Raw is War

Indianapolis, Indiana
July 7, 2003

July 14, 2003

Over the past few weeks, Kane has been a man possessed. His random acts of violence have sent shockwaves through RAW locker rooms. Superstars never know when, where or why Kane is going to strike next. With each one of his attacks visibly more damaging than the previous, many Superstars feel threatened to come to work each week.

Kane's most heinous attack came this past Monday while sitting down with Jim Ross for an interview. Everything seemed to be going well until J.R. asked the question on everybody's mind. He asked Kane why he is so afraid to show his face, especially since there does not seem to be any visible scars. This question sent Kane into a frenzy. Every word that came out of his mouth added more and more proof to the fact that Kane needs psychological assistance. Then, just when you thought Kane's words were damaging enough, the Big Red Machine struck J.R. While the RAW announcer was out cold, Kane doused him with gasoline and set him fire. The incident provided for one of the most disgusting visuals ever to appear on WWE television.

While the voice of RAW lay nearly lifeless after being set on fire, Eric Bischoff alerted Stone Cold Steve Austin that he feels Kane's actions are a result of Austin prodding at him to return to acting like a monster. Apparently, Bischoff is not the only person that feels this way; many RAW Superstars agree and signed a petition to get Stone Cold out of RAW. According to Bischoff, their voice has been heard. Bischoff claims that next week, Linda McMahon will be at RAW to remove Stone Cold Steve Austin from his post.

Match results:
Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner & Trish Stratus defeated Test, Steven Richards & Victoria when Nash pinned Richards after Jackknife Powerbomb.

Maven defeated Lance Storm by pinfall.

Triple H, Randy Orton & Ric Flair defeated D-Von, Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley in a six-man elimination tag team match.

Rodney Mack defeated Rosey.

Intercontinental Champion Booker T defeated Christian by pinfall.

Women's Champion Gail Kim defeated Molly by pinfall.