December 24, 2007
Tikrit, Iraq
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A slice of Americana for the Troops
By Corey Clayton
January 28, 2008

TIKRIT, Iraq – After 6,000 miles of air travel, hundreds of warm wishes for the soldiers, and handshakes and hugs too numerous to count, the Superstars were finally ready to rumble for our brave men and women in our 5th Annual Tribute to the Troops.

Inside an old Iraqi soccer stadium in Tikrit where Saddam Hussein allegedly executed his Iraqi Olympic soccer team, a gigantic United States flag flew proudly over the grandstand. As thousands of U.S. troops stood surrounding the ring at Camp Speicher, the fists flew fast and furious, all for the entertainment of our troops overseas.

WWE's most important broadcast of the year is the only entertainment program broadcast from the war zone, bringing one message to the soldiers and their families – a message of thanks.

After Chris Jericho's DQ victory at Armageddon over WWE Champion Randy Orton, Y2J was eager to continue his win streak over the champ. But the cunning former SmackDown commentator John Bradshaw Layfield had other ideas.

As the Second Coming reversed an RKO attempt into The Walls of Jericho, the crowd roared as it heard bells. But it wasn't the ring bell, it was the opening bars of JBL's entrance theme.

With Orton struggling in the submission hold, JBL came to ringside, taunting his rival. Watch the video...

"Normally, the first-ever Undisputed Champion in wrestling history and the Legend Killer WWE Champion is enough. Not when JBL is in town, son,” JBL announced. “When JBL is in town, son, this is what the crowd wants to see."

JBL entered the ring, and referee Mike Chioda called for the DQ as Jericho bum rushed the Texas tycoon. As Y2J turned, Orton unleashed a vicious RKO on Y2J, then told JBL, "He's all yours."

The former WWE Champion wound up and clocked the Second Coming with the Clothesline From Hell. Then he soaked up the boos and jeers from the soldiers at ringside.
Santa can't see you

Mr. McMahon proudly marched to the ring, and at the center of all the soldiers looking on, gave the troops a message of unconditional support.

"This is the fifth year in a row in which the WWE has the privilege of paying tribute to the troops – to each and every one of you. Perhaps second only to your families, the WWE supports you no matter where you are in this world. ... If you're in action, the WWE will be right behind you in action as well."

McMahon introduced a Divas tag-team match to the soldiers' delight, but as the team of Mickie James & Maria were bronco-busting Layla & Kelly Kelly, Mr. McMahon interrupted the proceedings, telling the troops they'd "seen enough" of the Divas' action. He also announced that Santa Claus would not be coming to Iraq this year.

But as the soldiers booed, Santa Claus came to the ring, bringing bad news for the Chairman. Watch the video...

"Since he was a child, Vince McMahon has always hated Santa Claus, because Vince McMahon has always been a very bad boy," Santa recalled. The holiday gift-giver remembered the Chairman as a child, shoplifting "a very naughty magazine" from a convenience store.

The disgusted Chairman ripped off Santa's beard and hat to reveal former WWE Champion John Cena. Still recovering from an injury suffered earlier this year, the Chain Gang Commander scooped up Mr. McMahon and slammed him to the mat with an FU. Cena saluted the troops, and passed out gifts with the Divas, spreading Christmas cheer.
DX-tra Special Holiday

Gang Green was in full force as D-Generation X reunited by special request of the troops to battle Mr. Kennedy & Umaga in tag-team action. Just as Umaga was gearing up for a Samoan Spike on The Game, HBK shocked his chops with Sweet Chin Music, then delivered a second superkick to his Green Bay nemesis. Triple H cradled the 2007 Money in the Bank winner for a Pedigree and picked up the pinfall victory. Watch the video...

After the match, The Game and HBK invited a selection of soldiers into the ring for a symbolic DX chop as Blackhawk helicopters flew overhead.
Not cool

After their high-impact Ladder Match at Raw's 15th Anniversary, Carlito looked to even the score with a win over Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy, but it wasn't to be. A Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb sealed yet another win for Hardy, continuing his hot streak as he prepares to face Orton at the Royal Rumble.
Giant buzzkill

Mark Henry looked to squash former World Champion Rey Mysterio like a sand gnat, but the fast attacks of the extreme luchador were too much for the World's Strongest Man. Mysterio worked on the big man's leg, and after a 619 and West Coast Pop, he was able to roll up the stunned behemoth for the three-count.


Chris Jericho def. WWE Champion Randy Orton (DQ, non-title)

Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy def. Carlito (non-title)

ickie James & Maria vs. Layla & Kelly Kelly (no contest)

Rey Mysterio def. Mark Henry

D-Generation X def. Mr. Kennedy & Umaga