Raw is War

Providence, Rhode Island
February 28, 2005

Dream match made
Feb. 28, 2005

SmackDown! Superstar Kurt Angle answered Shawn Michaels’ challenge Monday night on RAW, and he left Providence, R.I., with blood on his hands.

Angle assaulted HBK seconds after the conclusion of his Street Fight Match with Edge, pummeling Michaels’ helpless body and delivering the Olympic Slam. Afterward, Angle grabbed a microphone and in regards to the WrestleMania challenge, said, “I accept.”

It was a shocking conclusion to a vicious and highly competitive Street Fight Match. Early on, Edge busted Michaels’ head open with a modified DDT onto a steel chair. Edge then got the blood really flowing when a drop toe-hold sent Michaels’ face into a ladder.

The latter stages of the match found the ring littered with weapons, but both Ladder Match veterans frequently went to the ladder to deliver their most innovative and punishing attacks. After a series of low blows, Michaels somehow willed his way out of a spear. When Edge went to his finisher again, Michaels countered with a lightning quick Superkick for the win.

But as soon as the bell rang, Angle was upon him. By the time the SmackDown! intruder was finished, his hands, chest and street clothes were covered in Michaels’ blood. At least at WrestleMania, Michaels will see Angle coming.

As WrestleMania goes Hollywood, none other than Hogan himself will be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame. In addition, Stone Cold will appear on Piper’s Pit. He's also on the cover of RAW Magazine. WrestleMania now has the biggest names, world championship defenses and inter-brand dream matches that weeks ago we never thought possible.

Earlier on RAW, Triple H sent a message to Batista by dismantling The Hurricane. Then, Evolution interrupted Batista’s Q&A with Jim Ross. But when Ric Flair charged the ring, Triple H balked. As a result, “The Nature Boy” suffered through a spinebuster and Batista Bomb while The Game was frenzied outside the ring. The World Heavyweight Champion may have avoided a physical confrontation on RAW, but we’ll see the match at WrestleMania 21.

After finishing Maven with the Walls of Jericho, Y2J made his own WrestleMania statement. Saying he wanted to make history, Jericho described his pay-per-view vision: six elite Superstars, the chance of a lifetime and a very big steel ladder. More details are sure to be revealed soon.

The third time wasn’t the charm for Gene Snitsky in a zero-tolerance Intercontinental Championship Match on Monday. After two weeks of DQs, General Manager Eric Bischoff stipulated that if Benjamin got disqualified again, he’d lose the championship. So, Benjamin went out there and used technique to top the big man. When Snitsky went for a chair, Shelton countered with a stinger splash and T-bone suplex for the win.

Muhammad Hassan was disqualified in his grudge match with Chris Benoit, but it was The Crippler who was again left lying in pain after a contest-ending low-blow.

Elsewhere on RAW, Trish Stratus interrupted Christy’s Playboy cover unveiling, hitting the Bunny with a Chick Kick, then spray painting “SLUT” across her back.

“Superstar” Billy Graham had some advice for Randy Orton, telling him to do something truly unique at the pay-per-view on April 3. Afterward, The Legend Killer had his eye on the latest edition of SmackDown! magazine, depicting on the cover the legendary Undertaker.

“The Masterpiece” Chris Masters racked up another win with his swinging full nelson submission, and we got an update on his last opponent, as well. Steven Richards suffered a broken nose and orbital bone as a result of Masters’ double-sledgehammer last week on RAW.

We also learned that next week, it’ll be Batista vs. Ric Flair in Nature Boy country of Raleigh, N.C.


Triple H vs. The Hurricane (never officially got underway)

Chris Benoit def. Muhammad Hassan (DQ)

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin def. Gene Snitsky (Zero-tolerance match)

Chris Masters def. Providence local wrestler

Chris Jericho def. Maven

Shawn Michaels def. Edge