Green Bay, Wisconsin
September 10, 2007

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GREEN BAY, Wisc. – The Great Khali normally has a firm hold on SmackDown. But on the road to Unforgiven, the World Heavyweight Champion’s Vise Grip reached across the airwaves and took hold of Raw.

After Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy celebrated the fact he wasn’t Mr. McMahon’s bastard son, the Chairman placed him in a match against The Great Khali. The Punjabi Giant was visiting Raw claiming to be McMahon’s child.

In their match, Khali caught “The Rainbow-haired Warrior” in his crushing Vise Grip. Hardy tried to fight free, but passed out from the pressure. Khali nonchalantly covered him with a foot for the pinfall victory.

However, as Khali celebrated, Batista rushed the ring and speared the colossus, who then rolled out of the ring. The Animal stood on the turnbuckle pointing and yelling at the champion, motioning around his waist. The two will square off for the first time ever on broadcast TV on SmackDown this Friday night before their Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven.

A little shocking…
While many male Superstars prayed they were Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate child in Green Bay (and some prayed they weren’t), word finally came down from Mr. Johnson, the attorney for the mother of McMahon’s bastard son.

After a lengthy process of elimination, the privileged son of the son-of-a-gun Chairman was revealed to be … Hornswoggle!


Cena’s blood boils over
Despite being banned from the Resch Arena by Acting General Manager Jonathan Coachman, WWE Champion John Cena found a way inside the building and attacked his Unforgiven opponent Randy Orton, who attacked Cena’s father two weeks prior. Consumed with rage over the attack on his family, Cena tried to chase Orton, but security intervened to keep the rivals apart.

As Cena was escorted from the arena, he told Mr. McMahon that Orton's blood “will run with fear” and the Legend Killer would feel pain and vengeance in his bones.

Gaining momentum
After a whirlwind tour in South Africa that saw the World Tag Team Titles change hands twice this past week, Paul London was able to defeat one-half of the current champions, Lance Cade, in singles action. Read more about title changes...

While the referee was distracted by Cade’s partner Trevor Murdoch, London’s partner Brian Kendrick surprised Cade with a top-rope reverse bulldog. London landed a somersault splash onto Cade and scored the pinfall, enraging the sportsmanship-touting, blue-collar duo. The two rival teams will face off for the World Tag Team Championship at Unforgiven in just six days.

Game breaker?
Acting GM Coachman gave Carlito the choice of Triple H’s Raw opponent, and the crafty Caribbean chose former Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin. But The Game was still able to defeat Benjamin with a Pedigree. Carlito tried to hit Triple H with a chair after the win, but the 10-time World Champion dodged it, sending Carlito scurrying for safer ground.

Coachman announced that Mr. McMahon had decided to change the pair’s Unforgiven matchup into a No Disqualification Match for Carlito only, which means any weapon is legal for the islander, but not for The Game.

Dark Phoenix rising
What started as a Mickie James victory over Jillian Hall turned ugly as the No. 1 contender for the Women’s Championship, Beth Phoenix, leveled both Hall and James after their match.

Women’s Champion Candice Michelle courageously left the announcers’ table to confront her Unforgiven opponent, but received a powerful slam for her trouble. Can Candice find a way to counter Phoenix’s strength advantage in six days, or will we see a new champion on Sunday, Sept. 16, at Unforgiven?

Italian icing
Santino Marella lost via disqualification against Sandman, who caned him a week earlier. After the match, as Ron Simmons and Maria talked about Santino’s change of attitude, Marella attacked Simmons from behind, then walked off with a very disturbed and shocked Diva.


Mickie James def. Jillian Hall

Sandman def. Santino Marella (disqualification)

Triple H def. Shelton Benjamin

Paul London def. Lance Cade

World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali def. Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy (non-title)