Raw is War

Uniondale, Long Island, New York
January 3, 2004

Six-Man Mayhem

Jan. 3, 2005

Last week, Eric Bischoff shook the very foundation of this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match at New Year’s Revolution by introducing a Beat the Clock night. With only six days remaining until the big event in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Bischoff shook things up one more time. At the beginning of this week’s Raw, Bischoff said that just as last week the six competitors had a chance to beat the clock, this week they’d have a chance to beat each other.

Batista faced Chris Benoit, Edge battled Chris Jericho and in the main event, Triple H took on former Evolution member Randy Orton. Orton hadn’t faced Triple H since he lost the World Heavyweight Championship to him at Unforgiven all the way back in September. With the referee knocked out late in the match, Batista came down to the ring and took out Orton with a clothesline. Benoit came down to take Batista out of the equation and Shawn Michaels ran down, decked out in referee garb, to officiate the rest of the match. With HBK’s back turned, Edge flew into the ring to set up for the spear. Jericho joined the fray and took out Edge before he could take out Michaels as the fracas moved to the outside. Triple H finally arose only to see his arch nemesis Michaels standing there. With his attention diverted, Orton set up for the RKO but Triple H countered. Orton came back with another RKO attempt and this time, he hit it, pinning Triple H in the process. Is this only a sign of what’s to come in six days at New Year’s Revolution?

Orton has momentum heading into New Year’s Revolution, but no one has been on a bigger roll as of late than Batista. He continued that roll in his match against Chris Benoit earlier in the evening. The animal of Evolution was just too overpowering for Benoit. The Crippler managed to hook in the Crippler Crossface, but Batista powered out of the move, carrying Benoit on his back, and rammed his head into an exposed turnbuckle several times before hitting the Batista bomb for the pin.

Later, Batista pledged his allegiance to Triple H and said that he would help Triple H win the World Championship at New Year’s Revolution, but with the added advantage of entering the chamber last, will visions of gold sway his loyalty?

Gene Snitsky will take on Kane at New Year’s Revolution, and on Raw, Snitsky said he was surprised that Kane was ready to come back after the injuries he suffered at Taboo Tuesday. He also said that he had a surprise for Kane as well. Later in the evening, when Trish and Lita were going at it in the ring before their Women’s Championship match in six days, Snitsky stormed the ring, diverting Lita’s attention. Trish laid out the champion with the Chick Kick, and then Snitsky placed a steel chair around her throat and looked to be getting ready to crush her throat just as he had done to Kane in October. The fire exploded and Kane’s music hit as the Big Red Monster returned to Raw, throwing Snitsky into the crowd. Will Snitsky be able to overcome Kane’s wrath at New Year’s Revolution? And can Lita overcome the attack to defend her title in six days?

Good Ol’ J.R. and The King were also scheduled to take on Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari in a civilized debate.

What started out as a war of words, soon turned into fisticuffs, as Hassan and Daivari attacked The King and J.R. Hassan wrapped his belt around his fist and delivered two crushing blows to The King, busting him wide open. He then choked out J.R. with the same belt. It was announced later in the night that The King—with J.R. in his corner—will take on Hassan in a grudge match at New Year’s Revolution.

In other action, Christian defeated Eugene and another New Year’s Revolution match was announced pitting the champions, Eugene & William Regal, against Christian & Tyson Tomko.

Also, Edge defeated Chris Jericho in another prelude to New Year's Revolution this Sunday.

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin was able to get the win over Sylvain Grenier in a non-title match, but Maven added guest commentary after challenging the champ to a title match at New Year’s Revolution.

Plus, Trish Stratus defeated Victoria, sending a message to Lita that she’ll stop at nothing to take the Women’s Championship back.


Batista def. Chris Benoit

Edge def. Chris Jericho

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin def. Sylvain Grenier (non-title)

Trish Stratus def. Victoria

Christian def. Eugene

Randy Orton def. Triple H