Raw is War

Anaheim, California
December 8, 2003



He is the People's Champ. He is the most electrifying man in sports and entertainment. He is one of the greatest Superstars to ever grace the squared circle. And on RAW, after an eight-month hiatus from WWE, The Rock could say yet another thing about his illustrious career ... he is back!

When it seemed like RAW Co General Manager Mick Foley would suffer an assault at the hands of La Resistance for refusing to salute the French flag, The Rock was there to save his one-time adversary and long-time friend. After unleashing a fierce verbal attack on both the French and La Resistance, The Rock unleashed something even worse for Rene Dupree and Rob Conway -- The People's Elbow! After The People's Champ hit his famous elbow on Dupree, Foley did the same on Conway, and an electrified Anaheim crowd rejoiced over a reunion of The Rock and Sock Connection. And perhaps the loudest statement of all from The Rock was made by his pen as he concluded his appearance by signing Foley's petition to being Stone Cold Steve Austin back!

As stunning as The Rock's appearance was, it was a night that saw one shocking turn after another. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all came to Eric Bischoff and Evolution. After announcing that the main event between Goldberg and Kane would be a Lumberjack Match (with the Lumberjacks selected by Bischoff himself) and sending Evolution and Mark Henry to ringside to serve as Lumberjacks in an attempt to injure Goldberg, the most shocking turn of all was Goldberg himself, who not only survived several attacks from the Lumberjacks during a grueling match with Kane, but also gave Kane a spear and seemed completely unscathed from the attempted assaults.

Six days before Armageddon, only one thing is clear regarding the Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship – it will take more than an attack from Triple H and Kane to keep this man down. Goldberg’s legendary ability to overcome any obstacle was in full force on RAW and, despite the efforts of Bischoff and Evolution, he is 100 percent heading into Sunday’s Triple Threat Match.

RAW also featured several developments regarding Armageddon on Sunday. First, Foley announced that he would be the Special Guest Referee for the match between Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton. Secondly, both La Resistance and the tag team of Test & Scott Steiner were announced as entries into the Tag Team Turmoil Match. But the most stunning announcement regarding Armageddon was made by Bischoff when he announced that Christian and Chris Jericho would face Trish Stratus & Lita in Eric Bischoff’s Battle of the Sexes Match. This match is as a result of Trish and Lita taking a measure of revenge on Jericho and Christian for their bet from a week ago. It seems that the last measure of revenge could be on Trish and Lita themselves as they are in for quite a battle at Armageddon.

The final RAW before Armageddon was perhaps the most electric RAW of 2003, thanks to the return of The Rock, Goldberg’s heroics, and the continued build up to Armageddon. Who will leave Orlando as the World Heavyweight Champion? Will the Dudley Boyz survive Tag Team Turmoil and remain World Tag Team Champions? Will Trish Stratus & Lita be able to escape the Battle of the Sexes? Only one way to find out … order Armageddon on pay per view on Sunday at 8 PM and watch RAW on Monday at 9/8 CT on UPN!

Match Results:
The Dudley Boyz defeated Chris Jericho & Christian

Batista defeated Rob Van Dam in a non-title match

Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak defeated Val Venis & Lance Storm

Mark Henry, Scott Steiner & Test defeated Booker T, Hurricane & Rosey

Molly Holly & Victoria defeated Trish Stratus & Lita

Goldberg defeated Kane via disqualification in a Lumberjack Match