Raw is War

Sacramento, California
December 1, 2003



In a little over two hours, the very landscape of RAW was changed forever and those who thought that Eric Bischoff had everything completely under his control were brought to their knees. At 9:00 on Monday night, the question “what will happen next?” brought fear to anybody who dared to cross the RAW General Manager. Two hours later, that same question was met with excitement and anticipation that has not been seen since Stone Cold Steve Austin himself was a RAW Co GM.

In a decision that rocked the very foundation of RAW, WWE CEO Linda McMahon hired wrestling legend Mick Foley to serve as an Outside Consultant to RAW, giving him the power to make any changes as he sees fit to RAW. The impact was as immediate as it was severe as Foley made three instant changes to Bischoff’s plans: First, the main event Bischoff planned – a Handicap Match putting Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam against Randy Orton, Batista and Kane – was changed to a Six Man Tag Team Match that added Goldberg to the RVD/HBK team. Secondly, Foley announced that he would allow the viewing public in the arena and at home to sign a petition to allow Stone Cold Steve Austin to return to RAW in an undetermined capacity.

And if the night was not already going south for Bischoff, Foley’s final announcement would hit the GM like a ton of bricks. Foley announced that he would hire a Co General Manager to keep Bischoff in check, a Co GM who looked awfully familiar … that Co GM was Mick Foley himself!

Foley spent the night acting as Eric Bischoff’s alter-ego, firing several Superstars, including Test, Scott Steiner, and both members of La Resistance. He also scheduled a match between Jonathan Coachman and Jerry “The King” Lawler with the stipulation that a Lawler win would bring Coachman a pink slip – a match that Lawler won handily! However, by evening’s end, it was revealed that Foley’s administrative moves would not hold as he was merely acting as a firing squad to prove a point to Bischoff about being a power hungry General Manager.

Foley concluded the evening by announcing that his presence would be about what the fans want first and that since the fans want a Goldberg-Kane match-up, they will get it … next week on RAW! He then gave the fans something else they wanted by knocking Bischoff down with a punch and bringing out Mr. Socko and applying the Mandible Claw.

In other RAW action, both Christian and Chris Jericho finally showed their true colors. After spending several weeks displaying a softer side by warming up to Lita and Trish Stratus, respectively, and on a night when Stratus displayed her true feelings for Jericho, it was revealed that Stratus and Lita were the victims of a cruel bet all along. Christian and Jericho had a wager over who could get their Diva in bed first. What Jericho did not know was that while he revealed his plan, Stratus was standing right outside the dressing room door and seemed to hear everything. How will she react? RAW next Monday could reveal the answer.

The Mick Foley administration as Outside Consultant to, and Co General Manager of, RAW started off with some fireworks, and with less than two weeks to go until Armageddon, the action is only starting to heat up. Next week on RAW, Goldberg and Kane will meet one-on-one and that is only the start of the action. What else will happen? Watch RAW at 9/8 CT on Spike TV and find out!

Match Results:

The Dudley Boyz defeated Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Booker T defeated Test

Val Venis & Lance Storm defeated La Resistance

Chris Jericho & Trish Stratus defeated Rico & Miss Jackie

Matt Hardy defeated Christian

Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Jonathan Coachman

Goldberg, Rob Van Dam & Shawn Michaels defeated Kane, Randy Orton & Batista