Raw is War

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
August 4, 2003


Shane McMahon came out right at the beginning of RAW -- live from Vancouver, B.C., Canada -- and announced that what he started with Kane last week, he was going to finish this week! But RAW co-General Manager Eric Bischoff appeared and said that he had just received a phone call from Vince McMahon; Mr. McMahon instructed Bischoff to have Shane escorted from the building. Shane insisted he was going to stay, and just when it seemed he and Bischoff would come to blows, RAW's other GM, Stone Cold Steve Austin, appeared, and set it up so that Shane and Bischoff would face off later on RAW in a No Disqualification Match.

However, during the night, Kane somehow escaped from police custody and made his way out to the ring just as Bischoff-McMahon was getting underway. The Big Red Machine put a hell of a beating on Shane, culminating in a Tombstone piledriver on the steel steps! Kane then rolled Shane back into the ring, where Bischoff covered him for the easy one-two-three, and then celebrated as if it were Christmas morning.

Bischoff and Austin tried to one-up each other throughout the show. As a result, RAW's main event at SummerSlam will now be a World Heavyweight Championship bout held in the infamous Elimination Chamber! The participants are champion Triple H, Goldberg, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash! Also announced for SummerSlam is Kane vs. Rob Van Dam; on RAW, RVD defeated Y2J in an incredible, pay-per-view quality match. After the match, Y2J blamed Nash for the defeat and challenged "Big Daddy Cool" to a Hair vs. Hair match.

Also on RAW, Gail Kim appeared to come to Trish Stratus' rescue when Victoria and Women's Champion Molly Holly assaulted her, but then Gail turned on her fellow Toronto native and delivered a vicious clothesline to Trish! Meanwhile, Lance Storm finally admitted that he's boring, and he turned to the one Superstar who is anything but boring -- Goldust -- for advice. Goldust promised to show Storm a good time. And although Hurricane told Rosey that he wasn't ready to be a full-fledged "Superhero in Training," Rosey nevertheless came to Hurricane's rescue when Christian put a post-match beating on Hurricane, and Rosey was decked out in an obnoxious homemade superhero costume!

Match results:

Bubba Ray Dudley defeated Rene Dupree of La Resistance via pinfall.

Self-proclaimed legend-killer Randy Orton pinned Scott Steiner after an RKO.

Christian pinned Hurricane with a handful of tights.

Goldberg defeated Ric Flair by disqualification.

Trish Stratus defeated Women's Champion Molly Holly by disqualification.

Rob Van Dam pinned Chris Jericho after a split-legged moonsault.

In a No Disqualification Match, Eric Bischoff pinned Shane McMahon