenged Test. When Trish came out during the match to tell the referee that Test had removed one of the turnbuckles, Test grabbed Trish, shoved her into Nash, and then followed up by clobbering Nash with a big boot for the huge upset! After the match, Test continued his reign of terror against women when he assaulted Trish! (Trish proved how tough she was later, when she went out to wrestle Molly despite an injured neck; Molly capitalized on the injury, eventually forcing Trish to tap out to a modified camel clutch.)

Match results:

After an ax kick, Booker T pinned Intercontinental Champion Christian to win the title.

Rosey pinned The Hurricane, but was assaulted after the match by Rodney Mack.

In mixed tag-team action, Val Venis & new Women's Champion Gail Kim defeated Steven Richards & Victoria when Kim pinned Victoria with a hurricanrana into a pinning position.

Test pinned Kevin Nash after a big boot.

Chris Jericho defeated Mark Jindrak, forcing him to tap out to the Walls of Jericho.

Molly Holly defeated Trish Stratus by submission in a No. 1 contenders' match, thus earning a shot at Gail Kim's Women's Championship next week on RAW in Indianapolis.

Bubba Ray Dudley & Rob Van Dam defeated Ric Flair & Randy Orton when RVD pinned Flair after a Five-Star Frog Splash.