WWE Raw is War

Bossier City, Louisiana
January 1, 2007

DX lives
By Noah Starr
January 15, 2007In front of a fantastic crowd of WWE fans in Shreveport, La., Shawn Michaels proved that some legends just can’t be killed. In an incredible show of strength and determination, HBK got the best of Rated-RKO in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match in the name of his injured partner and best friend, Triple H.

At New Year’s Revolution, DX faced Rated-RKO in a tag team match that sent The Game to a medical facility and eventually into surgery with a torn quadriceps tendon. This week, Edge & Orton entered the ring and declared that they would put an end to DX once and for all. Orton threatened: “We’re not going to stop, Shawn Michaels, until you are down permanently!” The pair then dragged out a bloody “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and let the Raw locker room know that if anyone else tried to interfere in their match, they would suffer the same fate. Edge then landed a ruthless Con-chair-to on Duggan, and later in the night, after Ric Flair vowed to support Michaels, he was rushed out of the arena in an ambulance presumably at the hands of Edge & Orton.

Rated-RKO vowed to destroy Michaels and the DX legend in Shreveport -- the very town that hosted HBK’s first televised match -- but Michaels had other plans. After delivering Sweet Chin Music to Todd Grisham, an irate HBK stormed off. Minutes later, with Mr. McMahon’s help, Orton & Edge instructed arena security to confiscate any and all DX signs. Once the match began, Michaels put in a valiant effort against impossible odds. When Edge grabbed a pair of steel chairs the referee rang the bell, but nothing could stop HBK. Armed with Triple H’s sledgehammer, the remaining member of DX seemed to be fueled by his emotions -- anger at the callousness of Edge & Orton, the pride of being back where his television sports-entertainment career began and care for his ailing best friend. Michaels pummeled Rated-RKO and sent a message in the form of a Con-chair-to to Orton’s skull – DX lives!

Earlier in the night, Jonathan Coachman announced that WWE Champion John Cena will face Umaga at the Royal Rumble with the WWE Championship on the line. With Mr. McMahon’s approval, Coachman allowed Umaga’s manager Armando Estrada to decide the type of match, and he chose a Last Man Standing match. The match has no rules, except to beat your opponent so severely that he is unable to answer to a 10 count. After signing an official contract, Cena wasted no time in attacking Umaga, even pummeling him with the steel ring steps before giving Estrada an FU right through a table.

Throughout the night, Mr. McMahon waited to get his old friend Donald Trump on the phone. After reading a letter from Trump that panned last week’s Trump vs. Rosie match, the Chairman showed the Donald how he would have handled the Miss USA scandal (with the smoking hot Torrie Wilson playing the part of Miss USA). Before Mr. McMahon was able to act out the end of his scenario, Carlito entered the arena to save Torrie and inform the Chairman that he and his ideas were not cool. Mr. McMahon punished Carlito by pitting him against the Great Khali. After Khali floored Carlito, Mr. McMahon had just three words for him: “Now, that’s cool.”

Also on Raw, Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy teamed with Maria in a Mixed Tag Team Match against Johnny Nitro and Melina. The rivalry between Hardy and Nitro was only heightened at New Year’s Revolution when Jeff retained his gold in a thrilling Steel Cage Match; Hardy was victorious again on Raw, landing a perfect Swanton Bomb and pinning Nitro for the win.

Speaking of victory, Ric Flair picked up his first one-on-one win against the talented youngster Kenny Dykstra. In vintage Flair style, the “Nature Boy” pinned the younger man with his feet on the ropes moments after Kenny had been admonished by the referee for the same infraction. Both Flair and Dykstra will compete in the 30-man Royal Rumble Match where their rivalry will no doubt continue.

In other Raw action, WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James successfully defended her title against Victoria in a rematch of their New Year’s Revolution confrontation. Mickie even added insult to injury in the middle of the match by delivering a severe spanking to Victoria’s shapely behind.

Chris Masters emerged from the locker room with a letter from Mr. McMahon stating that the Master Lock is officially still unbroken. The letter stated that when a soldier in Iraq broke the hold, it was only with outside assistance from JBL. Masters celebrated his inclusion in the Royal Rumble Match and vowed to take on any challenger in another Master Lock Challenge. Ron Simmons stepped up to the plate and was holding his own when Super Crazy attacked Masters, allowing Simmons to escape. Due to outside interference, however, the Master Lock is still officially unbroken.

Two powerful tag team competitors were on their own as JTG faced Shelton Benjamin in a singles match. Shad interfered while the referee was distracted with Charlie Haas, allowing JTG to pin Shelton and steal another Cryme Tyme-style victory.


Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy & Maria def. Johnny Nitro & Melina

Ric Flair def. Kenny Dykstra

Women's Champion Mickie James def. Victoria

Ron Simmons took the Master Lock Challenge

JTG def. Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Champions Rated-RKO vs. Shawn Michaels (Handicap Match; No Contest)