Green Bay, Wisconsin
June 22, 2009

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The show opened with a video recap of last week's show including Randy Orton's WWE Title victory by pinning Big Show. John Cena and Triple H on the outside looking in, but Hunter wins a #1 contender battle royal to get Orton at The Bash. And Donald Trump "buys Raw" from Vince McMahon, setting up Orton vs. Hunter tonight commercial-free. That took four minutes out of the 120+ free TV minutes.

Announcers: Michael Cole welcomed us to the Donald Trump era of Raw. Jerry Lawler ringside to talk Randy Orton vs. Triple H in a Last Man Standing match tonight for the WWE Title.

In-ring: Lilian Garcia introduced the new owner of Raw, Donald Trump. No sign of him, then Donald emerged on stage to welcome us to his version of Raw for the people. Trump said he's giving away championship-caliber matches Vince McMahon never would have given away. Trump told the live audience that after the show is over, he's giving away a full refund of "whatever the hell you paid." Trump paused for the big crowd reactions to that, then he got the show rolling.

In-ring: Transition into John Cena's theme music to a huge reaction. Cena hit the ring sporting new green and gold since they're in Packer country. Cena took the mic and did a big ra-ra speech for tonight's show. He said they're getting Orton vs. Hunter and commercial-free Raw. Cena said he's even in a match against Big Show. Oh gosh. Cena told the crowd to hold onto their ticket stubs for free money after the show. He said Trump is trying to do what every other wrestler is trying to do: make a statement.

Cue up a video package on the Cena vs. Miz feud focusing on Miz's anti-Cena rants. Rip the appeal to the kids, the movies, the rap album, and Miz is Awesome. Back live, Cena was smirking about that Miz always having something so interesting to say. He then asked Miz to come on down right now. Pause. Miz's music hit. Lawler said it's a switch with Cena actually calling out Miz this time around. Miz came out on stage to loud boos. He said there's nothing else left for him to say because Cena has done nothing about what he's said. "You are a coward," Miz said. Cena said that's a strange word choice when Miz is standing allllll the way over there on stage.

Miz started a slow walk to the ring and eventually made it into the ring for a face-to-face meeting with Cena. "You're ... a ... coward," Miz slowly said into Cena's face. Cena said normally this would be the part of the show where Miz picks up his own teeth, but he doesn't want to start the show that way. Cena said he's going to give Miz exactly what he wants: a chance to be Mr. Monday night. Cena said it's a little good news, bad news, though. Good news: first time ever, Miz will main-event a PPV at the Bash when he has a match against me. Miz was eager for that one. Cena said bad news: Miz has a PPV main event match with ... me. Cena got serious here.


Cena said he's heard Miz run his mouth for two months, he was booed out of the Hammerstein, Hall of Fame, and WrestleMania, but he doesn't get rattled. He's still here. Cena said rattled is when you hear your bones start cracking in that STF. Rattled. Rattled is when Miz finally gets in the ring on Sunday and realizes he brought a knife to a gun fight. Cena said in six days, Miz will realize he doesn't belong here. Real World has been canceled, Cena said. Cena said Miz isn't a reality show has-been, but a WWE never-was.

Miz maintained his composure as Cena told Miz to head to the back with his head tucked between his legs praying he makes it out of Sunday with his head in one piece. Crowd was quiet, then they hit a "Cena, Cena" chant. Miz then reared back and popped Cena with a left hand. Miz then scampered out of the ring and ran away from Cena, who smiled. Cena bailed from the ring and smiled to the crowd. PYB talk time (3): 9:55.

Earlier today: Vince McMahon was shown standing outside of his limo, which appeared to break down in the "middle of a cow field." Limo driver suggested McMahon head to the gas station. McMahon said he's never been to a gas station in his life. Driver suggested walking to the arena. McMahon: "I've never walked before in my life!" No, he didn't say that. McMahon grew agitated and told the limo driver that he's going to walk. McMahon then hopped on his back and rode him a few paces into the ground. McMahon said he better his boss on the line to get a new limo out here. Gosh, this dragged on forever.

Ringside: Smackdown announcers Jim Ross and Todd Grisham had a bucket of KFC chicken on the announce desk. Grisham suggested Donald Trump sold the "crown jewel." Ross corrected him that McMahon sold it. I don't think Grisham noticed. Apparently it's McMahon's "farewell" tonight.

In-ring: Jeff Hardy came out first for a six-man tag match. Ross and Grisham then plugged C.M. Punk vs. Hardy for the World Title at The Bash PPV on Sunday. Great Khali came out as the second partner, followed by Rey Mysterio. Chris Jericho then came out as Ross plugged Jericho vs. Rey in a mask vs. title match again. If Rey loses, he unmasks forever. Dolph Ziggler came out as the second heel partner. Out last was Edge. Hot line-up from Smackdown. Before the bell could sound, World Hvt. champion C.M. Punk came out on stage dressed for a trip to the grocery store in a t-shirt and camo shorts and tennis shoes.



Action started hot with Jeff clearing the heels to the floor, then Khali launched Rey off his shoulders for a 12-foot splash onto the heels. Khali then teased a giant splash off the top, which would have brought the house and ring down, but Jericho cut him off from behind. They have a countdown clock until Hunter vs. Orton, which is a nice touch. Edge and Jericho ran interference on Rey, allowing Jericho to cut off a 619 from Rey. Punk wanted to know what's the deal with the chicken. Don't think it's free range. Heels dominated Rey, but Rey avoided a dropkick and kicked Edge in the head. Hardy then came in with a hot tag on Dolph to get in some offense. Hardy then found a spear out of nowhere from Edge. Khali tried to make him pay, but Jericho blocked with a codebreaker of sorts. Edge with a spear of sorts on Khali, whose body is tough to move. Rey then hit the 619 on Edge before hitting a moonsault onto Jericho on the floor. Back in the ring, chaos led to a Twist of Fate on Dolph. Hardy then went up top and nailed the Swanton Bomb for the pin and the win. Ross suggested Hardy could do that on Sunday, but Punk said there's no way he's losing the belt at The Bash.

WINNERS: Team Hardy at 5:15. Fine, high-energy match to focus on Hardy vs. Punk for Sunday. Rey vs. Jericho had decent focus as well. Edge seemed to be lost in the shuffle. Overall, good "sum of the parts" opening match. (*1/2)

Post-match: Punk slipped into the ring with title belt in hand to have a chat with Hardy. Punk raised Hardy's hand in victory, but Hardy thought it was the ref raising his hand. He turned around and shoved Punk's hand away in disgust. Hardy then went to the floor to have a stare down with Punk, who held his title belt high.

Backstage: Vince McMahon was shown walking up to his office, but there was a Trump sign on the door. There was noise off camera, then Santina Marella walked up to McMahon to introduce him/herself. McMahon gave her a Wellness Policy-quality slap on the wrist before muttering about Trump giving away his money to the paying fans. Santina suggested McMahon share an office. "MacDonald." Haha. Trump then emerged looking annoyed by the intrusion. Trump said McMahon made the mistake and what he buys is his. He said McMahon has a spot down at the end of the hallway. Trump asked Santina who she is. She said she works here. Trump said the same thing he said to Miss California: you're fired. Santina was beside herself, but she walked off in a huff. Santino Marella then walked in via a quick piece of editing. Santino said there must be something he can do for her sister. Sigh. Naw, she had a good run.

In-ring: Unified tag champions Primo and Carlito came out. Primo said Cody and Teddy call themselves the Legacy and they get to hang out with a WWE champion, Randy Orton, so they're pretty cool. Carlito said they all go lay out and tan together. They say Cody and Ted rub oil on Orton like nobody else. "That's not cool, man," they said in unison. Some new music interrupted, bringing out Cody and Ted. Generic rock music theme. Nothing memorable.

2 -- PRIMO COLON (w/Carlito) vs. CODY RHODES (w/Ted DiBiase, Jr.)

Tag title match preview for Sunday started with some basic mat holds between Primo and Cody. 13 minutes until Orton vs. Hunter. Match moved to the floor at 2:00 where DiBiase stalked Primo. Back in the ring, Cody smashed Primo with a kick beneath the chin into a Russian legsweep for a nearfall. Primo then came back with a turnaround splash off the second rope, but Cody rolled through and hooked Carlito's baggy orange pants out of sight of the ref for the pin and the win. Legacy with the leg-up on the tag champs going into the PPV.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes at 3:53. Match was just okay. Fine set-up for The Bash. (*)


Backstage: Vince McMahon was shown walking around the locker room. He was confused, so he asked Goldust and Hornswoggle for some guidance. Goldust reminded us of the Bastard Son storyline from two years ago. He referenced Goldberg, then slapped a wig on McMahon. Goldust laughed at that twist from when WWE put a wig on Goldberg years ago. McMahon then found his nameplate on a bathroom stall. That's his office. After a flush of the toilet, out walked Festus, who apparently just finished taking a Kurt Angle. He slapped a copy of the Wall Street Journal on McMahon's chest and walked away. Paper looked too fresh and crisp. Unrealistic for having been in the restroom. So far, sponsors of tonight's commercial-free show have been KFC, WSJ, and the NFL.

Video package: Roll footage on the Randy Orton vs. Triple H feud. Last Man Standing match up next.

In-ring: Lilian Garcia read off the rules for the LMS match. Take that U.S. vs. IC Title slip-up. Out first was the challenger, Triple H. Eric Bischoff's calling a bathroom break right about now for the entrance. Hunter took his time, then Randy Orton's music hit. Orton slowly took his time as Cole recapped Orton's history of damage, including putting Batista out for months. Lilian Garcia handled the formal ring intros to set up the near-the-top-of-the-hour main event.

3 -- WWE champion RANDY ORTON vs. TRIPLE H -- WWE Title match -- Last Man Standing

Hunter quickly knocked Orton to the outside in the opening seconds and Orton began selling a shoulder injury to play up Hunter's previous damage to Orton's shoulder. Back in the ring, Hunter teased the Pedigree, but Orton blocked and dumped Hunter to the floor. Hunter selling a left knee injury. Action then moved over the guardrail into the front row with Hunter in control. Hunter beat the crap out of Orton with right hand punches, but Orton lured Hunter into a back drop over the guardrail to the floor.

[Q5 -- second hour]

Orton regained control and went to work on Hunter's left knee again. Orton then picked up the ring steps and smashed Hunter in the face with Hunter blocking slightly with his hands. Match moved back into the ring where Orton began stomping on Hunter's leg. Orton wrapped Hunter's leg around the ringpost, then he grabbed a steel chair, but Hunter kicked the chair into Orton's face. Orton brushed it off, though, and popped Hunter across the face with a chair. Not a clean blow, but anything chair-related above the shoulders should be a no-no. Hunter got up at an eight count and Orton started clearing the announce table. Orton took too long and Hunter low-blowed him. Hunter teased a Pedigree on the table, but Orton blocked and surprised Hunter with an RKO onto the face of the table. Table didn't break. That's a sturdy table. Hunter made it up at nine, then back body dropped Orton onto the table. Still didn't break. Hunter then grabbed a TV monitor and smashed Orton in the face.

At 11:00, the match moved across the ringside area to the entrance ramp. Hunter rammed Orton head-first into the barricade along the entrance ramp, then he gave Orton a spinebuster on the ramp. Hunter still selling that left knee. Orton got up at nine, then Hunter teased the Pedigree again, but Orton back dropped Hunter onto the ramp. Both men reached their feet on the ten count before moving the brawl to the floor below the entrance ramp. Orton then teased the RKO, but Hunter shoved Hunter over a temporary barricade near the electrical area. That's some serious limited view seating. A crew guy was wiped out in the process and the ref called for a trainer.


Orton introduced a ladder into the proceedings and he put Hunter's left leg inside the ladder to begin stomping and stomping away on the ladder with the knee instead. Huge crowd heat against Orton as Hunter screamed in pain. Ref began his ten count as Lawler suggested Hunter live to fight another day. Orton stopped the ten count, though, and slowly pulled Hunter up to his feet. Hunter unable to stand as Orton dragged him up a few rungs of the ladder. He tried an RKO, but Hunter shoved him off out of desperation. Hunter suddenly came to life and nailed a Pedigree on the stage. Hunter sold the left knee as the ref began a ten count on both men. Hunter tried to pull himself up with the ladder as Orton was KO'ed, but Hunter couldn't make his feet and the ref reached a ten count. Post-match: Refs helped Hunter up to walk to the back, but he got one last stomp in on Orton, who remained out cold but still WWE champion.

WINNER: Draw at 20:05. Very physical, grueling match that gave TV viewers everything they could expect to see on pay TV on Sunday. Great drama playing up the Orton vs. Hunter feud. Not worth spending money to see a re-match on Sunday, but a great 20 minutes of TV to watch live on free TV. (***1/2)

Video: They plugged The Bash focusing on Jeff Hardy vs. C.M. Punk for Punk's World Title.

Backstage: Maryse was preparing for a match, then Miz walked in to have a chat. Sounded like Joey Styles was talking off camera. Maryse said Miz needs to be more impressive than what he did earlier tonight. Miz said John Cena talking about stretching him doesn't mean anything to him. Miz tried to say he's The Miz and he's Awesome, but Maryse cut him off and said, "Do something impressive."

Smackdown this week: Hardy & Rey vs. Edge & Chris Jericho inside a steel cage. Why is anyone going to order the PPV on Sunday?

In-ring: Donald Trump's music hit and he came back out on stage escorted by Maria and Eve. Cut to a video package from Trump's press conference at the Green Bay airport earlier today. Cut to a crowd shot of four men in suits standing ringside. Corporate sponsors, apparently. Trump asked the crowd if they're having a good time tonight. He said they got rid of "this guy" McMahon before getting down to business. Trump said everyone in the crowd is getting their money back and for the people at home, there's no commercials.

Trump talked General Manager. He said he's not going to appoint a new GM like McMahon suggested. Instead, a new celebrity host every week. Could be an actor, an actress, a WWE champion. Every week, somebody different. Trump doesn't believe in GMs. He transitioned into talking about WrestleMania 26.

Vince McMahon's music hit and he walked out on stage looking quite perplexed. Cole said he heard that McMahon consulted with White House speech writers for his farewell speech tonight. McMahon said he loses a lot of money with no commercials. Each and every week isn't going to happen, Trump. McMahon said these people in Green Bay don't deserve to have their money back. Furthermore, Trump can't do everything free. McMahon would be bankrupt in six months. Trump said he paid a big price for Raw and he'll do whatever he wants. Trump said he has a lot of friends who want to buy this and he could double the price anytime he wants.

McMahon tongue-in-cheek said he can't believe he was this stupid to be played by Trump. He said this must have been a well-orchestrated plan to drive him into bankruptcy. McMahon admitted Trump is smarter than him, so how about he buys Raw back, they pay the same amount, and everything is fine. Crowd didn't like that. Trump said no interest whatsoever.


McMahon reasoned there should be a return on his investment, so how about 25 percent interest on top of that. "No, nope, nope, no, I like these people," Trump said. McMahon smiled and tried to sell that he likes the people too, so how about 50 percent? Trump said it's not good enough for him. 75 percent! Streeeeetch. Trump told McMahon to get his numbers up. "Double your money back!" McMahon shouted. Fans booed. McMahon said Trump can't go back on his word. Trump took the deal. McMahon then got in Trump's face and suggested if he ever sees Trump again, he'll knock him on his butt. "Donald Trump, you're fired!!!" Trump no-sold and got even closer to McMahon. Loud "Donald Trump" chant. Suits then filled the ring to restrain the involved parties. McMahon finally left to boos while Trump stood in the ring to loud cheers. So this whole mess was for McMahon to be conned out of double his money. Wow. What a waste of time. PYB (3) talk time: 11:55.

Video package: After the announcers sold some more KFC chicken, they ran through the John Cena vs. Big Show history. Cena vs. Show later tonight.

Backstage: WWE champion Randy Orton was being tended to by medics with Cody and Ted standing next to him. Vince McMahon then interrupted to tell Cody and Ted to get in the car and run away. He addressed Orton that he needs to get ready for more pain in six days at The Bash. Orton said McMahon needs to show him some decency. McMahon re-booked Orton vs. Hunter in two out of three falls at The Bash. First fall is regular, second is Falls Count Anywhere. If necessary, third fall is a Stretcher Match. McMahon called it the Three Stages of Hell. Orton sneered.

Superstars this week: U.S. champion Kofi Kingston vs. Matt Hardy vs. MVP for the U.S. Title. In-ring: Mickie James and the Bella Twins came out for a six-diva tag match. Divas champ Maryse then led Beth Phoenix and Rosa out.



Heel divas worked over the Bellas early on in the match to build up to Mickie's hot tag and comeback. Mickie cleaned house on Rosa, then knocked Maryse off the apron, but Beth interjected. Action broke down with the Bellas clearing Beth out of the ring. Chaos then settled down and Mickie was left in the ring with Rosa to smash her with a superkick for the pin. Afterward, Maryse tried to snip at Mickie's heels, but Mickie sent her away. Maryse then directed her frustrations toward Rosa for losing again.

WINNERS: Team Mickie at 5:00. More build-up to the eventual Maryse vs. Mickie match again. Fine match with WWE giving them a decent amount of time this week. (*)

Announcers: Cole and Lawler took the commercial free gimmick and said USA Network was so impressed that USA is going to air the "National Treasure" movie free tomorrow. Oh boy. They transitioned into a video package on John Cena, focusing on Alfonso Soriano doing the "You Can't See Me" gimmick and Cena appearing at the Cubs game on Saturday.

In-ring: Cole and Lawler stood in the ring to break down The Bash PPV line-up. After they broke down the card, Big Show came out for the TV main event. Lawler told Cole to wave a piece of chicken toward Show if he comes walking over here. "He's in a foul(fowl) mood," Lawler said with a chuckle. After a pause, John Cena came out to face Show once again. Lawler then repeated his fowl joke because he wasn't sure if Cole got it the first time.


Cena landed an early shoulder tackle that knocked Show to the floor. Cena didn't have control for long, as Show blasted him back in the ring with a spear that took the life out of Cena and the crowd. Show off his feet for a spear was quite the sight. Show wanted the "hush the crowd" frying pan chop to the chest, but Cena escaped only to take an overhead release powerbomb that Show's started using recently. Cena rolled to the floor to recover, then Show beat him up some more back in the ring.

[Q9 -- over-run]

Cena tried to get his legs back under him and he avoided a big butt bomb in the corner. Show brick-walled him, though, and went back on the attack. In other words, Show picked up the "do a move, walk around, move, walk around" pace. Cena then blocked another corner splash and knocked down Show before hitting a top rope guillotine smash. Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but then Show popped up and hit a chokeslam in center ring for a nearfall. Show stepped on Cena's chest, then he went to the corner and teased a Vader Bomb before connecting. Splat. Lawler wanted to know why Show didn't cover him for the win. Show then rolled Cena to center ring and prepared to mount him for the Camel Clutch, but Cena slipped underneath Show and slapped on the STF. He got it locked on finally. Crowd exploded. Suddenly, Miz showed up ringside to distract Cena. Cena fought him off, though, and had the FU on Show, but Miz shoved Show on top of Cena. Ref didn't see it, as Show's size blocked his view. Show with the cover for the win.

Post-match: Miz slipped into the ring and stood tall over Cena. He then mocked Cena with the "You Can't See Me" hand wave over Cena's fallen body. There was a little girl facing the hard camera with a pro-Miz sign that the camera slowly pulled away. That was great.

WINNER: Show at 10:25. Just the same Cena vs. Show match we've seen before, except for Show winning. Gives Cena vs. Miz some juice for Sunday. Could be a sleeper to sell some PPV buys if anyone wants to spend $40 after getting a free PPV without commercials tonight. (*1/2)

Backstage: Cut to a shot of Randy Orton slowly walking to his rental car in the parking lot. He was trying to leave the arena, but Triple H jumped him from behind and smashed him into the trunk of his car. Hunter slammed the hood down hard on Orton's back and Orton slumped down to the ground. Hunter slumped down next to him and whispered in his ear that it won't be over until this Sunday. Hunter moved off camera and the camera focused on Orton in pain to close the show.