Raw is War

Colorado Springs, Colorado
July 28, 2003


This week's edition of RAW was a clear indication that Mr. McMahon isn't going to do anything to stick up for his wife, WWE CEO Linda McMahon, who was savagely attacked by Kane last week. But Shane McMahon is a different story. Linda's son -- and a participant in some of the most scintillating matches in WWE history -- appeared on RAW for the first time in months, and set his sights immediately on the Big Red Machine. This came moments after Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared, announced that he was going to stay on as co-General Manager, and literally begged Kane to hit him. Remember, Linda McMahon demanded that Austin agree not to attack anyone on the RAW roster unless he was physically provoked. But Kane refused to do it.

However, Shane, who is not subject to any "physically provoked" limitations, came out, sprinted to the ring and put a beating on Kane. Surprisingly -- although perhaps not surprisingly to some -- Mr. McMahon tried to stop his son. But Shane decked Mr. McMahon and went right after Kane again. This time, the "Boy Wonder" grabbed a steel chair and whacked Kane repeatedly with some of the most vicious "chair shots" ever seen. Kane went falling off the ramp -- much the way Eric Bischoff did several weeks ago -- but after just a few seconds, Kane sat up and actually laughed off the beating! We've certainly not seen the last of this!

In other news, the RAW brand officially announced its main event of SummerSlam: Triple H vs. Goldberg! SummerSlam is Sunday, Aug. 24 at the America West Arena in Phoenix.

And Molly Holly defeated Gail Kim to become a two-time Women's Champion!

Match results:

Intercontinental Champion Booker T & Scott Steiner (with Stacy Keibler) defeated Christian & Test when Booker pinned Christian.

After a spear and jackhammer, Goldberg pinned Steven Richards.

Despite liberal interference by Miss Jackie, Val Venis was able to defeat the extremely unorthodox Rico with the Money Shot.

Kevin Nash defeated Chris Jericho by disqualification when Y2J blatantly low-blowed Nash in front of the referee.

World Tag Team Champions La Resistance defeated Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade.

Molly Holly pinned Gail Kim after a Molly Go Round to win the Women's Championship.