Raw is War

Cleveland, Ohio
November 3, 2003


Only two weeks after he supposedly knocked Goldberg out for good and a week removed from learning that in fact Goldberg would be able to defend his World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series against Triple H, Batista found out on RAW that Goldberg is more than one of the most powerful and destructive men to ever enter the ring … he is also an incredible healer!

Although slowed by a cast protecting his injured ankle, Goldberg proved that it would take more than a limp to stop him on RAW when he made a shocking return to the ring and not only felled Batista with a vicious spear, but he did the same to Ric Flair as well. If an early return for Goldberg was not surprising enough to Batista and company, they were shocked to learn that Goldberg would return to action next week to face Batista in singles action … less than a week before his Survivor Series title defense.

The Goldberg-Batista clash highlighted a stirring night in Cleveland when the final members of both Team Austin and Team Bischoff for Survivor Series were disclosed. First, Stone Cold Steve Austin revealed that he would trust one of his fiercest rivals from the past to help him ensure a successful future as RAW co-GM. After some intense moments, Shawn Michaels accepted Stone Cold’s invitation to join Team Austin, forcing Austin to go against the very “Don’t Trust Anybody” sentiment that has made him Stone Cold. Austin explained that he is doing so because if he can’t be the Stone Cold Steve Austin he wants to be, it’s not worth being Stone Cold. Moments later, Eric Bischoff announced that Randy Orton would be employed to join Team Bischoff, as the Legend Killer could be the man to kill the career of the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin!

In other action, Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade scored their second straight upset win over a top RAW Tag Team when they stunned the Dudley Boyz in a non-title match … thanks in part to a distraction provided by Scott Steiner. With consecutive wins over the Dudleys, Jindrak and Cade could not be in a position to gain a shot at the World Tag Team Championships!

Match Results:

Chris Jericho & Christian defeated Booker T & RVD

Batista defeated Maven

Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade defeated the Dudley Boyz in a non-title match

Lance Storm defeated Rico

Trish Stratus & John Heidenreich defeated Victoria & Steven Richards

Shawn Michaels defeated Mark Henry