Raw is War

December 22, 2003



While J.R. was in New Orleans to help his beloved Oklahoma Sooners prepare for the upcoming Sugar Bowl, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jonathan Coachman treated WWE fans to a special Year in Review edition of RAW. It was a night of highs and lows, laughter and tears, and some of the most unforgettable moments that happened during 2003 on RAW.

Eight different matches were featured during the special, including the match between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 19 – a match that many people considered the finest match of Jericho’s career and the Ladder Match between Rob Van Dam and Christian that saw RVD claim the Intercontinental Championship for the fifth time.

RAW also aired highlights of some of the most intriguing matches of the year, including the in-ring debut of Goldberg at Backlash where he defeated The Rock, the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin at No Way Out and his match against Eric Bischoff, and the match between Ric Flair and Triple H on RAW on May 19 – a match that saw Ric Flair come within inches of winning his 17th World Championship. Add to the mix the special Survivor Series matches between Kane and Shane McMahon and the match between Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Team and Eric Bischoff’s Team, and RAW featured nearly all of the top matches of 2003 – a tough task for a two-hour show!

RAW also aired many of the highlights that took place throughout 2003 that were not a part of a wrestling match. Everything from the Rock Concert in Sacramento, to the Redneck Triathlon at Bad Blood, to Mr. McMahon’s 30-day challenge to Eric Bischoff were featured. Remember Mae Young in a thong? RAW did not allow you to forget it … airing that “highlight” from 2003.

Overall, it was a night of celebration for the year that was … but also a reminder that the year is not over yet! RAW returns next week live from San Antonio and judging by the only announced match, the highlights of 2003 are not finished yet. Not only will the fallout from last week’s stunning developments take place, but for the final RAW of 2003, Shawn Michaels will meet Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship … in the hometown of HBK! Find out what happens next week on RAW at 9/8 CT on Spike TV!


2003 RAW Matches of the Year:

Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 19

Victoria defeated Trish Stratus in a Chicago Street Fight at RAW on Jan. 27 to retain the Women’s Championship

RVD defeated Christian to capture the Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match at RAW on Sept. 29

Goldberg defeated The Rock at Backlash

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Eric Bischoff at No Way Out

Kane defeated Shane McMahon in an Ambulance Match at Survivor Series

Triple H defeated Ric Flair to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at RAW on May 19

Eric Bischoff’s Team defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Team at Survivor Series