Atlanta, Georgia
April 13, 2009

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The show started with a video package on Randy Orton antagonizing the McMahon family to set up a six-man tag between Legacy and McMahons at Backlash. After a five-minute video package, they went ringside for Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Same rules as last year with inter-brand matches earning the winning wrestler's brand a draft pick. Also ringside, Todd Grisham and Jim Ross were there representing Smackdown. Also, Josh Matthews and Matt Striker were ringside for ECW.

Matches announced: Annual 15-man tri-branded battle royal will take place with five wrestlers from each brand. Winning brand gets two picks. Also tonight, ECW champion Jack Swagger vs. World Hvt. champion John Cena. Yummy.

In-ring: Batista came to the ring to kick-start the show. He posed in the ring and kind of took his time to soak in the moment of being back in the ring after making a surprise return last week. After his music stopped, there were some scattered boos for Batista, who needed a moment to catch his breath. Batista said it took him almost four months to get back in the ring and the one thing that drove him was retribution. Cue up a video package from late 2008 when Randy Orton gave Batista the RKO and Punt to the head.

Back live, Batista looked sternly toward the video screen. Some kid was way too close to the arena mic and yelled toward Batista. He said he's replayed that over and over in his head and the worst part was waiting until he could get his hands on Orton again. Batista told Orton to hurry up and face him like a man. Otherwise, he's going to tear up this entire arena to find him. No sign of Orton. Batista was prepared to tear up the ATL, but Shane McMahon's music hit.

Shane was dressed to wrestle. Well, I guess that's dressed to wrestle in track pants and a Shane jersey. Shane welcomed Batista back to WWE and reminded him that it was with malicious intent that Orton tried to take his head off, just like he did to Batista. So, if anybody is getting some payback tonight, it's him. Batista wanted a piece of Orton, though.

Oh, but Triple H wants a piece of him too. Hunter interrupted with WWE Title belt in hand to round out the three-man team facing Team Legacy at Backlash. Hunter told Shane that he needs to understand something that all this stuff going down with Orton is because of him. He said Orton wants to get to him and it's all his fault. With all due respect, Shane and Dave, Orton tried to take out his wife while he watched. "This is all because of me," Hunter said. He vowed to finish the job.


Oh, but Vickie Guerrero has something to say. Chavo Guerrero wheeled Vickie on stage to interrupt the proceedings. New Raw GM Vickie said the only person who determines who Orton is facing will be her. She said all three of them will have their shot at Legacy at Backlash. "Excuse me!" Vickie said, trying to get a word in. Vickie then added the stipulation that if Hunter's team is DQ'ed or counted out, then Orton will win the WWE Title. Well, perhaps that's the stip, but she stumbled again.

Vickie said Orton is here tonight, but he gets the night off. Therefore, there will be a three-on-two handicap match. Team McMahon vs. Cody & Ted. Batista just kind of shrugged at that one. Vickie added that whomever scores the fall in the match will get a one-on-one match against Orton next week. Team Hunter then looked each other up and down to build tension. That took forever to go nowhere. (3) Place Your Bets talk time: 13 minutes.

Up next: First Draft match of Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne.

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1 -- EVAN BOURNE (ECW) vs. IC champion REY MYSTERIO (Raw) -- Draft Match -- non-title

The two even-sized cruiserweights started with a feeling-out process. Raw and ECW announcers were on the call for this one. Thank goodness for Matt Striker giving us some background on their Lucha backgrounds. Rey took Bourne to the outside early on and sent Bourne head-first into the guardrail via a drop toe hold. Back in the ring, they had a mid-air collision with Bourne scoring a two count on a pin attempt. Bourne then landed a standing moonsault for a two count. Bourne went up top, but Rey sprang to life and crotched Bourne. Rey snapped off a huracanrana, but Bourne kicked out. Rey then nailed the 619 and went up top. He nailed the top rope splash for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Rey at 3:30. Great dose of athleticism, but match should have been given plenty more time to showcase Bourne to a new Raw audience. (**)

Draft Pick #1: The video game board revealed that Raw gets U.S. champion MVP. After the announcement, MVP came out on stage and played to the crowd. Michael Cole made a reference to MVP's ego not being contained on Raw.

Backstage: Kane was shown walking down the long, red hallway. He's in action next.


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Ringside: They showed Chief Jay Strongbow sitting ringside enjoying the action. Lawler said maybe Chris Jericho will want a piece of him. ... In-ring: Raw brand's Kane showed up for a match. Michael Cole then plugged ESPN's E:60 feature on WWE airing tomorrow night.

2 -- KANE (Raw) vs. THE BRIAN KENDRICK (w/Ezekiel Jackson) (Smackdown) -- Draft Match

TBK tried to act cocky on Kane, who chased him to the outside. Zeke then took a pounding from Kane. Back in the ring, TBK begged of and tried a surprise kick, but Kane quickly dropped him with a chokeslam for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Kane at 0:45. Ouch. (n/a)

Draft Pick #2: Raw gets another pick. This time, it's Big Show. Show came out on stage and Kane stared up toward the stage. Oh gosh, we're getting another big-man feud.

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Backstage: Vickie and Chavo were talking about how much support they have from the WWE Board of Directors. Randy Orton then barged in and said this is Monday Night Raw and she needs to get it straight that this isn't Smackdown. Chavo tried to interject, but Orton cut him off. Vickie said she has another idea. If Rhodes & DiBiase beat Legacy tonight, then all three of Legacy get the loser next week.

Elsewhere backstage: John Cena was talking to someone, then Jack Swagger interjected. Cena laughed at Swagger's cockiness as Swagger cut his heel promo on Cena. Cena then asked for a formal introduction and they shook. Swagger reminded Cena that he's the All-American American and Cena laughed at that notion. He said that's ridiculous, but tonight is a chance for new beginnings and maybe Swagger should just go with "the All-American." Or...even, the All-American jackass. Swagger wanted to go, but Cena told him he's good, but he's also a punk kid. Cena told Swagger he gets a lesson in respect tonight. A little foreshadowing for Swagger jumping to Raw?


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3 -- Women's champion MELINA & KELLY KELLY & MICKIE JAMES (Raw) vs. Divas champion MARYSE & MICHELLE MCCOOL & NATALYA (Smackdown)

Natalya is...on...the...ECW...brand...right? Winning team gets a draft pick. They started with a shoving match because no one can get along. After a few minutes of trademark spots, Michelle McCool scored the pin for Team Smackdown.

WINNER: Michelle McCool for Team Smackdown at 1:50. Short divas match. No surprise there. (1/2*)

Draft Pick #3: Women's champion Melina is going to Smackdown. So, another unification match coming up, this time between Melina and Maryse for the two women's titles? We'll see if Maryse is drafted to Raw or ECW.

Backstage: They showed John Cena walking down the hallway in anticipation of the match against Swagger.

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Smackdown rebound: They took us back to Smackdown when John Cena and Edge took off their shirts to have a verbal battle before Edge walked off. ... Cole and Lawler recapped the first-hour draft picks. ... In-ring: Lilian Garcia announced that two picks are on the line for Cena vs. Swagger. Cena came out first to a monster pop and he stormed the ring. Cole said no wrestler gets as much emotion out of the WWE Universe as him. Swagger then bounced out ready for a "big match feel" match against Cena.

[Q5 -- second hour, usual first hour]

4 -- World Hvt. champion JOHN CENA (Raw) vs. ECW champion JACK SWAGGER (ECW) -- non-title Draft Match

Seems like a good set-up for Edge to cost Cena the match and give ECW some talent help. Match moved to the floor early on before returning to the ring where Swagger worked over Cena. Swagger nailed a hard clothesline mid-ring, then slapped on a full nelson. Cena broke the Masterlock, then charged at Swagger with shoulder tackles. He then wanted the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Swagger and he connected to Striker's chagrin on commentary. Cena wanted to follow with the FU, but Swagger grabbed the top rope and nailed a boot that spun Cena to the mat. Definitely a "big match feel" as they cut to break with Swagger in control.

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Back live, both men were recovering inside the ring after Cena ate the announce table as they cut to break. Cena then nailed a series of body blows, but Swagger executed something that looked like a DDT for a two count. Swagger and Cena took a breath, then Swagger executed a running knee lift for a two count. Cena was selling dead-weight at this point, then he tried a comeback, but Swagger caught him with a powerslam for a two count. Swagger then tried a running Vader Bomb, but Swagger jumped into Cena's arms for the FU. Cena then slapped on the STFU and Swagger tapped in about five seconds.

WINNER: Cena at 11:30. Excellent match. Swagger was given plenty of offense and Cena sold respect for Swagger after their battle. Definitely a good match for Swagger despite the loss. (***)

Draft Pick #4: Raw gets...Matt Hardy. Hardy came out on stage and did the "You Can't See Me" toward Cena, who smirked inside the ring. Hardy was ready to do some damage on Raw. ... Draft Pick #5: Triple H. Hunter slowly walked out on stage to show off his WWE Title belt toward Cena, who stared back with an "all right, it's on" look. Hunter then pointed toward Cena and told him, "You and me, man." Another potential unification or Cena is going somewhere else. Suddenly, Edge stormed into the ring and attacked Cena from behind. Cena recovered and teased the FU, but Edge escaped. Stare down and it's on at Backlash.


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Backstage: Randy Orton was pacing around in the locker room. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase then walked in to hear Orton's instructions. Orton recapped the deal for the handicap match tonight, then asked for a strategy tonight. Cody said they want to create animosity between Hunter, Batista, and Shane to get themselves DQ'ed. Basically, they suck and can only win by getting Team McMahon to screw up. Orton liked it.

In-ring: Santino(a)'s music hit. Out came the man version of Santino. No sign of Beth Phoenix. Okay, Raw is definitely not winning this match. Santino faces someone up next. Oh, how I envy the live crowd getting an entire commercial break of Santino doing something.

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In-ring: Santino was still in the ring, then Great Khali showed up with Singh to squash Santino. Khali sporting some new bright red pajama pants. Singh with longer sideburns. Grisham said business needs to pick up for Smackdown quickly. Before the match could start, Beth Phoenix showed up with Rosa Mendes. She said she was coming out here to inform Santino that something else is on the line tonight per Vickie. If Khali wins, then Santina will be a guest on the Khali Kiss Cam next week.

5 -- SANTINO MARELLA (Raw) vs. GREAT KHALI (w/Singh) (Smackdown) -- Draft Match

Santino tried to collect himself with more on the line than he bargained for, but Khali shoved him across the ring. Khali made Santino scream like Carlton Banks on Fresh Prince, then Santino held onto the ropes for dear life. Santino tried to charge Khali, but Khali chopped him down. Khali with a boot on the chest for the pin.

WINNER: Khali at 1:02. An expected squash to get someone over to Smackdown. (n/a)


Draft Pick #6: Smackdown gets...C.M. Punk and his Money in the Bank briefcase. Um...there's currently no champion on Smackdown.

Backstage: Miz & Morrison were shown walking down the hallway. They're up next in a match. Or, probably only Miz since Morrison was not dressed to do much other than show off his abs.

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In-ring: The Miz's music hit and out came the former tag champion with John Morrison. Striker: "Welcome to the Real World, Miz." Haha, get it? Nevermind. Moving along, Kofi Kingston came out representing Raw. Oh no, cut to Michael Cole doing the "boom, boom" handclap. Vintage Kofi?

6 -- THE MIZ (w/John Morrison) (ECW) vs. KOFI KINGSTON (Raw) -- Draft Match

ECW's Josh Mathews said he had a chance to talk to Miz earlier tonight and he's very concerned about being separated from Morrison. Raw and ECW announcers discussed their "bro-mance." Miz bailed to the outside to escape Kofi's high-flying offense, but Kofi nailed a dropkick through the ropes. Morrison feigned interference, though, allowing Miz to blind-side Kofi and take advantage. Back in the ring, Miz slowed things down with a chinlock on Kofi. Lawler made fun of ECW for not having a draft pick, so Striker announced the supplemental draft on WWE's website on Wednesday.


Match slowed to a crawl, then Kofi fought out of a chinlock. Kofi landed a right hand strike before ducking a clothesline and hitting a leaping clothesline. Kofi started to charge up, then he wanted the boom-boom leg drop, but Miz moved out of the way. Action resumed with a power struggle mid-ring that led to Kofi nailing a legsweep into a boom-boom leg drop for a two count. Kofi called for the Jamaican buzzsaw kick, but Miz ducked. He then covered Kofi for a two count. They went into a nearfall sequence as the match continued to drag a little. Suddenly, Morrison jumped on the ring apron and grabbed Kofi from behind right in front of the ref, who called for the bell. Morrison tried to explain himself to Miz, who wasn't pleased.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston via DQ at 8:53. Just a bit off throughout this one. Chemistry wasn't there and the finish was a weakly-booked conclusion to an off match. (*)

Draft Pick #7: Raw gets another wrestler. This time...The Miz is going to Raw. In the ring, Miz just looked around stunned. Morrison had his hands on his hips in shock. "The bro-mance is over," Mathews declared. Miz and Morrison embraced, then Miz suddenly turned on Morrison with the Reality Check. Oh snap. Well, there's your split. A few years of teaming, then WWE blows money on doing a legit split with a five-second spot. Miz snapped on Morrison then had this evil look in his eyes before brushing that dirt off his shoulder.

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In-ring: Time for the 15-man battle royal. MVP, Big Show, Mike Knox, and Cryme Tyme came out for Team Raw first. MVP and Show already getting some work. ECW then came out with Finlay, Tyson Kidd, Paul Burchill, Mark Henry, and Ricky Ortiz. Tony Chimel forgot about Ortiz, which is expected. Smackdown then came out with Carlito, Primo, R-Truth, Chavo Guerrero, and Edge. What the heck is Edge doing in this?

7 -- RAW vs. ECW vs. SMACKDOWN 15-man battle royale -- Draft Match (two picks)

Blue vs. Red vs. Black brawl started with brawling all over the ring. Show eliminated Ricky Ortiz first. Oh, Ricky. Suddenly, Show dumped out Burchill, much to Striker's chagrin. Grisham, the ECW turncoat, was eager to point that out. Show then tossed out Chavo. Henry knocked out Shad Gaspar. Show then chunked Primo, who favored his ankle upon taking the fall. R-Truth out too. Show then tossed Kidd. Henry knocked out JTG. Show then grappled Carlito and tossed him. Edge only one left from ECW. Henry then eliminated MVP.

[Q9 -- third hour, usual second hour]

Final four of Henry and Finlay from ECW, Edge from SD, and Show from Raw. Edge then eliminated Finlay. Edge was suddenly cornered by the big men. Edge had the classic look of fear and tried to get the big men to go after each other, but Show gave Edge a chokeslam. Henry and Show battled, then Show lifted up Henry to the apron. They battled on the top rope in a Sumo wrestling match. Show then landed the right hand and Henry fell to the floor. Edge vs. Show now. Oh boy. Show charged Edge, but Edge ducked and Show flew over the top rope to give Edge the win. Post-match: Show snapped on the announce table as Edge gloated in victory.

WINNER: Edge & Smackdown at 5:37. Just a standard battle royal finishing with a play on the Edge-Show feud from WrestleMania. (*1/2)

Draft Pick #8: Kane going to Smackdown. Kane's music hit and he came out on stage, which led to Edge shooting him a curious look. Kane smiled despite the inherent color differences. ... Draft Pick #9: Chris Jericho is going to Smackdown. Edge and Jericho exchanged glances as the announcers speculated on a potential alliance. How about Christian going to Smackdown and it's on.

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In-ring: Christian came to the ring representing Christian. Mathews and Striker said ECW needs someone. Ross recapped that Raw has five and Smackdown has four picks. And, um...ECW has no one. Shelton Benjamin came out as the opposition. Here we go.


Christian wanted a top rope move early, but Shelton busted out the cat-like leap to the top for an overhead toss. Christian then rolled to the floor to take a breath. Shelton followed to the outside and rolled Christian back into the ring. Meanwhile, Grisham posed the question of whether Punk could possible cash in the MITB briefcase before the night is over. Shelton missed with a springboard smash attempt and Christian fired up with the crowd behind him. Christian wanted the Killswitch, but Shelton blocked into a backbreaker for a two count. Shelton missed with a corner splash and Christian capitalized with the Killswitch for the pin and the win much to the delight of Striker. He was so excited for this pick.

WINNER: Christian at 3:50. Fine athletic match. Just a little off. Seems like the "athletic guys" are just trying too hard tonight. (*1/2)

Draft Pick #10: Vladimir Kozlov. Oh, gosh. Poor ECW. They wait two hours and 15 minutes to get the Torch's Crashing Star in the month of March. Kozlov then stared down Christian in the ring. Welcome back to WWE, Christian.


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Announcers: Cole and Lawler broke down the Backlash PPV card. Cole then hyped the stipulations for Team Legacy vs. Team McMahons in a handicap match. Too TNA-esque with over-complicated stips for a main event. Need a graphic or something. Vickie Guerrero not having the benefit of post-production on Smackdown to clean up her live fumbles doesn't help matters.

Backstage: Triple H was getting ready for the handicap match. Shane McMahon then stepped in and said he's got Orton, so everything's good. Hunter then pulled Shane back and said he's got Orton tonight. He said if Dave were here, he'd say the same thing. Batista then snuck up behind Hunter and told him to say it. Hunter said the same thing over his shoulder to Big Dave. Shane and Batista then walked off, leaving Hunter to prepare himself.

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ECW plug: Christian vs. Finlay vs. Dreamer in a triple threat match to find out who faces in singles action next week to face Jack Swagger at Backlash.

In-ring: C.M. Punk came to the ring for a Draft match. Matt Hardy, who essentially switched brands with Punk, was out as the opposition from Raw. Cole then re-plugged the E:60 feature on ESPN tomorrow night.


9 -- C.M. PUNK (Smackdown) vs. MATT HARDY (Raw)

Pudgy Matt tried an early pin attempt before Punk snapped off a suplex for a one count. Punk landed hard knees to the gut before Hardy caught him in the corner with a hard front slam that caused Punk to land gut-first on the mat. That didn't look good for Punk, who rolled a shoulder to escape a pin. Punk came back with a high knee lift, then a leaping kick for a two count. Hardy landed a corner clothesline, but Punk came back with a running knee in the corner and bulldog for a two count. Punk wanted the G2S, but Hardy blocked and hit the side effect. Suddenly, crowd screamed as Jeff Hardy stormed the ring to attack Matt for a DQ. He beat up Matt, then wanted the Twist of Fate, but Matt rolled out of the way. Jeff then chased Matt to the back. Punk was not happy with the decision. Raw gets another pick.

WINNER: Matt Hardy via DQ at 4:26. Okay match. Finish set up a re-match between Matt and Jeff somewhere down the line if it's not at Backlash since they're not on the same brand. (*1/4)

Draft Pick #11: Maryse is going to Raw. There's your re-separation of women's champions. ... and Michelle McCool from Maryse.

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In-ring: Back from break, Chris Jericho came out for the final Draft Match. Grisham and Ross talked about Jericho making Smackdown much more interesting now. Ross plugged Raw from London next week. Tommy Dreamer came out as the opposition for Jericho. Well, better luck in the supplemental draft, ECW.

10 -- CHRIS JERICHO (Smackdown) vs. TOMMY DREAMER (ECW) -- Draft Match

Striker said this is the first-time-ever that Jericho and Dreamer have faced off. We'll put that one under the Microscope this week. Grisham took a huge dig at Dreamer that if he's considered a wrestling legend, then so is the Brooklyn Brawler. Wow. Grisham with a full heel turn on ECW now that he's on Smackdown. Dreamer made a comeback and hung Jericho upside down in the corner for the E-C-W basement dropkick. Dreamer wanted to end it, but Jericho blocked into the Walls of Jericho. Dreamer rolled through, though, and scored a close two count. Dreamer followed with a sit-out slam for a close two count. Dreamer wanted to take it up top, but Jericho crotched him. Dreamer fought Jericho off, then he wanted a leaping smash, but Jericho blocked with the codebreaker in mid-air for the win. Striker: "I just don't get it." Welcome to the ECW brand.

WINNER: Jericho at 4:42. Fine match. Just another five-minutes-and-under presentation to allow the announcers to get in their talking points. Good nearfalls in the final few minutes. (*)


Draft Pick #12: Rey Mysterio going to Smackdown. Well, there's your answer to Smackdown's dropping ratings. Get Rey back on Smackdown. Ross said Raw had so much momentum early, but now Smackdown has grabbed the second-half of the show. Grisham and Ross then broke down the major Draft Picks.

In-ring: Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase came out for the main event handicap match.

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WGN Superstars preview: The Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy will headline the new WGN show. ... Back live, Grisham and Ross plugged the main event. Ross said it's the first time we've seen from Undertaker since WrestleMania. Where's Shawn Michaels, by the way? Hm...

In-ring: WWE champion Triple H came out first for the main event handicap match. Shane McMahon then came out.

11 -- LEGACY (TED DIBIASE & CODY RHODES) vs. WWE champion TRIPLE H & SHANE MCMAHON & BATISTA -- handicap match

Let's break it down. Whoever scores the fall for Team McMahon gets Randy Orton one-on-one next week. If Cody or Ted wins, then Cody, Ted, and Orton get the person who is pinned in a three-on-one match next week. There, that was simple. Cody and Ted agreed that Cody would get the start. Team McMahon couldn't decide, so the bell sounded and Shane jumped Cody like a rat on cheese. Shane then did his left hand jabs on Cody and danced circles around him. Suddenly, Batista blind-tagged himself in and told Shane to step off. After DiBiase tagged in, Hunter tagged himself in and wanted to work on Ted. Suddenly, Hunter had a pin on DiBiase and Batista yanked him off the pin. Hunter and Batista had a stare down, then DiBiase snuck up behind Hunter and took his knee out from behind to begin an isolation. Hunter tried a comeback, but DiBiase snapped off a nice dropkick to cut him off.

[Q13 -- over-run]

They hit the top of the hour as Cole re-set the stips as Hunter continued to take a beating. Batista tried to fire up the crowd, then Hunter made the hot tag to Batista, who cleaned house on DiBiase, the legal man. Batista fired up with clotheslines before knocking Cody off the apron. Batista nailed a powerslam then made a cover, but DiBiase broke it up. Shane then clotheslined DiBiase to the floor. DiBiase walked into a spinebuster, then wanted the Batistabomb and he connected. Batista made the cover, but Shane broke it up. Uh-oh. Batista slowly got up and shoved Shane down. Hunter then tagged himself in and stared down Batista. Suddenly, Shane tackled Batista and they brawled to the floor. Meanwhile, Hunter gave DiBiase a Pedigree in center ring and scored the pin for the win with Shane and Batista too late to make the save.

WINNER: Triple H at 7:45. Well, Hunter and Orton get a second chance at their WrestleMania main event next week after the disaster two weeks ago. Match was good for the storyline purposes of teasing dissension in the McMahon Family. DiBiase & Rhodes didn't benefit much, but they weren't even on the Mania card, so whatever. (*3/4)

Post-match: The McMahons circled around each other trying to be calm about the deal that just happened. Randy Orton then came out on stage to stare down Hunter with an icy stare. Orton so great right here. He orchestrated the McMahon Family tearing itself apart and he just stared into the ring with a knowing look. Well done. Hunter vs. Orton next week.