Raw is War

Moline, Illinois
August 11, 2003


Last week on RAW, a cocky Chris Jericho challenged Kevin Nash to a Hair vs. Hair Match. This week, Big Daddy Cool has accepted. Now Chris Jericho is wondering what he has got himself into. Have we seen the last of Y2J's flowing mane? Tune in to RAW next week to find out.

Fans were treated to the long-awaited return of Jim Ross to RAW this week. J.R. was quick to point the finger at who he thought was responsible for the burns he received at the hands of Kane. No, Ross did not lay all the blame on Kane. Rather, the voice of RAW placed most of the blame on Eric Bischoff. He then told Bischoff that he was going to sue him for forcing him to work in an unsafe working environment. Then J.R. talked about his decision to sue Eric a bit with his buddy Stone Cold Steve Austin. After talking to the Texas Rattlesnake, J.R. decided that he would drop his lawsuit against Bischoff if the RAW Co-General Manager signed on for a match. Thinking he was going to have to battle Shane McMahon, the same guy he pinned last week, Bischoff happily signed on for the match. Little did Bischoff know, however, the match was really against Kane!

Believe it or not, Eric Bischoff was able to score a count out victory over Kane. After his match, Bischoff relaxed in his locker room. While relaxing, Stone Cold told Bischoff that he should have read the contract more clearly. The contract clearly stated that the winner of Eric Bischoff vs. Kane would have to battle Shane McMahon at SummerSlam.

The main event of the evening saw Goldberg battling Ric Flair, with Randy Orton serving as guest referee. Clearly, Orton had trouble calling the bout down the middle. As a result, he found himself a victim of a Goldberg Spear. While the ref was out, Goldberg Jack Hammered Ric Flair. Shawn Michaels ran down and motioned Orton's arm three times towards the mat, signifying that Goldberg was indeed the victor.

Match results:
Rico & Miss Jackie defeated Scott Steiner & Stacy

The Dudley Boyz defeated La Resistance via DQ

Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated Spike

Eric Bischoff defeated Kane by count out

Women's Champion Molly pinned Gail Kim to retain the title. The match also featured Trish Stratus.

The Hurricane defeated Rodney Mack

Goldberg defeated Ric Flair