Houston, Texas
April 6, 2009

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The show started with the classic post-WrestleMania video package to give us a feel for last night's PPV. Live in Houston, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler announced an All-Star ten-man tag team match featuring all of the stars from Mania last night. Steamboat is in there. Cena captaining the babyface team.

In-ring: Randy Orton started us off tonight. Orton was breathing heavily and selling a face/neck injury from facing Triple H last night in the PPV main event. He didn't look particularly pleased. Orton's music stopped and the camera zoomed in tight on a big red mark on the left side of Orton's head. Looked like a Hollywood-enhanced burn mark. Orton said he's not sure what sickens him more: Triple H illegally using a sledgehammer last night or the people enjoying it during the match so much. I was bored, actually. Orton said the fact is that last night proved nothing. He said Hunter knows he can't beat him on his own and he will get his re-match.

Orton turned his attention to the McMahon family. He has a sense of entitlement. Orton said the McMahon family, this company, and the fans owe him a re-match. Orton said the McMahon family better call on a higher power if they get in his way again. Orton lowered his head as a brief "R-K-O" chant broke out. He said he bashed the old man and his son in the head, DDT'ed Steph, so perhaps up next is him attending a McMahon Family outing. He hasn't seen Linda in a while. He dryly said he hasn't her in a while. Or, perhaps, the McMahon family grandchildren. Uh-oh.

Orton got what he wanted: a reaction from the McMahons, as Vince's music hit and he stormed down to the ring. Orton bailed when Vince hit the ring in a huff, then circled around ringside. Vince then took the mic and said Orton wants to run his mouth and threaten his family, but he's standing right here in the ring. "I'll give you what you want!" McMahon shouted. He's not giving him something, though. And that's another title match. Orton didn't like that. McMahon said Orton doesn't deserve it. He's going to get some Backlash though. A whole tidal wave.

McMahon sold the next PPV: Orton, Cody, and Teddy vs. his son-in-law, his son, and himself. Orton shot back that McMahon it's typical of Vince to hide behind his son and Triple H to avoid him. McMahon's eyes bugged out, but he said Orton is terrified because Cody and Ted aren't out there to help him. McMahon called Orton a failure without them tonight. Orton shot back with a challenge for a one-on-one challenge tonight. Would he be a failure then? Orton said he doesn't need Ted and Cody to beat McMahon, just like he didn't need them to crush McMahon's skull. He vowed to permanently put McMahon down tonight. "What do you say...sir?" Orton asked sarcastically.

McMahon did the big gulp for the camera, then said Orton might permanently put him down or put him in a coma, but ... Randy. McMahon paused to wipe his brow in contemplation and said maybe Orton will do all that, but maybe he won't. "You're on!" McMahon shouted in the "You're Fired!" voice. Orton smirked and McMahon shook his head in an attempt to show confidence. Solid opening segment. Took the PPV last night and made the PPV for the next PPV. Intriguing match for tonight, even if it's putting over the McMahon Family rather than some new talent. (3) Place your Bets: 8:55.


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WWE Draft promo: Three-hour Raw next week. "A Revolution" is coming. 2009 Draft up next week. ... They cut to a shot of the Downtown Houston skyline.

In-ring: Lumberjacks were surrounding the ring. They're doing a re-match of the Unified tag title match. Ya know, because they needed to fit Mickey Rourke and the 25-divas battle royal on the WrestleMania card instead of a three-star tag title match, which was awesome to kick off the PPV. Miz & Morrison came out first, then the new unified tag champions.

1 -- UNIFIED tag team champions CARLITO & PRIMO COLON vs. THE MIZ & JOHN MORRISON -- Unified tag title match -- Lumberjack match

Morrison was chucked to the outside early in the match and the babyface jacks took their time getting in some shots before chucking him back into the ring. Colons in control heading to break.

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Back from break, Carlito took a hot tag and nailed a neckbreaker on Miz for a two count. Miz then slingshot him to the apron and Carlito shoved him down onto the lumberjacks below. Awkward spot. Morrison then hopped up top and nailed a sick Shooting Star Press/450 splash onto all of the lumberjacks ringside. Whoa, where did that come from? Back in the ring, the action broke down, then Primo took Morrison to the floor. Lumberjack brawl broke out. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Miz blocked the backcracker and rolled up Carlito for a close two count. Miz couldn't believe it. He then put Carlito in the electric chair, but Carlito slipped out and hit the backstabber for the pin and the win to retain the belts.

WINNERS: Colons at 9:30. Very good TV tag match with the lumberjacks creating some movement ringside to enhance the match. Just a sample of how good the pre-PPV match was. (**1/4)


Backstage: Vince McMahon was getting undressed for his match against Orton, then Shane McMahon stepped in and paused. He was just a little concerned about Vince booking the six-man tag. Vince said he never backs down fm a challenge. He entered Promo Land on Shane, who didn't appreciate it. Vince then calmed down and said he knows Shane has his back if Rhodes or Cody gets in there tonight, but... Shane got it. He realized Vince wants Orton on his own tonight. Shane casually left the office to give Vince some space.

Up next: Divas tag match. ... "12 Rounds" promo aired and they showed Cena criss-crossing the U.S. and back again promoting the heck out of the movie. Please watch the movie, says WWE.

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2 -- RAW DIVAS vs. SMACKDOWN DIVAS 10-diva tag match

Line-up for the Raw Divas was Kelly Kelly, Jillian Hall, Layla, Women's champion Melina, and Mickie James. Smackdown Divas had Eve Torres, Divas champion Maryse, Gail Kim, Natalya, and Maria. Might as well just mix and match the heel and babyface divas after Santino took over the division last night. Mickie scored the pin for her team after a DDT on Natalya, who took advantage of her chance to be on Raw TV earlier in the match.

WINNERS: Team Raw at 3:53. Interesting to see how the diva feuds shake up after the Draft next week. Perhaps they will finally break up Santino(a) and Beth after the Glamarella deal ran its course. (*)

Backstage: Shane approached Triple H in the locker room. He pleaded with Hunter to get pops out of the match against Orton. Hunter said you know how Vince is about doing what he wants when his mind is set on it. He said he would give it a shot, though. They hugged it out and Hunter walked off.


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WM Recap: They showed still photos of Rey Mysterio putting JBL out to pasture with a 20-second IC Title victory. JBL then stammered out, "I quit!" Cole said JBL promised to make WrestleMania history last night...and he did.

In-ring: Jeff Hardy came out first for an all-star tag match. Hardy was selling his back after taking that huge bump off the ladder before losing to Matt Hardy. C.M. Punk then came out holding the MITB briefcase. Rey Mysterio came out wearing his gas mask and carrying his newly-won Intercontinental Title. Out fourth was Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat, who had one of the top performances last night. And finally for the babyface all-star team, the new World Hvt. champion John Cena came out. Seemed a bit anti-climatic to announce him as the new champion on Raw by having him just come out for his ring entrance with the belt around his waist.

Chris Jericho then came first for the heels. Cue up a still-shot video package from last night when Mickey Rourke took out Jericho after he beat the Legends last night. Kane came out second for the heels. Matt then followed out with a big ol' heel grin that Jeff didn't appreciate. Big Show out fourth, followed by former World Hvt. Edge.

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ECW promo: Find out who won MITB. Um...just found out in the pre-match intros on Raw.


Match was joined in progress with Matt working over Rey. Jeff then took a tag and Matt scurried to his heel partners to tag in Edge. Hardy and Edge had a mis-communication trying to set up some spots, so Hardy tagged out to Cena. Cena set up Edge, then stared down Steamboat and milked a well-received tag to Ricky. He snapped off a top rope chop, then a thrust before slapping on an armbar. "You still got it," was the chant.

[Q5 -- second hour]

Kane tagged in and Ricky took him down to size, then he delivered a round of chops on the other heels. Crowd hot for Ricky, who went up for a chop on Kane. "Vintage Ricky the Dragon," Cole said to kill it all. Kane then dropped Steam with a sidewalk slam to begin a isolated attack on Steamboat. Crowd still very much behind Steamboat trying to rally him. Ricky ripped off some chops on Big Show, but Show cut him off. Jericho then came in and slapped on the Walls of Jericho, but Steamboat grabbed Jericho's ankles and rolled him up for a two count.

Punk then took a tag when Steamboat flipped away from Jericho and he cleaned house. Punk with a bulldog on Jericho, then he started clearing the heels off the apron until Kane nailed him with an uppercut. Jericho worked on Punk with some offense, then the heels started isolating Punk going into a break.

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Back from break, Punk was still taking a beating. Show then tried to quiet the crowd for a frying-pan-like chop to the chest. Show then slap-tagged Edge into the match and the fighters for Vickie's affection shared unwelcoming glance. Kane tagged in and took Punk up top, but Punk fought him off to the mat. Punk wanted a second-rope smash, but Kane blocked with a chokeslam grip, but Punk countered with a tornado DDT. Babyfaces were itching for a hot tag and Hardy took the tag. He worked on Edge, who also took a tag. Hardy with a dropkick combo, then a pin for a two count. Matt tried to sneak in, but Jeff tossed him to the floor and hit a plancha. Cena took a tag in the interim, then Rey before Cena took Show over the top rope to the floor. Rey then set up Edge and Jericho for a double 619. Sick. Rey went up top and Steamboat went up top too. Steamboat hit a cross-body splash on Edge and Rey hit a top rope splash on Jericho simultaneously. Rey then made the pin for the win.

Post-match: Punk grabbed his briefcase and had a brief stare down with Cena. Punk can cash in that briefcase anytime. Steamboat receive a ton of love from Cena as the heels were shown taking the walk of shame. Steamboat then took center ring all for himself and celebrated in the ring one more time to cap off his amazing weekend. Cena, Rey, Punk, and Jeff were then shown standing on the entrance ramp giving Ricky a standing ovation. Ricky ran out of the ring and jumped into all of their arms.

WINNERS: Team Steamboat at 15:35 of TV time. Awesome match. Some guys just never lose that in-ring ability to wrestle and Steamboat has it in his bones. As long as he's breathing, he'll be able to tell a story in the ring. Awesome to see him the last two nights. Match had a fun finish to send 'em home happy 45 minutes early. (***1/2)


Backstage: Triple H walked into Vince's locker room to talk, but Vince cut him off. He said he didn't want to hear it. Hunter said he is the most stubborn, maniacal, craziest man he's ever met...but he's proud of him. Go finish Orton, Hunter said. Vince sold mild "taken-aback" as Hunter walked off. They showed Vince still slightly concerned, but feeling restored in his confidence.

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On-stage: Interim GM Vickie Guerrero was wheeled out on stage by Chavo Guerrero to excuse herself. She tried to talk over the huge boos. Vickie said when the Board of Directors gave her the interim GM title, it was stipulated that she could be GM of either Smackdown or Raw after Mania. Vickie said she has decided to become the permanent GM of Raw. Loud boos. Vickie wanted to explain. Raw has become stale and stagnant. She believes she can be a breath of fresh air with her thinking. Vickie said she is so proud that her husband, Edge, will have a mandatory re-match against John Cena for the World Title at Backlash. This is her husband's last chance to regain the title. She laughed to herself for some reason.

She then stumbled into some sort of explanation on the WWE Title that the six-man tag will have the WWE Title on the line. Apparently if Team McMahon wins, then Hunter retains the title. If Orton's team wins, then Orton wins the title. I think. Very TNA-esque.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler talked about Vickie going over the McMahon Family's head. They then talked about WrestleMania. Finally, some talk about Michaels vs. Taker. Lawler said it was one of the best matches he's ever seen. Vickie then interrupted again and came back on stage to re-announce that Cena vs. Edge will be Last Man Standing. Thank you and good night. ... Back to the announcers, who plugged the Houston Chronicle front-page story on Michaels vs. Taker. ... They went back to WrestleMania for the post-show PPV video.

Backstage: Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase were shown pacing around. Orton pumped himself up to face Vince McMahon. Very frenetic segment. Live TV the night after WrestleMania.

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WWE Superstars: They plugged the "brand-new, exclusive, one-hour" show on WGN featuring all of the brands. WWE Superstars debuts on Thursday, April 16.

Announcers: Lawler plugged the Hall of Fame in the same building...on Friday night. Actually, it was Saturday night. Let's get it back on track. Cue up a Hall of Fame video package featuring the Texas-themed Hall of Fame from Toyota Center. Heavy focus on Steamboat and Steve Austin.

In-ring: Santin(a) Marella came out as the new Miss WrestleMania. Lawler played dumb that it's Santino's twin sister. Cole wasn't buying it. Santina did his...er...her female voice about her brother being heart-broken about not being able to win the battle royal last night. She...er...he, whatever, said the title of Miss WrestleMania is so fitting. Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes then interrupted. Santina formally introduced herself to Beth, who was not amused. Beth told him to cut the crap. She said Santino is embarrassing herself in front of all these people. Beth reminded Santino that he/she tossed her over the top rope. She wants a match here tonight. Santina vs. Beth. Santina: "Why you so angry to me?" He/she said she will be more of a woman than she ever will be. Santina accepted a challenge for a match. Let's get a ref. First, a commercial break.

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They came back and aired a WWE.com exclusive of Santino dancing around the ring during the break while Beth just stood there embarrassed. Bell sounded back live and Beth slapped Santino across the chest. Santino tried to use Rosa against Beth, but Beth caught him back in the ring for a powerslam attempt. Santino held onto the top rope, though, and rolled on top of Beth to score a pin for the win.

WINNER: Santina at 1:18. Santino(a) played the comedy role just fine. Classic WWE sketch comedy featuring the absurd and men playing dress-up or being shown wearing off-color underwear to fulfill some sort of strange McMahon preference for filler wrestling segments. (n/a)

Backstage: They showed Vince McMahon preparing to walk to the ring to face Orton. Apparently they're saving Michaels vs. Taker follow-up for the final, final segment?!


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In-ring: Randy Orton came out alone for the main event match against McMahon. This ought to be interesting.


The bell sounded and McMahon stepped up to Orton for a big open-hand slap. Orton sold like he was shot in the face, then McMahon landed some more blows. He kicked Orton in the gut and the fight spilled to the floor where McMahon continued to dominate. Back in the ring, Orton slipped in a fallaway backbreaker to cut off McMahon. Orton waited for McMahon to slowly get up, then he grappled McMahon and gave him the RKO in center ring. Orton didn't make a cover, though. He waited for McMahon to slowly reach his knees, then Orton lined up McMahon for a Punt, but Shane stormed into the ring and pummeled Orton. Apparently it's No DQ, as the ref let it all go. Cody and Ted then jumped into the ring to attack Shane. Suddenly, Triple H stormed ringside and took out the Two Stooges on the floor. Hunter fought with Orton back in the ring until Cody and Ted jumped Hunter. Match still going on, apparently.

Suddenly, Batista's music hit. Oh snap! Batista came out on stage dressed to wrestle and he stormed the ring to tackle Orton. He cleared the heels, then shook the ropes, as the announcers screamed that "Batista is back!" Cody bailed before he could take a beating, but Hunter threw Cody back into the ring and Shane shoved Cody into Batista for a Batistabomb. Orton and Ted high-tailed it up the stage. Vince then talked from ringside that Batista will be taking his place at Backlash. Batista was pumped up as Orton and Ted bailed to the backstage area. They recapped the ending of the segment to close the show.

WINNER: Who knows in who knows when. Run-in came around 4:30, so we'll go with that, although the match never officially ended. Big surprise for Batista's return, but they're back on the same path of killing Randy Orton's heat. Orton being scripted to sell for McMahon was just as sad as him ridiculously selling SuperShane's punches the night after the Rumble. McMahon Family's over-inflated sense of self on TV defies logic. (1/2*)

What the heck? No focus on Michaels vs. Taker other than a 30-second spot in the middle of the show? That's absurd. I don't want to speculate that Hunter had something to do with this since HBK and Taker stole his WrestleMania moment, but if it smells like chicken and tastes like chicken, then it's chicken.