Raw is War

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
January 10, 2004

Back in the game

Jan. 10, 2005

Ten-time and new World Heavyweight Champion Triple H thought he was protected from the wrath of Randy Orton. But as RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff put it, “New title reign, new year, end of story.” With those words, Bischoff may have sealed Triple H’s fate, making a RAW main event pitting “The Legend Killer” against Evolution’s animal, with the No. 1 contendership on the line.

Despite having his head messed with by Orton and inadvertently by Ric Flair, Batista seemed poised to beat the former Evolution protégé. Triple H tried to help finish Orton off, but Batista didn’t feel he needed to cheat to win. During the dispute, Orton was somehow able to recover and cause a collision between the Evolution members, setting up the pinfall.

Now, Triple H has to prepare to face a man he thought he had permanently outsmarted — and he still has to try to hold Evolution together at the same time.

After doubling his pleasure and scoring two victories at New Year’s Revolution, Shelton Benjamin defended the Intercontinental Championship for a third time against Maven. This time, a spot in the Royal Rumble was on the line … but the result was the same. Shelton made quick work of Maven again, hitting a crushing T-bone suplex and scoring the fall. Now the fans in Fresno, Calif. are guaranteed Benjamin’s athleticism in the Rumble. 

In the second Royal Rumble qualifier of the evening, it was the GORE vs. the spear as Edge faced Rhyno. The Man-Beast hoped to exploit an opponent who was exhausted and battered by the previous night’s Elimination Chamber. But a furious Edge willed his way to a submission victory. In doing so, Edge secured a spot in the 30-man Rumble on Jan. 30, but he seemed more discontent than ever following the match.

Edge didn’t think he should have to face 29 other elite Superstars for a shot at a World Championship — especially after, according to him, Shawn Michaels cost him the title he deserved at New Year’s Revolution. Edge called out HBK, declaring him “the most selfish man in the industry.” Michaels had heard enough after listening to Edge whine throughout the commercial break and beyond. So he appeared, trying to talk some sense into Edge. But the message didn’t register. Instead, Edge took out his intense frustration on Michaels, and the two brawled outside the ring and around the arena.

It was learned that Lita will be out of action for several months thanks to a torn ACL she suffered the previous night at New Year’s Revolution prior to losing the Women's title to Trish Stratus. J.R. had the unpleasant duty of reporting that Lita’s injury will require major surgery. We also received an injury update on World Tag Team Champion Eugene who, it was revealed, has a ruptured patella (kneecap) and will be out several months as well.

In other happenings, The Hurricane interrupted Muhammad Hassan’s latest rant, and the two competed in the newcomer’s first-ever match on RAW. An impressive Hassan finished his opponent with a modified STO, much to the chagrin of announcing duo J.R. and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Simon Dean made the grave mistake of calling out a large, masked Superstar that he could taunt and ridicule at will. Unfortunately for him, the man who emerged to try his new fat-burning pills was not the one Dean had in mind. Instead, it was Kane.

The Big Red Monster dismantled Dean with reckless fury, but rival Gene Snitsky soon intervened. Snitsky drove a steel chair into the throat of Kane, re-aggravating the injuries Snitsky had caused in the first place.

Also, the blockbuster announcement was made that for the first time ever, RAW will be broadcast from Japan in February.


Shelton Benjamin def. Maven (Non-title; Royal Rumble Qualifier)

Muhammad Hassan def. The Hurricane

Edge def. Rhyno (Royal Rumble Qualifier)

Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit def. Christian & Tyson Tomko

Christy Hemme def. Maria (Lingerie Pillow Fight; special referee Candace Michelle)

Randy Orton def. Batista (No. 1 Contender’s Match)