Raw is War

Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, Connecticut
October 6, 2003


RAW starts with a short replay of Triple H's important announcement to Bill Goldberg.

RAW comes to us from the Mohegan Sun Arena.

Kane vs. Rosey

Kane's music errupts and Kane makes his way to the ring. Rosey comes down next to the Hurricane's music. Rosey starts with a samoan flapjack and a splash. Rosey then swings Kane, but gets booted in the face. Kane has Rosey down, and send him into the turnbuckle. Punches to Rosey, and then a choke hold. More clubs to Rosey at a different turnbuckle, and Kane gives Rosey a back suplex. More punches to Rosey, and Kane chokes Rosey with his foot. Kane trash talks to Rosey, as Rosey tries to fight back. Rosey nails an elbow. Kane nails a modified spinebuster. Kane attempts a flying clothesline, and misses, and Rosey beats Kane in the corner and nails a DDT. Rosey then falls onto Kane. Rosey gets Kane up, and walks into a chokeslam. Kane gets the 1-2-3 on Rosey. Hurricane's music hits and he runs to the ring, and attacks Kane. Hurricane gets chokeslammed too. And then Shane's music hits and Shane attacks Kane from behind and runs away, as an angry Kane follows.

After the match, Kane runs around rampant backstage looking for Shane. Kane walks by a Semi-Truck and sees Shane. Shane taunts Kane, and jumps into a limo. Kane breaks the limo's window and gets in through the sunroof. Shane gets out from the drivers seat, and rigs the limo so it goes crashing into another truck.

Backstage, workers attend to the limo. A bloody Kane lays inside. Austin comes down and tells the firemen to get out of the way.

Gail Kim vs. Lita

Gail Kim's music and she makes her way to the ring, and Molly Holly makes her way to announce booth. Lita comes out next. Lita gets a Lita chant started, and the Divas lock up. Gail slaps Lita, and Lita reverses and chops Gail. Lita suplexes Gail, 1-2.. kickout. Lita counters a dropkick and headbutts Gail's gootch. 1-2, Gail kicks out. Fallaway slam on Gail, and Gail counters a splash. Sunset flip on Gail, but she knees Lita in the neck. 1-2-Lita kicks out. Reverse chinlock on Lita. Gail works Lita's neck some more. Elbow to the neck, another elbow and pin, but Lita kicks out. Gail chokes Lita on the ropes. Gail is really taking it to Lita, and works her neck some more with a dragon sleeper. Gail taunts the crowd, and applies a back stretch on Lita, Lita powers out of it, and nails a side russian leg sweep. Both ladies are down, and Gail attempts a splash but misses. Lita beats on Gail and nails a spinning back suplex. 1-2 kick out, Lita and Gail mess up a little, and Lita nails a DDT for the pin. Lita yells at Molly from the ring.

We cut backstage, as Kane is still stuck in the limo.

We see a bunch of money leading to Triple H. Trips plugs his bounty again.

Shawn Michaels enters Austin's office and demands a match against Mark Henry. Austin says no, and Shawn says he'll take matters into his own hands.

Steiner's music starts, and he makes his way down to the ring with Stacy. Steiner gets the mic, and he says he only cares about his freaks and peeps. He says when his freaks get out of line something bad happens, and he talks about how Stacy made him loose. He tells Stacy he's the man with the largest man in the world, does he look like he takes orders? No, he only gives orders and demands an apology. He wants Stacy to apologize on her knees. Bischoff's music hits and he comes out with a mic. He says finally the Scott Steiner he knows has retured. He tells him he's damn glad to see Steiner back. He's putting Steiner in a match and he'll hand pick his opponent.

Scott Steiner vs. Spike Dudley

Scott Steiner presses Spike Dudley. Steiner throws Spike into the stairs and then back into the ring.

We cut backstage to see Kane being wheeled away a bloddy mess...

Steiner then belly to bellies Spike. Kick to the gut of Spike, and Spike gets thrown to the turnbuckle. Steiner continues to demolish Spike. Steiner taunts and continues to wail on Spike. Steiner gets the 1-2-3. Steiner continues to beat Spike after the match. The Dudleyz run in and beat up Steiner, but Test comes down and takes his bitches away.

Backstage, La Resistance and Rob Conway attack Goldberg who's doing a photoshoot. Goldberg beats up the heels.

We're backstage again, and Eric Bischoff finds out what happened and blames Steve Austin.

Y2J comes out with Lance Storm, Christian, and Jonathan Coachman. Jericho talks about the limo accident, and says he's saddened and sickened because it's Austin's fault. He says Autin released the monster Kane. He gives the mic to Coach. He tells the crowd how Austin cheated him out of the announcer position. Jericho calls Coach a sexy beast and gives the mic to Christian. Christian says Austin made him fight in a ladder match and made him loose his title. A CLB chant ensues... and Jericho calls up Storm. Storm says Jericho is full of crap, and he's having fun. He owes it all to Austin. He says Austin is doing a great job as the co-GM of RAW. He also says Jericho is doing a great job as a jackass. Christian and Jericho take Storm down, and Austin come down. Since Austin can't hit Jericho, RVD comes down to clear the house. Stone Cold books a match match with Jericho/Christian -vs- Storm/RVD.

RVD & Lance Storm vs. Christian and Chris Jericho

Storm locks on the Maple Leaf, but Jericho nails a bulldog from behind. RVD takes out Jericho and leaps on him on the outside. Storm does the same to Christian. Back and forth action, Jericho nails the Lionsault for 2. Jericho locks on the Walls, but RVD gets to the ropes, and gets the blind tag to Storm, who nails a missile drop kick to the back of Jericho’s head for the win.

JR and Jerry talk about the Shane/Kane thing.

Backstage, Terri talks to Mark Henry. Long says that if you wanna talk to them, you talk to him. Mark says he'll make Goldberg lay flat on his back.

Evolution (Flair & Orton) vs. Jindrak & Cade

Orton and Flair make their way to the ring followed by Jindrak and Cade. Orton and Cade start the match, they beat eachother up for a bit, and Flair and Jindrak are tagged. Jindrak takes it to Flair, with some backdrops. He then hits Orton. Flair counters and attempts a figure four... Jindrak counters into a inside cradle. Cade is tagged, as is Orton. They beat eacother for a bit, and Orton tags Flair. Flair takes down Cade and chops him some. Tag to Orton, both men take eachother down. Orton tags to Flair and Jindrak is also tagged. Jindrak cleans house and beats on Evolution. Falir nails and elbow on Jindrak, and Jindrak nails a flying clothesline. Orton RKO's Jindrak, and Flair gets the pin.

During the break, Maven and Trish walk up to Flair and Orton. Maven challenges Ric to a match next week on RAW.

Victoria & Steven Richards vs. Trish Stratus & Maven

Victoria's music hits, Richards and Victoria make their way down to the ring. Maven and Trish come out next. Maven and Richards start the match, and Maven takes it to Richards. Victoria tags herself in and Trish gets tagged in too. Victoria slaps Trish, and Trish takes Victoria down. Trish does her matrix move and tries to pin Victoria. Victoria kicks out, and Trish nails the chick kick and attempts a Stratusfear. But Richards stops her. Victoria nails a flipping legdrop, and shoulder blocks Trish. Victoria goes for the pin. Trish kicks out, and Victoria puts Trish in a hold. Trish fights out of it and rolls Victoria up. 1-2, kickout. Spinebuster to Victoria, and Steven comes in to beat Trish, but Maven comes in for the save. The DIvas tag out. Maven takes it to Steve. Steven gets Maven down, but Trish kicks him in the face. Maven gets the pin. After the match, Trish is thrown into the steel steps by Victoria.

Mark Henry vs. Goldberg

Thuggin' 'N Buggin' comes down to the ring. Charles Robinson tells Rodney Mack to head back to the back. Goldberg comes out next. Henry attacks Goldberg and takes him down with a clothesline. Henry sinwgs Goldberg around, and squishes him in the corner. Goldberg kicks Henry in the face. Henry bodypresses Goldberg, and Goldberg tries to fight back. Henry slams Goldberg down... 1-2... kickout. Henry slams Goldberg into the corner. Henry slides off of Goldbergs neck, I guess?! Henry gives a one arm shoulder breaker... 1-2.. kick out. Goldberg finally takes Henry down and applies an arm breaker. Goldberg punches Henry. Henry nails another side slam. Goldberg fights back with some chops, but Henry dominates again. Goldberg slams Henry, and prepares for a spear, but Mack runs down and drills Goldberg with a chair. Michaels comes down and beats Mack. Goldberg accidentally spears Michaels, then jacknifes Henry.