Raw is War

Columbia, South Carolina
September 15, 2003


The road to Unforgiven was not a smooth one for Goldberg up to this point. But with less than a week to the biggest match of his career, Goldberg made it a point to go into Unforgiven with the psychological advantage.

A cocky Triple H took to the ring at the end of RAW to throw a farewell party for Goldberg. The World Heavyweight Champion obviously thinks that he is going to retire Goldberg at Unforgiven this Sunday. Unfortunately for the Game, Goldberg made himself an uninvited guest to the party. Once there, he destroyed Triple H, giving Goldberg what may be an edge heading into their match.

Lita surprised everybody in attendance at the University of South Carolina when she returned to RAW to help Trish from a beating she was receiving at the hands of Gail Kim and Molly. It has been quite a while since WWE fans have seen Lita in action, but judging from her brief appearance on RAW, it doesn't look like she has missed a beat. Soon after, it was announced that Lita will team up with Trish Stratus this Sunday at Unforgiven to take on Gail Kim and Molly.

Contract signings never seem to go off without a hitch in WWE. The one held on RAW for the Last Man Standing Match at Unforgiven was no different, as Kane and Shane went at it tooth and nail. Their altercation was highlighted by Shane dropping an elbow onto Kane, while he was laid out on the announce table.

Elsewhere on RAW, Stone Cold Steve Austin finally put Christian in a pay-per-view match. This one will not be a one-on-one affair, however. It will be a Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Championship. Christian's opponents will Be Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam.

Match results:

Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam wrestled to a no contest

Rob Conway def. Spike Dudley

Fabulous Moolah def. Victoria

Mark Henry & Rodney Mack def. Lance Storm & Goldust

Molly & Gail Kim def. Trish

Val Venis def. Test

Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Al Snow