WWE Raw is War

Hampton, Virginia
May 14, 2007

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Gaining momentum
By Louie Dee
May 14, 2007

HAMPTON, Va. – Gaining momentum for Judgment Day was the name of the game as Raw emanated from the Hampton Coliseum.

Just days before he will face Batista at Judgment Day, Edge took on Shawn Michaels in his farewell match on Raw. HBK was victorious, but it was Michaels’ own pay-per-view opponent, Randy Orton, who was standing tall when all was said and done. Read the whole story…

The Great Khali also may have the mental edge heading into Judgment Day. Through an interpreter, Khali told WWE Champion John Cena to come get his championship back. When The Champ took him up on the offer, Khali laid him out for the third week in a row. Read the whole story…

As for Bobby Lashley, well, after being physically provoked by the McMahons (thus voiding their no contact clause), it looked like he would finally get his hands on them. Instead, when Lashley chased them after his win over Jonathan Coachman, he ended up taking the ECW World Championship to the head. Read the whole story…

Also on Raw, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch continued to show the good sportsmanship they have been exhibiting as of late. After Murdoch’s loss to Jeff Hardy, Cade entered the ring, but instead of attacking, the Southerners shook hands once again with The Hardys.

Santino Marella also continued to impress, once again defeating Chris Masters. Piggybacking off last week’s title defense, the Intercontinental Champion was victorious over “The Masterpiece” in a non-title match this week. However, after the bout, Masters viciously attacked Marella and put him in the Master Lock, screaming “you shouldn’t have messed with me!”

It was announced that Carlito will battle Ric Flair at Judgment Day, and moments later, the newly liberated Caribbean Superstar defeated Val Venis. When the match was over, Flair stormed to the ring, but the Southpaw from San Juan took off through the crowd before the “Nature Boy” could get to him.

And with Women’s Champion Melina on commentary, Candice Michelle defeated Victoria. After the bout, Candice motioned to the A-list Diva that she wanted the Women’s Championship.


Jeff Hardy def. Trevor Murdoch

Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella def. Chris Masters (non-title match)

Candice Michelle def. Victoria

Bobby Lashley def. Jonathan Coachman

Carlito def. Val Venis

Shawn Michaels def. World Heavyweight Champion Edge (non-title match)