Raw is War

San Antonio, Texas
July 17, 2006

Last laugh

Once again Mr. McMahon thought he had a foolproof plan to destroy DX. During Shane McMahon’s match with Shawn Michaels, his plan was to lure Triple H from ringside and have the Spirit Squad, who was hiding underneath the ring, converge on HBK. However, he underestimated how resourceful the two former World Champions are, and after they cleared the ring – with some help from Triple H’s sledgehammer and a steel chair — the Chairman was again left incensed as DX stood defiant and as strong as ever.

During the match, Shane was only biding time until the Spirit Squad could crash the ring to gang up on Michaels, and when The Game was preoccupied, it became a six-on-one beating. Triple H tried to help his partner, but got tossed into the steel stairs. The Squad then left Triple H unattended, which proved to be an unwise decision. When he recovered, The Game reached under the ring and grabbed his sledgehammer. Michaels got a second wind and grabbed a steel chair, laying out the Squad and pushing the McMahon’s up the ramp, again thwarting their plot for DX’s destruction.

But Mr. McMahon wasn’t the only person looking for revenge on RAW. Many would argue that after Saturday Night’s Main Event John Cena should be the WWE Champion, but due to Lita’s interference the ref called for a DQ allowing Edge to retain the Championship. After the match, Cena lost control and drove Edge into the announcers’ table; demonstrating that he’s hell bent on reclaiming the WWE Championship at all costs.

Although Cena is intent on beating Edge for the WWE Championship, he had the unenviable task of facing the undefeated Umaga on RAW. During Cena’s contest with the Samoan Bulldozer, the Rated R Superstar strolled down to ringside distracting Cena and causing him to leave Umaga in the ring while he attacked Edge. Umaga took advantage by pounding Cena when his back was turned. Cena was able to take control and was about to deliver the Five Knuckle Shuffle when Edge entered the ring and tried to blindside the Dr. of Thugonomics. Turning towards Edge he was able to counter a spear attempt, but that’s when Umaga slammed Cena with the Samoan Spike, and covered him for the win. Umaga left the match undefeated, but Cena certainly put him to the test, nearly giving him his first taste of defeat.

Edge backpedaled up the ramp, laughing at Cena, knowing he got another one over on his nemesis. The Rated R Superstar once again proved to have Cena’s number. No matter what Cena does, Edge always seems to have an answer.

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Also, Carlito became the No. 1 contender to Johnny Nitro’s Intercontinental Championship after defeating Shelton Benjamin. The former All-American amateur wrestler was technical in his defense, but in the end Carlito reversed Benjamin’s roll-up and used the ropes as leverage to get the pinfall. Carlito was able to pin Nitro at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Is that a sign of things to come?

As Carlito headed to the locker room, he ran into Trish Stratus who gave him a quick embrace and congratulations on his victory. She left him with a glance that would have melted anyone who wasn’t as cool as Carlito.

While nothing substantial— aside from a flirtatious look— passed between Trish and Carlito, Randy Orton opened up about his feelings for Brooke Hogan. After making quick work of Eugene and sending him a message not to take advantage of the McMahon’s, Orton told Brooke he’d never take advantage of her, and was anxiously awaiting the release of her new CD. He also mentioned that he sees potential between the two of them— hoping she could look past his RKO on her father, Hulk Hogan, at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Knowing how protective Hogan is of his daughter, how will the Hulkster react to Orton’s advances on his little girl?

Mick Foley had a few comments regarding the beating Ric Flair suffered at the hands of ECW’s Big Show. Chiming in from WWE studio’s in Stamford, Conn., Foley reiterated he has no plans for a rematch with the “old man.” Flair responded by making his way to ringside — bandaged and bruised — to tell Foley “it isn’t my first and won’t be the last” beating he’s taken and walked away from. He then issued a challenge telling Foley he wants a Hardcore Rules match anywhere, anytime. That’s when Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro rudely interrupted the “Nature Boy.” After a kiss with his girl Melina, Nitro told the Flair he was a close associate of Foley’s, and then followed with a cheap shot that knocked the “Nature Boy” to the mat. After a scuffle between Nitro and Flair, Melina tried to poke her nose into the melee, but was pushed off the ring landing awkwardly on her ankle. Seeing his Diva in trouble, Nitro rushed to her aid. With the utmost sincerity, Flair apologized to Melina, but told the two of them to tell Foley he wants a piece of him.

Also, after pummeling Steele and Simpson in a tag team match, the Highlanders issued a challenge to World Tag Team Champions the Spirit Squad. Robbie and Rory McAllister have quickly risen to notable contenders in the tag team division, mentioning to the Squad that although they wear kilts they’ve got something underneath them. With the Spirit Squad busy plotting against DX, their challenge was left without a response. Will the Squad answer next week on RAW?

Amy Zidian was the first Diva Search contestant to get voted out of the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search competition. Who will receive the least amount of votes and be eliminated next week on RAW?

Plus, Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson took on Women’s Champion Mickie James and Victoria, with Candice Michelle as the guest referee. Victoria accused Candice of favoring Trish and Torrie, which set Trish up to slam Victoria with the Stratusfaction for the win.

With Lilian Garcia shunning all advances from Viscera and Charlie Haas, their mutiny regarding her injury was suspicious. The way she was injured was clearly accidental, but on RAW when they were asked about their lack of concern for her well-being, the two replied, “They could, but they won’t” comment. Will they break their silence next week on RAW?


Carlito def. Shelton Benjamin (No. 1 contender match for IC Championship)

Trish Stratus & Torrie Wilson def. Women's Champion Mickie James & Victoria

Highlanders def. Steele & Simpson

Umaga def. John Cena

Randy Orton def. Eugene

Shawn Michaels def. Shane McMahon (DQ)