Raw is War

Green Bay, Wisconsin
May 23, 2005

MAY 23, 2005

Batista successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Edge on RAW, overcoming a stacked deck in the process. But what followed not only tainted his win, it had implications for his future, as well.

“Mr. Money in the Bank” Edge looked poised to win his first world championship. He had Lita at his side, help from Christian and Tyson Tomko and Batista down.

But he didn’t bank on “The Nature Boy” getting involved.

Ric Flair stormed the ring late in RAW’s main event, responding to Edge and his allies’ underhanded tactics. Flair couldn’t keep the foursome at bay for long, but he did enough damage to create a small opening for the champion. Batista cleared the ring, and then when Edge tried to smash him in the head with the briefcase, Batista ducked and hit the Batista Bomb. The ref counted three, signifying Batista’s victory.

The former Evolution mates hugged in the center of the ring, but little did Batista know that it was all part of The Cerebral Assassin’s plan. When Triple H’s music hit for the first time in weeks, “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” delivered a low-blow. Batista crumpled to the mat as The Game pounced on him with a sledgehammer, hitting him repeatedly in the face. Flair held Batista’s arms as Triple H pummeled and slapped his bloodied face. The Game then said four words before delivering a Pedigree onto the World Heavyweight Championship belt: “Hell in a Cell.”

There was no immediate word on Batista’s condition, or when this proposed Hell in a Cell Match could potentially take place. Be sure to keep watching RAW as this story continues to unfold.

Edge’s loss came as little consolation to Kane, who appeared devastated with grief and heartbreak during an interview with Todd Grisham. Kane was still reeling from his wife’s betrayal and passionate affection shown toward Edge last week on RAW. In addition, Lita this week declared that she never loved Kane and was using him all along. As a result of the events, Kane was despondent, visibly shaken and almost at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, former head of WCW and current RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff had planned an official ECW funeral. Unfortunately for Bischoff, it did not go as planned. First WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon voiced his support of the ECW pay-per-view on June 12, explaining his vested financial interest in the rebellious promotion.

Then, he introduced ECW mastermind Paul Heyman, who told the fans exactly what ECW stands for and what kind of event they can expect at ECW One Night Stand. He reminded Mr. McMahon that while he may not own it, he still has control of ECW … and that he welcomes Bischoff’s invasion force to try to interfere. “You may light a fire that you can’t put out,” said Heyman before lighting the ECW funeral wreath ablaze.

Since he was in the ECW spirit, Mr. McMahon also granted the ECW Rules Match Bischoff stopped and banned one week ago. In the “extreme” contest that followed, Chris Benoit overcame a kendo stick ambush and the green mist of Tajiri to earn an inventive win: When “The Crippler” locked in the Crossface, Tajiri grabbed hold of that kendo stick and began smacking Benoit across the back and head. The Rabid Wolverine snatched the stick away and used it as further submission hold leverage — forcing “The Japanese Buzzsaw” to tap while the crowd chanted “ECW” in unison.

Earlier, it seemed as if rock stardom has gone to the head of Chris Jericho. The “Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla” actually missed his tag-team match alongside Shelton Benjamin when he lost track of time attending to his band Fozzy. A dismayed Benjamin was forced to face both Muhammad Hassan & Daivari in a Handicap Match as a result. Despite a gutsy effort, Benjamin eventually fell victim to the numbers game, as he was overwhelmed by his two opponents and dropped with Hassan’s modified STO finisher.

Jericho later showed and scored a better-late-than-never victory over Sylvain Grenier. But Y2J was also confronted by Benjamin, who wanted a straight answer about the no-show. Jericho did apologize, but added that he’s “not going to be punished for having a life outside of WWE.”


Muhammad Hassan & Daivari def. Shelton Benjamin (Handicap Match)

Chris Masters def. Steven Richards

Chris Jericho def. Sylvain Grenier

Chris Benoit def. Tajiri (ECW Rules Match)

World Heavyweight Champion Batista def. Edge