Chicago, Illinois
September 7, 2009

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WWE Raw opened with Howard Finkel doing the classic intro for Bob Barker. Camera shots included the wild, fast-paced camera shots to try to get everyone in the TV studio audience on camera. Jay Leno used to warm-up the audience by saying he would get everyone on the show except for one person at the tip-top sitting behind a pillar. Bob Barker came out on stage to a Price is Right podium. Skinny mic! Big crowd reaction to Barker, a childhood icon for many people. This is so surreal. Barker waited out the applause before saying they're really going to party tonight. Barker thanked the audience for keeping him on TV for 50 years.

Barker said if it weren't for the fans, he would have had to go out and get a job. We start with a pricing game. Barker said he needs contestants for the pricing game. He name-dropped Howard Finkel to get him four contestants. Santino Marella. Wild camera shot. And there was Santino running out of the crowd with a name tag. He tripped over the guardrail. Oh man, there are so many great YouTube clips of contestants falling all over themselves. Jillian Hall contestant number two. She jumped over the guardrail and came down. Irwin R. Schyster out third. IRS slowly emerged with briefcase in hand. Chris Jericho fourth to big boos. Where is Jericho? Fink repeated Jericho's name. "Chris, you're getting paid/paged." Jericho then slowly came out on stage with a "Chris" name tag over his chest. So great. Dressed to wrestle with a name tag over his chest. I have no idea how he stayed in character without breaking down laughing.

Cue up a plug for the Best of Smackdown Tenth Anniversary DVD for our first prize. Guess the DVD price. Comes out Sept. 15, or it could be yours right now if the Price is Raw. Barker turned to Santino first. He laughed and said he cannot believe this. He wanted to buy a vowel. Oops, wrong game. Barker said he's been bodyslammed too many times. Santino bid $1,465 American dollars. Jillian opted to sing instead of bid. Crowd booed. She's over with the crowd at least. Barker said he loved her singing...but he's tone deaf. Jillian then sang $75 as her bid. IRS wanted to know about the taxes. He said his bid is $50 including tax. Jericho's turn was received by boos. Jericho refused to participate. He slowly walked onto stage and stalked Barker. Jericho got right in Barker's face and stared to talk, but Barker cut him off without breaking a sweat.

"Please, he's pouting," Barker said. Jericho pointed a finger at Barker and told him to watch his mouth. Jericho said no one calls him Chris. No, show him respect. Chris turned to the crowd and waited out boos before telling Barker to pander to him as Mr. Jericho. He said is the best in the world at what he does. Jericho said he is one-half...Barker cut him off and said $1 is his bid. Barker yelled at him to get down on stage or else he'll have to take him over his knee. Crowd laughed.

Barker then announced $18.90 as the retail price, so Jericho wins by bidding $1. Jericho's award is the DVD and a match. He has a chance to win another prize ... a fabulous trip to Hawaii. Cue up the Bella Twins as the Barker Beauties wearing grass skirts to model the prize. Fink voice-overed the trip details for Jericho. Barker then told Jericho he's on his way to Hawaii if he defeats his opponent. Cue up MVP's theme music as the opponent tonight. MVP came out on stage and quickly shook hands with Barker before bouncing to the ring to face Jericho. PYB (3) 10:50.



Of note, Jericho beat MVP last week. Match billed as a return match. ... Jericho in red trunks. MVP in red Power Rangers gear. Arena with red lighting. Ring apron with "Raw" in red lettering. My eyes are burning. Jericho held the early advantage, but MVP ducked a clothesline against the ropes and Jericho tripped to the outside. MVP with slight control going to break with Jericho's trip to Hawaii on the line.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler settled things down to talk about the Breaking Point PPV on Sunday with Jericho's team vs. MVP's team for the tag titles. Jericho was in control slowing the pace down to methodically work over MVP. MVP made a full comeback at 8:20 by "quickening the pace" before nailing a clothesline. MVP with a cover, but only a two count. Even MVP's nose guard is red. Jericho then kicked MVP in the chest and hit a running bulldog. He wanted the Lionsault, but MVP moved and ran him over with a clothesline into a jaw breaker. MVP then set up the Ballin' elbow drop, but Jericho smartly countered into the Walls of Jericho center ring. Vocal minority hot for Jericho in control as MVP fought the hold. MVP countered into a small package, though, and Jericho kicked out just before two. Big heat for that.

Jericho then tried to charge MVP, but MVP smashed him with a big boot for another close call. MVP then teased the Playmaker, but Jericho escaped and whipped MVP into the corner. He tried the Codebreaker like last week, but MVP blocked and bridged Jericho into a pin for the win. Jericho, stunned, slapped the guardrail on the outside in frustration. MVP smiled at his good fortune picking up the win before the tag title match at Breaking Point. MVP looking strong on TV so you know MVP and Henry aren't winning on PPV.

WINNER: MVP at 11:02. Another great finish to a match that was stalling around 9:00. Jericho is so great at putting together a flurry at the end leading to the finish. Jericho teasing the Walls of Jericho and MVP escaping really built up the crowd. Related to building up the PPV, there was zero emphasis on the submission aspect of their match at Breaking Point and MVP doesn't even have a submission hold in his arsenal. I don't even know why they created a Submissions PPV when there is little emphasis on submissions in WWE. (**1/4)

Video package: They went back to last week for Dusty Rhodes hosting the show. After showing the Raw Rebound video replay of Dusty plotting a beat down on DX and John Cena before Orton gave Dusty an RKO at the end of the show, the announcers plugged John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes tonight.

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Undertaker video: He has risen. They showed clips of Undertaker's eighth return from the dead to chokeslam C.M. Punk and set up their Breaking Point match. Thankfully, they actually included clips of Taker using submission holds to sell the PPV on the theme.

Announcers: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talked up Bob Barker hosting Price is Raw. Cole keeps sounding like he's saying Price is Wrong.

Backstage: Kelly Kelly hosted an impromptu interview with Bob Barker to plug his new book with proceeds benefiting his foundation for having pets spayed and neutered. Shawn Michaels and Triple H then walked in. Hunter said Happy Gilmore is one of his favorite movies after Barker popped Adam Sandler. HBK wanted to know about getting Cody and Ted spayed or neutered. Barker said they have their chance on Sunday, but they need to spin the wheel. Kelly explained whoever comes up on the computerized wheel will be their opponents tonight. Michaels tongue-in-cheek said this is their livelihood on the line and they can't joke around with something serious. Barker had two words for them: Spin It.

Michaels hit the button and the computer wheel spun until they reached Chris Masters. Hunter groaned. "Even with the new hair plugs, it's a bad spin." Oh, Hunter. At least he didn't suggest Masters needs to get back on the juice. Hunter spun and it landed on Randy Orton. Michaels said they can make this work. Hunter joked they'll be back for the Showcase Showdown later. So, it's DX vs. Orton & Masters tonight.

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In-ring: Chavo Guerrero was in the ring. They showed Bob Barker on the video screen to show Chavo what he could win if he wins his match. Cue up a...NEW CAR! Curtain was pulled back to reveal a red Corvette that the Bella Twins modeled. Chavo did an Eddie Guerrero hand-on-the-wheel low-riding motion to show how excited he was for a chance to win it. His opponent...Evan Bourne to a very strong reaction from the kids and women. Bourne then came out to like his eighth new WWE theme music.


Chavo was in control early on trying to get the Corvette. Lawler reminisced about being the guy in the red Corvette and the girls went crazy for him when the other guys were in the gym working out trying to impress the girls. Bourne made a comeback as Lawler checked Cole on whether he's genuine in his excitement for Price is Right. Most things sound so manufactured coming from Cole that it was a valid query from Lawler. Back to the match where Bourne took Chavo up top and teased a huracanrana, but Chavo ducked and Bourne bounced butt-first off the top rope. Chavo then made a cover for a two count. On cue, Chavo channeled Eddie with the shoulder-shimmy before delivering one, two, and three Amigos suplexes. Not as much heat on him imitating Eddie. Too many new fans. Chavo then teased the Frog splash, but Hornswoggle slipped into the ring with a Super soaker. He sprayed Chavo, who then tried to beat him up, but Bourne snuck up behind Chavo and pinned him with a small package. Horny cost Chavo a new ride.

WINNER: Evan Bourne at 4:20. Bourne's credibility is completely shot, although audiences are just having so much fun with Bourne and Hornswoggle that they're just so willing to look past the idea that Bourne needed four minutes to win a match that would have taken Hornswoggle one minute. (1/2*)

Announcers: Cole and Lawler plugged the Submissions-only match-ups on the Breaking Point PPV.

Backstage: They showed John Cena slowly walking down the hallway. Cole said Cena is looking to take out his frustrations on Cody Rhodes tonight. The show-closing storyline from last week has been very loosely followed up without an appearance from Dusty Rhodes (as expected) or an appearance by Randy Orton thus far on the show.

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Ringside: Chicago White Sox players, led by A.J. Pierzynski, were shown ringside sporting Price is Right game show tags on their clothes to show who they were. One of the guys sold being poked in the eye. A.J. was a little too into it.

In-ring: Cody Rhodes came out and the announcers plugged DX vs. Legacy in a Submissions Count Anywhere match at the PPV. Cody took the mic and said he is very much a member of Legacy. Cody said he doesn't agree with what Orton did to his dad last week, but what's very clear is that Dusty didn't make him a main eventer. He said Randy Orton did. Cody said he could lie and say Dusty missed birthdays and graduations, but the truth is that Dusty was...is...an excellent father. Cody said his choice was family or career. When either Shawn Michaels or Triple H submits on Sunday, everyone will have proof about his choice, he said to a chorus of boos. Cody vowed to make John Cena tap out right now as a favor to Orton for Sunday. Cody said he can still hear it - "There's nothing a father wouldn't do for his son." Cody said it's now, "There is nothing this son wouldn't do...for his career." He let that sink in before handing over the mic to Lilian. And that apparently resolved last week's dilemma for Cody. John Cena's music then hit to a giant reaction. Cue up the kids and women camera shots. Lawler said there is nothing this man wouldn't do for his fans. Cole plugged Orton vs. Cena in I Quit at the PPV.


Cena held early control over Cody, who bailed to the outside to regroup. They cut to break 40 seconds into the match after the lengthy pre-match promo from Cody.

[Commercial Break]

ECW plug: They plugged Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Christian & Dreamer tomorrow night. ... Back live to Chicago, Cena was in control working over Cody. Cena nailed a running bulldog for a two count, then Cody retreated to the corner to buy a breather. Cena then landed a back body drop and Cody rolled back to the outside to grab a breather. Cena became frustrated with Cody's tactics, so he ran to the outside where Cody laid the trap to run him into the announce table.

[Q5 -- second hour]

Back in the ring, Cody seized his opening to begin attacking Cena. Hot crowd rallying behind Cena while also drowning out a few vocal "Cody, Cody" chants. Cody slowly, methodically began working over Cena in the corner. He tried a submission hold, but Cena blocked and wanted the STF, only to have Cody block and nail a Russian legsweep. Lawler said he cannot fathom under any circumstances saying I Quit on Sunday. Set up for a swerve on Sunday. ... Back to the action where Cody put Cena in a modified Camel Clutch that Cena escaped, only to be placed in an armbar submission. Cody didn't quite apply it Brent Albright style, but he blocked Cena's first attempt to escape. Cena teased tapping to build sympathy before he powered Cena up in the air. Cody blocked an FU, then missed with a dropkick.

Cena took a breather, then ducked a clothesline and hit a flying shoulder tackle into the blockbuster. Cena sold a shoulder injury, then went up top. Cena went for the top rope guillotine leg drop, but Cody avoided the move and went for the figure four. Cody tried to apply it, but Cena blocked and started twisting Cody's foot around to apply the STF. Suddenly, Randy Orton hit the ring and distracted Cena leading to the ref DQ'ing Cody. Orton then slithered right back out of the ring and Cena scooped up Cody to deliver an FU in center ring. Cena was officially announced as the winner while Orton stared at him from the entrance ramp. Cena smiled in Orton's direction as Orton did his evil look.

WINNER: Cena via DQ at 10:35. Expected finish to build up Cena vs. Orton for the PPV and save Cody from taking a "Miz" clean loss to Cena. Cody was given a lot of offense and credibility by avoiding Cena's typical offensive attack, similar to Cody and Ted avoiding DX's usual routine at Summerslam. Cody is being built like a star more than DiBiase right now. (**1/2)

Decade of Smackdown DVD plug: They showed a video package with highlights from ten years of Smackdown. John Cena's first program against Kurt Angle. The Rock. Ring collapse with Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show. Hulk Hogan in the red and yellow. First Smackdown following 9/11. Team 3D with a table spot. Edge & Christian.

[Commercial Break]

Next Monday: Batista is back. Random announcement. They showed a clip of Randy Orton and Legacy writing Batista off storylines a few months ago. They plugged a "career-altering announcement" for next week's show.


Price is Right: Howard Finkel re-introduced Bob Barker on stage for another round of Price is Right. IRS, Jillian, and Santino were still on contestants row. Barker needed another contestant. Fink was shown on camera for the first time to introduce A.J. Pierzynski as the next contestant. Still bitter about the 2005 World Series. Thanks. Mixed reaction for A.J., who hugged Santino and thanked Barker for being on the show. A.J. then shot the middle finger to the Cubs fans booing him. A.J. talked up WWE, but said he's a bigger Price is Right fan. Barker then asked for the next item up for bid. It's a WrestleMania 26 travel package. Cue up a WM26 video package. Floor level seat. Collectible chair. WWE wrestler autograph session. Tix to Hall of Fame and Axxess. And all of this is apparently taking place in a desert surrounded by cactus. A.J. bid $1,000 for the package. IRS doubled it at $2,000. Jillian sang out $5,000. Santino asked the audience, which screamed out all sorts of numbers. "What is twelve hundred American-style dollars." Now a Jeopardy reference.

Barker said the actual price is $1,240...and Santino wins! Barker told "Santinio" he won. Santino ran up stage for another game. Cue up a shot of a spa as the prize with the Bella Twins in bikinis in the hot tub. Santino then wanted to know from Roberto if they come with the spa. Barker said no. He then told Santino he's in a body slam challenge. Santino said it's a great competition and he looks forward to the challenge. He vowed to slam their body. Cue up Big Show's theme music and Santino's unibrow stood up with a deer in the headlights look. Santino sold it great. Show just laughed as he stepped into the ring.

4 -- BIG SHOW vs. SANTINO -- Bodyslam challenge

Show easily picked up Santino in the air and Santino shouted that he gives up. Show slammed him anyways to win.

WINNER: Big Show at 0:16. (n/a)

Post-match: Barker was confused on what happened. He kept asking for an official word from the ref, who was doing everything to signal the match was over, but Barker didn't get it. Ref finally put Show's hand in the air to move the segment along. Whoa, that was rough TV. Barker then announced a new body slam challenge opponent for Big Show...Mark Henry. Henry was not very smiley today, as he stomped out to the ring as they cut to break.

5 -- BIG SHOW vs. MARK HENRY -- Bodyslam challenge

Apparently the hot tub is still on the line. Henry knocked Show to the floor when they returned from break, then Show slowly walked back into the ring for the bodyslam challenge. Show teased a John Studd bodyslam a few times, but Henry clubbed him across the back to block. Show with a third tease. Henry with a tease. Show got one of Henry's legs in the air. Henry then summoned the strength of Lex Luger to slam Yokozuna, but Show blocked with a kick to the gut. Henry finally took all of Show's momentum into the air and scored a big bodyslam to score the win and apparently the hot tub. Henry sold a back injury, then MVP came to the ring to celebrate with Henry. Announcers said the stars are aligning for MVP and Henry to win the belts on Sunday. Apparently they're going to develop some magical submission holds over the next six days.

WINNER: I liked last week's match. I didn't like this week's. This dragged unmercifully. More signs pointing to Jericho and Show retaining on Sunday with the challengers looking strong on TV. (n/a)


Backstage: Josh Mathews sat down with Bob Barker to talk about Barker's game show hosting career. There were about ten copies of his new book with Price is Right memories and stories in the background. Barker was asked about the most infamous moment in Price is Right history. They showed a clip of a woman 20-25 years ago coming out of her tube top. Mathews asked Barker about anything getting too physical. They showed photos of contestants going nuts on Barker when they won contests. Mathews thanked Barker for his memories and hosting the show tonight.

[Commercial Break]

Next week: Trish Stratus is hosting Raw from Toronto. In-ring: Cole and Lawler were shown standing center ring breaking down the Breaking Point PPV line-up.

Backstage: Bob Barker was shown reading his book. He was talking to no one in particular. Santino then stormed in saying Bourne cheated him out of his car. Barker tried to calm him down that you win some, you lose some. Chavo said Barker trained for karate with Chuck Norris, right? Barker said that's correct. Old man Barker then stood up and punched Chavo in the gut before giving him a karate chop to the back. Chavo dropped to the ground and Barker said he's having so much fun tonight.

Backstage: The camera mysteriously showed Orton and Masters talking strategy off in the back. Orton was apparently telling him what's going down against DX. Masters, though, apparently had a stock tip he wanted to share that Orton didn't want to hear about. Orton wanted to talk about the WWE financial education seminar they went to. Masters just wanted to stick to basic mutual fund investments with long-term growth and strong dividend returns. Orton took exception that conservative investment strategy, saying he needs to look into ETFs with a high risk, high reward strategy. Masters had enough of it. The cameraman had enough of it too and they sent it to commercial.

[Commercial Break]

Announcers: Cole and Lawler plugged Barker's new book. "Quite a read," Cole said as robotically as possible. Thanks for the ringing endorsement, Cole.


In-ring: The DX theme music hit and out came Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Cole with more empty descriptions, this time for the "legendary" Triple H and the "controversial" Shawn Michaels. Once they hit the ring, Michaels took the mic, then ran circles around Hunter, who politely requested the mic once HBK ran out of steam. Hunter waited out the loud crowd cheers before Hunter declared he loves this city. He asked Chicago if they're ready, then finished the Michael Buffer routine. His pause this week was for Cody and Ted. "Because they are a great team. They are great partners (emphasis on partners)." Imagine that, Hunter with his weekly homophobic rhetoric. He continued: "They're like WWE's version of Siegfried and Roy. And boys, this Sunday, you're looking at the two white tigers who are going to be hanging off your jugulars." Hunter and HBK finished their routine, then Chris Masters came out to zero reaction. WWE champion Randy Orton came out last to finish the intros ten minutes before the top of the hour.

Notable absences from the show tonight: Divas match, any mention of the U.S. Title, and mid-card wrestlers in the U.S. Title picture. They'll be on Superstars in a tag match, but WWE apparently didn't have time to plug the D-show featuring the lost-in-the-shuffle mid-carders.


Bell sounded and Michaels started with Masters. Michaels got in one move, Masters rolled to the floor to regroup, and they went to break 35 seconds into the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back from break, Hunter was in control working over Orton. Hunter then teased the Pedigee, but Orton blocked and back dropped Hunter to the mat. Orton tried to follow with the RKO, but Hunter shoved him away and executed a suplex. He then delivered crotch chop into a knee drop for a two count. Michaels tagged in, but lost control for his team against Chris Masters. Masters vs. Michaels - flash back to that absurd program after Summerslam 2005. Orton tagged in and worked over Michaels, then Masters tagged back in. Heels tagged in and out leading to the top of the hour.

[Q9 -- over-run]

Orton slowly let Michaels get up, then he delivered a standing dropkick to knock Michaels right back down to the mat. Nice set-up for a nice move. Michaels finally escaped Orton's attack, then Hunter fired up the crowd asking for a tag. Masters tagged in, then Michaels kipped up and tagged in Hunter. Hunter ran over Masters, then ducked an errant clothesline and hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Orton then stalked Hunter, who eyed Orton back to his corner and dropped Masters with a spinebuster. Michaels then tagged in and dropped a top rope elbow on Masters. Michaels then tuned up the band, but Orton distracted him. Hunter took out Orton on the floor, but back in the ring, Masters ducked Sweet Chin Music and slapped on the Masterlock center ring. Michaels faded, but Hunter re-entered and broke up the hold. Michaels then stunned Masters with the superkick as chaos broke out. Michaels then put Masters in the figure four while Hunter put Orton in the Sharpshooter for no reason whatsoever. So inorganic. Why would they ever use a submission in that spot other than six days before a submissions PPV? Masters flopped around like a fish in the figure four, then tapped out to Michaels.

WINNERS: DX at 14:10. WWE's backwards booking on display trying to make the storylines fit the PPV concept instead of letting the storylines naturally flow into the PPV. Tag match was okay with Masters just there to bump around for DX, but not add much. (**) Post-match immediately picked up...

Post-match: Cody and Ted dragged Orton out of the ring to high-tail it out of there. DX followed and a brawl was on leading to backstage. Orton held back, though, and was suddenly the only man left standing. Everyone else disappeared, then Orton crawled onto the stage. He thought he was all alone as the announcers talked up his smartness. The camera cut backstage where DX was abusing Legacy. Fight spilled to the concourse where Ted and Cody were thrown across a table. Lawler said the fight could end up on the streets of Montreal on Sunday. Michaels then threw Cody through a door to the outside. He threw a security guard down, then Cody took a chair and teased smashing DX with it. They ran off, though, and stole some dude's car. Cody and Ted sped away, then DX caught their breath forced to wait until Sunday.

Back in the ring, Orton was all alone. Crowd booed when the camera focused on him. Orton said that was the look of disappointment on DX's faces. He said Legacy is going to make DX submit on Sunday. And in the main event, he said he's going to retain the WWE Title. He name-dropped John Cena and Cena's music hit. Cena slowly came out on stage sporting his John Deere baseball cap. Cena took it off, then stormed the ring. Cena and Orton brawled in the ring, then the fight spilled to the floor. Orton ate the announce table, but suddenly sprung on Cena with the horizontal Jake Roberts DDT to leave Cena implanted on the mat. Orton's IED kicked in, then he went to the floor and grabbed a chair. Kids and women screaming in horror as Orton teased a chair attack on Cena. Orton slowly picked up Cena, then his eyes bulged out of his head like an evil, demented individual. He teased the RKO and Cena didn't block it, leaving Cena out cold after taking an RKO into the chair. Orton paced around the ring before standing over Cena's fallen body to scream down at him that he will say I Quit on Sunday. The screams of the kids filled the air with Orton standing over Cena to close the show. Great intensity from Orton to close the show and try to sell the PPV on Sunday. Two straight weeks of great character display from Orton to close Raw.