Raw is War

East Rutherford, New Jersey
January 2, 2006

The Chamber awaits
January 2, 2006

WWE Champion John Cena already had plenty on his mind as he will be defending the gold inside the Elimination Chamber Sunday at New Year’s Revolution against five other men. But, for his own enjoyment, Mr. McMahon decided to pit the Champ against his arch-rival Kurt Angle in a First Blood Match on the first RAW of 2006, just days before the impending hellacious battle.

Early on in the contest, Angle’s associate Daivari exposed one of the steel turnbuckles. Angle got out to an early advantage and managed to ram Cena’s head into the unforgiving steel, but Angle was unable to draw blood. Angle connected with an Angle Slam, but the only way to win this First Blood Match was to be the first to make your opponent bleed. Frustrated, Angle went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair. Angle took a big swing at Cena, but the Champ ducked out of the way.

Amidst the chaos, the referee was knocked out, but Angle grabbed the chair again. Daivari interfered yet again, and Cena had his attention diverted. This allowed Angle to grab the chair again, and he took another mighty swing at the Champ, and this time he connected. Angle pounced on the fallen Cena and continued to pound his head with repeated blows to the head. It was only a matter of time before Cena was bleeding profusely. But Cena would not go down quietly.

The referee was still down, and Angle tried to do more damage. He tried to add insult to injury and hoisted Cena up for an FU, but the Champ reversed it into an STFU. With blood streaming down his face, Cena pulled back with all his might, screaming with intensity making Angle tap. Daivari revived the referee who realized Angle drew first blood and gave the Olympic Champion the win.

Trying to gain a possible advantage heading into the Elimination Chamber, Chris Masters and Carlito stormed the ring and attacked Cena. Then Masters showed it was every man for himself as he got Angle hooked in the Master Lock. Kane wanted in on the action as well and came to the ring and cleaned house. Just as he was about to deliver another chokeslam, Shawn Michaels came from out of nowhere and hit Sweet Chin Music. But Cena was able to get up, just barely, and hit HBK with an FU.

Mr. McMahon kicked off the show by reminding the fans that last week he had announced that he was following a zero-tolerance policy. He was no longer taking any crap from anyone. There would be no more Mr. Nice Guy. He said that everything he would do from now on would be for his own personal amusement. And that’s why he made the first match of 2006 – Kane vs. Shawn Michaels. But there was a catch. Shawn Michaels’ Sweet Chin Music was outlawed. If HBK used his patented maneuver, he would be immediately disqualified.

HBK endured an early onslaught from Kane and went on the offensive. He tried everything he could from DDT’s, to neck breakers to a flying elbow, but nothing could keep Kane down. Growing frustrated, HBK tuned up the band. Mr. McMahon got up from his chair at ringside and told the Showstopper that if he used the maneuver, then he would be eliminated from the Elimination Chamber Match entirely. Kane caught a distracted HBK and delivered a bone-crushing chokeslam for the victory. During WWE.com Unlimited, Mr. McMahon made Todd Grisham tell HBK that as a result of the loss, Michaels would be the first man to enter the Elimination Chamber Match. History certainly is not on the Showstopper’s side as the first man into the Chamber has never won the match.

Triple H addressed the crowd, and let them know that everything he does is premeditated. He surveys every situation and comes up with an appropriate plan. Weeks ago Big Show said that the only thing he needed to beat Triple H would be his fists. The Cerebral Assassin remembered this and that’s why he broke Big Show’s hand with a sledgehammer. Big Show interrupted The Game and came to the ring, and he was sporting a mammoth cast enveloping his entire right hand. Big Show stalked Triple H on the outside and The Game picked up a chair to defend himself. Big Show smashed right through it with his cast. Triple H then picked up a monitor, but it was no match for Big Show’s cast either. Triple H thought he gave Big Show a handicap when he broke the largest athlete in the world’s hand, but he may have given him a weapon instead.

And Edge addressed the crowd once again this week. He claimed to have amateur video footage of Ric Flair’s alleged road rage incident, which has made tabloid headlines in recent weeks. When he played the video, however, it was clear that Edge had made his own video spoofing the incident. The video showed Edge impersonating Flair, driving in a car, complete with a Flair ring robe. When it was all said and done, Edge (as Flair) had the driver of the other car in a figure four leglock in the middle of the road. Flair couldn’t take it any longer and chased Edge into the ring. He tried to get him in the figure four, but Lita jumped on him. Edge retreated, so Flair did the next best thing and got Lita in his signature hold. The two will meet at New Year’s Revolution for Flair’s Intercontinental Championship.

Last week on WWE.com Unlimited, Gregory Helms called out Jerry “The King” Lawler for making fun of him and his days as The Hurricane. This week Helms came out to confront Lawler face to face. Helms said that if anyone should be made fun of for being a joke, it was the King. Lawler responded by saying that as The Hurricane he was at least half-entertaining, but now he’s just a guy that sucks. Helms slapped the King in retaliation, but Lawler came right back with a hard punch. Helms retreated, but Lawler challenged him to a match at New Year’s Revolution. Helms accepted and will have a chance to back up his words Sunday night on pay-per-view.

Also, while Maria was in the ring conducting the “Kiss Cam” for WWE.com Unlimited, Victoria, Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle came to the ring. Victoria discussed her displeasure with Maria not caring about what happened to her at the hands of Carlito last week. Maria didn’t know she was scheduled for a match against Victoria, but the angry Diva let her know by giving her a swift kick to the mid section. Victoria dominated Maria, who is more used to interviewing Superstars backstage. The former Women’s Champion got a little too cocky, though and missed an avalanche in the corner. Maria rolled her up for the shocking pin. Victoria, Torrie and Candice took out their frustrations on Maria and triple-teamed her. Ashley tried to make the save, but Torrie and Candice gave her a double-DDT. Mr. McMahon then announced on WWE.com Unlimited, that at New Year’s Revolution there would be the first-ever Bra & Panties Gauntlet Match. Again, he added that this would be only for his personal enjoyment.

Shelton Benjamin once again tried to get away from his losing ways, and had things going his way early on against Chris Masters. But Masters trapped him in the Master Lock, and Benjamin had to submit. Following the match Shelton had a surprised guest in the locker room – his mama. She said that Shelton was soft, and she didn’t raise any soft boys. She said that he’s a Benjamin, and Benjamins don’t take ass whoopings, they give them. She warned him that she would be around until he got his mind right.

Plus, one week after shocking Trish Stratus with a special holiday kiss, Mickie James was in another compromising situation with the Women’s Champion. Frustrated that Trish wasn’t returning her calls, Mickie found Trish in the shower. She took her towel and wouldn’t’ give it back until Trish heard her out. Mickie finally gave Trish her towel back, but not before complimenting her on her breasts.


Kurt Angle def. WWE Champion John Cena (First Blood Match, non-title)

Kane def. Shawn Michaels

Chris Masters def. Shelton Benjamin

Maria def. Victoria