November 12, 2007
Topeka, Kansas
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Laying down the Lawler
By Greg Adkins
November 12, 2007

TOPEKA, Kan. – After getting moistened to the marrow with beer last Monday night at the hands of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Santino Marella appeared thirsty for revenge this week during the Survivor Series kickoff. After coming to the aid of his “girlfriend” Maria, who was pummeled by the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix, the hot-blooded grappler called Austin out onto the mat, perhaps knowing the Texas Rattlesnake was nowhere near the Kansas Expo Arena. When Austin didn’t show, Marella channeled his venom at Raw announcer and Stone Cold friend Jim Ross. But Good Ol’ J.R.’s announcing partner, Jerry “The King” Lawler, intervened in an attempt to tame the Italian Stallion. 

Six Pack

In a preview of next Sunday’s Traditional Survivor Series’ Elimination Match, a pride of WWE Superstars put the ring ropes to the test in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. Jeff & Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio tackled the onslaught of Mr. Kennedy & MVP & Finlay. Rising above their competition, The Hardys & Mysterio came out victorious.

Women on the Verge

In a tribute to beauty and brawn, GM Regal arranged for six Divas from all three WWE brands to clash Monday night in a Six Divas Tag Team Match. Mickie James, Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly battled Melina, Jillian Hall & Layla. With an eye toward the 10-Diva Tag Team Match at Survivor Series, Mickie James pinned Layla for the three-count.

Training Day

With direct orders from Mr. McMahon himself, William Regal and Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman helped train Hornswoggle for his Survivor Series match against The Great Khali. Coachman even went so far as to impersonate Khali himself. 

Match Made in Hell

At the invitation of General Manager William Regal, Batista & Undertaker matched up on Raw to tackle World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. The two men, determined to destroy one another at Survivor Series this Sunday during their Hell in a Cell Match, warily choked down their hatred and joined forces. 

Punt Attempt

A river of hostility continues to flow between Shawn Michaels and WWE Champion Randy Orton. During a heated exchange between the two during a face-off moderated by Mr. McMahon, Orton attacked HBK and prepared to punt his nemesis in the head. But Mr. McMahon stopped him, telling the Legend Killer to save the debilitating shot for their impending battle. 


Triple H and Umaga knocked into each other like a towering pair of redwoods in a tornado. With the ring surrounded by their respective teammates for the tri-branded Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, the two titans faced off in a Lumberjack Match. After suffering several cheap shots from the Samoan Bulldozer’s teammates, The Game climbed back into the ring to finally chop down his opponent. However, with such combustible elements around the ring at the same time, all hell was bound to break loose – and it did.


Batista & Undertaker def. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Jeff & Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio def. Mr. Kennedy & MVP & Finlay

Beth Phoenix def. Maria

Mickie James & Michelle McCool & Kelly Kelly def. Melina & Jillian Hall & Layla

Jerry Lawler def. Santino Marella

Triple H vs. Umaga (no contest)