Buffalo, New York
May 4, 2009

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The show started with a video package on the Randy Orton vs. McMahons feud leading to last week when Orton vs. MVP ended with Shane jumping Orton and attack him. Tonight, it's Orton vs. Shane.

In-ring: WWE champion Randy Orton came to the ring to start the show for the match against Shane McMahon. Orton came out alone and took his sweet time in the process. After Orton's music stopped, Shane's music hit. No sign of Shane, though. Shane then ambushed Orton from behind like a cowardly babyface. Fight went to the floor, then into the stands. A little girl sporting an HBK hat nearly got involved.

The brawl moved into the stands, then to the ringside area. Shane wanted a top rope splash through the announce table, but Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes jumped Shane in the ring. Orton helped triple team them, MVP stormed the ring to try to help out Shane. MVP was beaten down, though. Orton then dumped MVP over the top rope to the floor. Shane was left alone in the ring to take a beating, then Batista stormed the ring. (Parks: the arena came unglued for Batista.) Batista cleaned house on Legacy as Orton took off running from ringside.

Raw GM Vickie Guerrero then interrupted the proceedings. She declared herself the GM of Raw in case we forgot. Vickie said she won't let them ruin her main event. She booked two singles match of Cody vs. MVP and Batista vs. DiBiase. If you win, then you join either Orton or Shane in the TV main event tonight.

n/a -- WWE champion RANDY ORTON vs. SHANE MCMAHON -- non-title match

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In-ring: Matt Hardy, with his 1600s royal black jacket, slowly came to the ring sporting the cast over his right hand. Michael Cole questioned whether Hardy really has a broken hand. Jerry Lawler, playing the reverse Don West role on Jeff Jarrett's "sore hamstring" from Impact, said you can't question Hardy like that. Kofi Kingston came out as the opposition. Matt then cut a promo about injuring his hand. Great heel promo trying to draw sympathy. He's filed a formal complaint with the formal authorities. Kofi just looked at him like he's nuts.


Announcers talked about everything Hardy can't do since his right hand is messed up. Can't eat. Can't sleep. Can't write. Matt tried to beg off early on, then Kofi surprised him with a small package for a two count. Matt started using his feet to work over Kofi before he slingshot him across the top rope for a two count. Kofi then countered a suplex into a neckbreaker before landing a standing dropkick. Kofi landed a turnaround splash, then he came up holding his hand. Kofi went into his offensive attack, including a boom-boom leg drop for a two count. Kofi then ducked a clothesline using the cast and he blasted Matt with the Trouble in Paradise buzzsaw kick for the pin and the win. Post-match: Kofi was celebrating the victory, then Matt surprised him with a cheap shot with the cast to the face. Kofi was KO'ed and Matt angrily walked away from the ring.

WINNER: Kofi at 4:22. Okay match. Matt was quite limited in the ring with the cast on. Kofi incorporated some highspots to keep the crowd involved. Post-match was good for Matt to get his heat back after taking a clean loss. (*)

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Backstage: Santino talked to Kelly Kelly about teaming with his sister on Superstars. Santino said Santina isn't able to be here tonight because she was infected by the Swine Flu after being breathed on by Vickie Guerrero. Ya know, because she's a pig. Ouch. Chavo Guerrero then interrupted and told Santino that if he wants to make it on this show, he better not make fun of the Guerrero family. Santino apologized, then did some pig noises to show he really wasn't sorry.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler said Vickie Guerrero met with John Cena's doctors for a word on Cena's condition after Backlash. Announcers then narrated clips of Cena costing Big Show the #1 contender match against Batista last week.

Backstage: Big Show was shown walking down the hallway, then he approached Vickie Guerrero. Show said he wants a match against Cena, but he also wants to end his career tonight. Vickie said Cena is physically unable to compete tonight and he won't be cleared to compete for another two weeks. She reminded Vickie that he put Cena through a searchlight. Show grimaced. She can make a match at Judgment Day, though. Show grimaced again to apparently accept the match.

Elsewhere backstage: MVP was preparing for his match, then the Bella Twins barged in to talk about how much they love The View. MVP's head was spinning from hearing an echo on both sides of his head. He said he's got to wrestle this here match up next.


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In-ring: Cody Rhodes was already in the ring out of the break. William Regal was on commentary to complain about being overlooked on Raw. Hm...sure seems like an MVP vs. Regal program for the U.S. Title is in the works. MVP then came to the ring to face Cody.

2 -- U.S. champion MVP vs. CODY RHODES -- non-title match -- winners gets main event slot

Regal continued to complain about there not being order to the Raw pecking order as the match started with a series of nearfalls. Good start with neither man able to take control. Cody then took out MVP's knee from behind as they cut to a shot of Shane watching on a monitor backstage. MVP came back with a series of clotheslines, then he knocked Cody to the outside. MVP followed on the floor, then Regal snuck away from the table and took MVP's knees out from under him behind the ref's back. MVP tried to make his way back into the ring, but he couldn't get off his leg and he was counted out. Regal then stared down MVP, who was quite upset and selling pain.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes at 4:08. Good match to set up the MVP vs. Regal program. In-ring, good intensity. Cody continues to grow as a performer, although I'm not sure if he's ever had a clean victory. Ever. (*1/2)

Smackdown: Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho. Nice match-up for Friday night.

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In-ring: Jerry Lawler introduced us to a Sing-off tonight. It's Jillian Hall vs. Festus. Jillian sucked. Festus was sporting a bowtie. That's all we saw of him. Oh, there's some trunks. Whew. Festus didn't want to sing. He was confused. Lawler put the mic to Festus's mouth, then he called for a bell. Festus then began singing show tunes. Lawler had enough and he called for the bell so Festus could return to his state of stupidity. Lawler asked the crowd for the winner. Fans booed Jillian. Cheers for Festus, who had no idea what was going on. Jillian then screamed at Lawler for another chance.

Suddenly, The Miz's music hit. Miz hit the ring as Festus remained standing in the ring stuck in la-la land. Miz took the mic and dropped in on the mat before putting an "L" for loser sign on his forehead. Miz with a gut shot, then he chucked Festus to the floor. Miz said last week, he called out John Cena and Cena failed to come to the ring, which means he's afraid of him. Miz: "Are you afraid me?" He asked Cena where his hustle is tonight. Where's your loyalty to the fans? How about your self-respect? Miz suggested it's a shallow catchphrase to sell t-shirts.

Miz paused for a light "Cena, Cena" chant. Miz said they're calling for him. He issued another challenge for tonight. Suddenly, Cena showed up on the video screen. He was shown walking down the hallway with his HLR t-shirt. Video faded to black before Cena came out.

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[Q5 -- second hour]

Still in-ring: Miz was calling for Cena. Where are you? Miz asked if Cena is still looking for a movie script. He said he should look on a piece of toilet paper. Miz said Cena is all hype...he's just a product of the WWE hype machine for the kiddos to cheer for and cougar moms to fantasize about. Miz going really far with this promo. Miz screamed quite passionately wanting all of Cena right now. No sign of him. Miz then announced himself the winner yet again. He told Lilian to announce it Miz 2, Cena 0.

Suddenly, Cena's music hit and Cena slowly walked out on stage. He kinda limped down the ramp as Miz prepared for him. Cena walking very slowly selling the internal injuries. Miz gave him an open invitation into the ring, then Cena pulled himself into the ring inch by inch. Suddenly, Big Show's music hit. Show slowly walked down to the ring. Not because he's injured like Cena, but because, well, he's Big Show. Show slowly made his way into the ring as Cena stood on the other side not ready to fight or compete or do anything. Miz was out of the ring at this point. Cena slowly tried to put up his fists as they stared at each other for a while. Somebody do something already.

After what seemed like hours, Show smiled, then kicked Cena in the gut. Cena dropped down to all-fours and sold the internal injuries. Show blasted him in the gut again, then he punched him another time. Felt like a Smackdown match with Show just slowly walking around doing one move at a time. Show eventually put Cena in a Camel Clutch and tried to stretch him until he lost a limb or died. One or the other. Cena was out cold on the mat as Show stared down at his limp body. Lawler said Show has proven nothing. Where'd Miz go? Cena appeared to have a tear streaming down his right eye or that was just sweat. End segment with Show standing tall. Just a bizarre segment with Miz disappearing and no conclusion to the Show vs. Cena segment. And Cena has no friends, apparently. Place Your Bets (3) time: 17:44. The continuous segment started with the sing-off, then Miz's promo, then Show-Cena. So, if you Lawler, Hall, Festus, Miz, Cena, or Show on your PYB scorecard, then you're probably scoring a point.

Superstars: Edge is bringing the Cutting Edge to Superstars with special guest Jeff Hardy.

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In-ring: Jared the Subway Guy was booed as he introduced the following divas match. Mickie James came out first. Divas champion Maryse came out as the opposition.

3 -- Divas champion MARYSE vs. MICKIE JAMES -- non-title match

Match action moved to the floor early on. Maryse took control, then she put Mickie in a Camel Clutch back in the ring. If I'm Maryse, I'm upset with Show for stealing my hold moments before my match. But, perhaps it's not a grievance worth airing, but keeping to herself. Mickie then made her comeback and nailed an emphatic DDT for the pin and the win. Jared the Subway Guy then announced her as the winner.

WINNER: Mickie James at 2:40. Good to see an actual singles match without Hornswoggle or any other craziness. Still only a three-minutes-and-under match, but a good match for Mickie and Maryse. (3/4*)

Backstage: They showed Batista warming up for his match against Ted DiBiase.

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In-ring: Ted DiBiase, Jr. was already in the ring ready for Batista. Batista came out for a full in-ring entrance.


DiBiase tried to play cat and mouse with Batista early on, and he wore down Batista to take control back in the ring. Batista then came back with trademark shoulder thrusts in the corner before DiBiase fired off a slap that caught the ref more than Batista. Batista was angered, so he blasted DiBiase. Batista blasted him too much out of anger and the ref reached a five count on the attack as Batista wasn't paying attention. Batista then snapped and chucked his elbow pad down to the mat as DiBiase snuck away with a grin on his face.

WINNER: DiBiase at 3:58. Basic match to set up Shane with the stacked deck of having to face Legacy by himself in a three-on-one handicap match. Batista as the hot-head who is costing Team McMahon matches is a good way to plant seeds for that inevitable heel turn.


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Backstage: Chavo was sitting down talking to Vickie. He said he wants to take care of Santino for his comments about her. Chavo then fantasy booked while Vickie tried to tell him that she's GM. Chavo said if he were GM, he would have it where MVP is stripped of the U.S. Title if he interferes in the main event and Batista would lose his WWE Title shot at Judgment Day if he interferes. Chavo presumptuously told Vickie he would go announce her decision to them right away. Vickie tried to slow Chavo down, but Chavo took off.

In-ring: The Brian Kendrick came to the ring kinda skating on an invisible skateboard to the ring. Carlito then came out with Primo, but Carlito sent Primo to the back so he could take care of Kendrick by himself.

5 -- Unified tag champion CARLITO vs. THE BRIAN KENDRICK

Kendrick had about a second of offense, then Carlito nailed a codebreaker out of the corner for the pin and the win. Afterward, Carlito put his two title belts over his shoulders and sold pain from the belts being sooo heavy.

WINNER: Carlito at 1:18. Just a filler match that didn't do anything for Kendrick. Carlito was fine, although this match just didn't have much time to mean anything. (n/a)

Smackdown Rebound: They focused on Jeff Hardy winning the #1 contender four-way match over Rey Mysterio last Friday night. Jeff gets Edge for the World Title at Judgment Day.

Backstage: Cody Rhodes shook his shoulder to sell his earlier match, then he walked up to Ted DiBiase, who was resting at the locker room bench. Randy Orton then walked over to prep them for the handicap main event.

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Announcers: Michael Cole had a riddle for us. Wait for this worst...segue...ever. "What do MVP and 'The View' have in common? ... Let's find out!" Cue up the video package of Sherri Shepherd's involvement in MVP's match on Smackdown last Friday. ... Cole then announced MVP on "The View" tomorrow morning. Cole said he watches the show all the time.

Backstage: Shane was shown walking down the hallway. Batista caught up with him. "Dude, I'm really sorry." Batista said he wishes he could be out there to help Shane tonight. Shane was just focused and trying to get in The Zone, not really eager to hear a half-apology. Batista said he'll get his revenge by taking the WWE Title from Orton at Judgment Day. Shane was like ok, whatevs. He walked off and Batista offered another half-apology and half-grunt of frustration with himself. Oh, that heel turn is so ready.

In-ring: Randy Orton slowly led his troops to the ring as they aired yet another video package on Orton taking out the McMahon Family members. Handicap match is up next.

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In-ring: Orton and his boys were still in the ring waiting through another round of bizarre commercials aimed at a demographic not yet discovered on earth. Greg Parks checked in that Legacy went to the back during the break, then walked back out to the ring. Back live, after a lengthy pause, Shane finally came to the ring to take on all three of them.


Bell sounded and Shane fought Cody to start things off. Shane landed a clothesline, but Cody rammed him back into Legacy's corner to tag in DiBiase. Here's a non-wrestler cutting off DiBiase from making a tag to one of his partners. Announcers reminded us that Shane isn't a wrestler, but he's "fueled by passion and emotion." Shane then went up top for an elbow drop and he connected on DiBiase. He made a cover, but Cody broke up the pin. Shane came up holding his elbow, then he threw a wild elbow at Cody. DiBiase knocked him to the outside, continuing this clunky match.

[Q9 -- over-run]

On the outside, Shane grabbed a chair to blast Cody, but Orton smashed him from behind and rolled Shane back into the ring. Orton then made an official tag to stalk Shane and begin assaulting him. Cody then tagged in and missed with a top rope moonsault on Shane. Shane then made his huge comeback with SuperShane punches and kicks and clotheslines and such. Action moved to the floor where Shane put Orton on the announce table. He then went back into the ring for his top rope elbow. After milking the moment for all it was worth, Shane flew off the top and ate the table when Orton moved in plenty of time. Shane was KO'ed as Orton realized the opportunity.

DiBiase and Rhodes dragged Shane over to the corner and put his leg next to the ring steps. Orton grabbed a chair and screamed down at Shane that this is punishment for not staying out of his business. Orton took a deep wind-up and smashed the ring steps near Shane's ankle for a dramatic moment. Shane cried out in pain, then Orton set up Shane for Round Two of Ankle Torture. Orton measured Shane for a second blow as some of the ringside "smart" fans cheered Orton on to take Shane off TV. Orton then lifted up the top set of steel steps and smashed Shane's right ankle a second time. Shane writhed in pain on the floor as Orton crouched down from a distance. He slithered over to Shane before more refs showed up to push Orton away from the scene.

Suddenly, Batista's music hit and Batista stormed ringside. Meanwhile, Legacy took off running as Batista pounded the mat in frustration that Shane was taken out. Medics checked on Shane and put his leg in an anklecast to help him out. Shane was put on a stretcher as Orton took the mic and addressed Batista. He said Batista's Judgment Day is coming. Orton stared coldly toward Batista, who shook the ropes in frustration. Shane was then wheeled down the entranceramp as Orton and Batista had a staredown from a distance to close the show.

WINNER: No official decision, but presumably Shane via DQ when Batista came out at 11:45. Another one of those Shane matches where WWE had to balance the idea of Shane being a non-wrestler, but not making this completely one-sided to where there's no drama. Another injury angle for the McMahons means more heat on Orton and Co. to build them up as a ruthless heels. Desired result was accomplished even if the match wasn't that great to hold the interest of the audience. (*1/4)