Detroit, MIchigan
August 31, 2009

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WWE Raw opened with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcoming us to the home of WrestleMania 23. Not the building, but the city. They said Kofi Kingston's U.S. Title is in jeopardy tonight, as he's in a four-way match they ran on the house show circuit this weekend. Follow the house show trail... Kofi vs. Miz vs. Swagger vs. Carlito for the title.

In-ring: Lilian Garcia welcomed out Dusty Rhodes to guest host Raw. Dusty took his sweet time making his way down the entrance ramp. Cole and Lawler filled time as Dusty finally made it into the ring. Big reaction for Dusty once he hit the ring and his music stopped. Dusty referenced his Hall of Fame induction in Detroit a few years ago. He's proud of being inducted in a working town. Dusty with sooo many gig marks on his forehead. Just nasty. He referenced Cody Rhodes and understood the boos with him running around with the likes of Randy Orton. Dusty entering preacher promoland. He said he hopes he'll see the light. That he'll come back around. That he'll change - change! - his life around. Redemption for young Cody.

Dusty, deftly without segue, went to talking about Breaking Point. Dusty said Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title is taking place tonight. Just like Ted DiBiase booked Ted, Jr. vs. Orton on July 6. Except title is on the line tonight. Dusty said he'll be in Cody's corner. And the special referee tonight is John Cena. Dusty thought it was over, but...

Randy Orton's music hit and Dusty stood still. Huge reaction for Orton's music for a confrontation. Orton slowly made his way to the ring and said he should kick Dusty in the skull just like he did two years ago. Orton said there's no way Cody can hang with him in the ring. Dusty said his son is hungrier and more athletically gifted than Orton is. Orton wasn't so sure. Cue up Cody's theme music.

Cody Rhodes then came out and addressed Orton directly. He said this man happens to be his father. Cody said Dusty's legacy in this industry runs much deeper than his or mine. He said he would like to think they are friends, but this is a golden opportunity and he will not pass it up. Cody said he intends to become the youngest WWE champion in history, just like Orton did. He said it's not personal, just business. Orton paused to get this straight. He's facing Cody. Dusty's in the corner. Cena is the special referee. Big pop for the Cena name drop. Orton said the fix is obviously in. Dusty: "You betta believe it, Randy, the fix is in." Cue up the Raw theme music and Orton bailed to the outside abruptly. He looked over his shoulder at Cody, who smirked and looked back to pops. PYB (3) talk time: 9:45. JC: Really strong opening segment to set the stage for tonight. They got to the point (ahem, B-Day Party last week) after some intriguing conversation and put Orton in jeopardy for tonight.

Backstage: Referee told six divas assembled they're booked in a six-divas battle royal. Winner gets a title shot against Divas champion Mickie James. They took their orders and WWE cut to a break.

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ECW plug: Apparently tomorrow night's show will be the Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker match from WrestleMania 25. At least that's how ECW is being marketed. Perhaps it's the entire WM 25 that aired on Saturday, but the focus was Taker vs. HBK.


Our contestants are Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, Jillian Hall, Alicia Fox, and Kelly Kelly. Gail Kim seemed to be in jeopardy late as Jillian Hall taunted her, then tried to toss her over the top rope, but Gail skinned the cat. Gail then kicked Jillian and pulled off a nice spot of whipping Jillian over the top rope to eliminate her. Beth Phoenix snuck in the back door, though, and knocked Gail over the top rope to score the final elimination. Beth gets a shot at Mickie. And that's tonight. Three title matches on the show.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix at 4:10. Nice match-up later with Mickie vs. Beth. Good to see them re-starting a serious push for Beth after the ridiculousness of Beth-Santino(a) finally ended. (n/a)

In-ring: They cut right to Unified tag champion Chris Jericho coming to the ring for a match against MVP. Detroit crowd probably gets a promo from Jericho. They're so lucky. Cut to break with Jericho staring menacingly into the crowd.

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For those of you emailing, no I don't care about pre-season football even if my Texans are playing Wade Keller and Jason Powell's Vikings in Houston. Call me when the season starts.

In-ring: Jericho was still in the ring glaring toward the crowd. MVP then came out as Michael Cole tried to sell the audience on MVP's babyface persona.


2 -- Unified tag champion CHRIS JERICHO vs. MVP

Jericho very aggressive early on taking it to MVP. He landed a few headbutts before taunting MVP and landing boots to the head. He demanded to know where MVP's cheap-way-out brass knucks from Floyd Mayweather last week are. He has a point. Jericho slapped and played around with MVP, then MVP came back with an open hand slap. Forearm exchange went down, then MVP fired up a comeback. Jericho then blocked a move off the ropes and wanted the Walls of Jericho, but MVP shoved him away. Jericho missed with a clothesline, but ran into a Chono Boot for a two count. Good, believable nearfall after a very fast pace to this seemed to set up an early nearfall. Jericho avoided another Chono Boot, then dropkicked MVP off the apron to the floor. We have a two-segment match. Nice. MVP on the floor while Jericho checked his jaw back in the ring.

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Back from break, Lawler inserted a plug for Mayweather vs. Marquez on Sept. 19 in Las Vegas. Jericho then inserted a boot into MVP's face, then his gut. Jericho with a running bulldog to quiet things down and let the crowd settle down after getting excited for a comeback. Jericho then wanted a Lionsault, but MVP moved. Jericho was favoring his right knee a bit. He then called a spot for MVP to deliver the Ballin' elbow drop. MVP tried to follow with the Playmaker, but Jericho countered with Walls of Jericho. MVP countered with a small package, but Jericho kicked out just in time. Jericho the master of selling a nearfall ala the Rey Mysterio series. Jericho then nailed the codebreaker out of nowhere and scored the pin for the win.

WINNER: Jericho at 8:45. Really nice match. Jericho just makes everyone look like a million bucks in the ring. (**1/2)

Backstage: Dusty Rhodes was reading the WCW DVD liner notes. DX then walked in said they know how Dusty feels about his son. Triple H made fun of Dusty's lisp, then said Cody is a disgrace to his lineage. Dusty said he's just trying to set him on the right path and after he wins the belt tonight, he'll make sure DX has the first shot. Hunter and Michaels then argued like an old married couple about who should get the first shot. "Haven't you had enough shots lately?!" Michaels shot at Hunter. Ouch. They agreed to talk about it at home. DX figured out creative has nothing for them, then Michaels pulled out the WCW DVD for a shameless plug with ear-to-ear shameless grin for the camera. Dusty followed suit selling his DVD from a few years ago. Hunter tongue-in-cheek said they shouldn't pressure consumers to make a purchase, but should let the consumer decide on their own...to buy the new and improved DX DVD. All three held goofy smiles for the camera for a Five Second Pose. Michaels then broke the weirdness and tried to work the WCW DVD. Hunter reminded us Michaels isn't good with electronics. They agreed not to watch Raw because they already know what's going to happen. C'mon, cut creative a little break.

Backstage: Hornswoggle was sporting a Cowboy outfit. He's in a Texas bullrope match next. Oh dear. Thank goodness they're not in Cleveland tonight after the WCW DVD plug moments earlier.


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In-ring: Hornswoggle came out first sporting chaps, a leather jacket, and Cowboy hat for the Texas bullrope match. And it must continue...Chavo Guerrero came out sporting a Shawn Michaels circa 1995 cow skin outfit. Cole, Lawler, and Horny sold this as the funniest thing ever. Guerrero in a full body cow suit. Ref then remembered he had one more thing for Chavo. He pulled out a giant moo cow hat. Ref then did the full "hold up the WWE Title for all four corners" showing off the cow head. Chavo reluctantly put the cow head on to the delight of the crowd.

3 -- CHAVO GUERRERO vs. HORNSWOGGLE -- Texas bullrope match

I wonder what someone who has never seen wrestling or knows little about wrestling would think flipping over to Raw during a commercial break in the NFL game right now. Horny tried to tie up Chavo with the bullrope early on and ride him like a cowboy, but Chavo threw a boot in the air and connected with Hornswoggle's head. Chavo then took off the cow head and went up top. He wanted a frogsplash, but Evan Bourne ran to ringside to distract Chavo. Horny then yanked Chavo off the top rope with the rope and put the cow head on backwards. Horny followed by running circles around Chavo before tying him up to win the match. Cole pronounced with a deadpan voice: "Hornswoggle wins again." Chavo attacked Bourne post-match, but Bourne came back with a kick to the face on Chavo. Horny then hit a tadpole splash with the cow head on with Bourne's help. Some people in the crowd ate it up. Others looked sick to their stomachs. Bourne and Hornswoggle celebrated post-match and ...wait for it...stood tall in the ring to close the segment.

WINNER: Hornswoggle at 1:55. WWE wins. I admit it. They've broken my spirit because I've lost hope this is going to end. (n/a)

Backstage: Fun & Games is over with an Andre shot of Big Show walking down the hallway before his match against Mark Henry.

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[Q5 -- second hour]

ECW plug: William Regal is poised to take on Christian for the ECW Title. Generic plug for tomorrow night's show.

In-ring: Big Show came out first. He's also in a bad mood Floyd Mayweather cheated to put smiles on people's faces last week. Mark Henry then came out and the battle of giants was on.

4 -- Unified tag champion BIG SHOW vs. MARK HENRY

They started with a nice little shoving match. A stand-off. Nice star. This is the match Henry vs. Masters should have been on Superstars two weeks ago. Show wanted a test of strength and Henry obliged. Crowd buzzing for the battle of big men. Show sold being on the defensive, so he kneed Henry in the gut. Show tried a headbutt, but he sold beoming woozy. Henry then delivered a headbutt and Show dropped to one knee. Lawler channeled Gorilla Monsoon on what happens when Hulk Hogan meets Andre the Giant. Not sure which one is Hogan here. Show then flew off the ropes and speared Henry mid-ring that drew a gasp from the crowd. Nice spot. Henry then came back with a brickwall chest bump that knocked Show off his feet. He followed with the big splash, but Show escaped a pin attempt. Show then took off the top turnbuckle pad behind the ref's back. Ref Robison reprimanded him, then Henry charged and ate the expose steel. Ref DQ'ed Show, who followed with the Big Right Hand smash on Henry that KO'ed him. Show was pleased with his work and slowly left the ring. Announcers talked up Jericho and Show getting the upper hand this week after MVP and Henry had the upper hand last week.

WINNER: Henry via DQ at 5:15. I liked this match. It was a big man battle done right building up intrigue to see which big man would be off his feet first and ultimately last. Didn't get a conclusive finish to build intrigue for a future match-up. Nice set-up for the tag title match at Breaking Point too. Well done. (*1/2)

Backstage: Cody was lacing up his boots. Ted DiBiase, Jr. then walked up to him and asked if he's ready. Cody said he's ready for the spotlight just like Ted got when his dad was running the show. Randy Orton then walked up to him and made sure he wants to go through with this. Cody said he's ready and it's business, not personal. Orton said that's good because he's about business, nothing personal tonight. Orton let that sink in, then walked off. Cody sold deep thought. Orton has something up his sleeve.

Up next: U.S. Title four-way match.

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Backstage: DX and Dusty were watching the WCW DVD. They showed the clip of Hulk Hogan delivering the Finger Point of Doom on Kevin Nash. Hunter and Dusty talked about it being the end. Oh no, well before that point in time. Michaels said he never went down there, so what happened? Dusty said the man in charge, Big Sexy, was a good friend of DX. Hunter stuttered out a defense of Nash after Dusty pointed out all three of them are good buddies. Dusty then took us back to 1996 when WCW was winning the ratings battle. Michaels said that's because WCW was using all of the old WWE guys. Dusty reminded Michaels that he was on top in 1996 when WCW was kicking WWE's butt. Michaels sold a twitch re-thinking that period. Hunter defended Michaels that things took off in 1998 leading to WM14 with Michaels in the main event. Yay, that's it! (No name drop for Steve Austin.) Michaels said he went down with a back injury at that point and missed four years. Hunter rubbed his eyes knowing it's a sensitive subject. Hunter told Dusty that he's just trying to make a point...Michaels snapped and said he's not going to take this bashing. He stormed off, then Hunter said Michaels is still bitter about not being part of the Attitude era. Hunter took a shot at Marc Mero, who was outspoken against WWE during the Chris Benoit coverage. He asked who's idea it was to dress up a nobody like Mero as Little Ritchie. Dusty quietly said it was his idea. He suggested they go back to waching the DVD. Michaels suddenly stormed back in saying the Attitude era was his idea and his making. Everyone was rolling the dough while he was sitting at home doing nothing!

JC: Segments are just hyping the DVD with a few tongue-in-cheek statements trying to capture 20+ years of history and six years of Attitude era history. WWE audiences are being educated with shady Cliff Notes, but they should know not to take DX seriously anyways.


In-ring: The four participants in the U.S. Title four-way match came out.

5 -- U.S. champion KOFI KINGSTON vs. JACK SWAGGER vs. CARLITO vs. THE MIZ -- U.S. Title match

First pin or submission wins. Bell sounded and Miz bailed to the floor waiting to pick his spot to get back in the ring. Miz thought he had a chance on Kofi, but Kofi cut him off. Kofi then cleared Miz to the outside and dumped Carlito onto Swagger on the outside. Kofi then landed a leap-over-the-top-rope splash onto the three heels. Kofi in control cutting to break.

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Back from break, Swagger had Kofi in a submission hold. Miz was slowly moving around on the floor looking for his opportunity. Carlito snuck in, though, and landed a missile dropkick on Miz for a two count that Kofi broke up. Carlito, angered, blasted Kofi with right hand blows. Kofi came back with a top rope dropkick on Miz and Carlito, then Swagger chucked Kofi into the ringpost. Swagger then measured Miz for a running Vader Bomb, but Miz got his knees up to block. Kofi then stacked up Swagger and Carlito for a double Boom Boom leg drop, but Miz broke up the pin. Here's a flurry of a finish: Swagger wanted the gutwrench on Carlito, but Miz dropped Swagger with the Skullcrushing Finale from behind. Carlito then immediately nailed Miz with the backstabber. Kofi with the final word, though, as he blasted Carlito with the Trouble in Paradise kick on Carlito for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston at 8:30 to retain the U.S. Title. Very nice flurry at the end. Good energy with a sense of urgency from all four men to score the win. WWE put the right focus on the mid-card division, but they still aren't putting any focus on an individual feud that could really mean something and command a higher place on a PPV.

Main event: Orton vs. Rhodes for the WWE Title with John Cena as special ref.

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In-ring: Beth Phoenix was taking deep breaths psyching herself up for her Divas Title match after winning the battle royal earlier.

6 -- Divas champion MICKIE JAMES vs. BETH PHOENIX -- Divas Title match

Typical start to the match with Beth on the offensive dominating to build up Mickie's comeback. Beth cut off Mickie's first comeback with a smashing kick strike, then the action moved to the floor after Beth blocked the trademark Mickie top rope head scissors. Beth then smashed Mickie into the ring steps and took her back into the ring for a nearfall. Beth couldn't finish off Mickie, then Mickie hit a Chick Kick and dropped Beth on her head with a Mickie DDT. Beth sold it as if she was paralyzed sitting upright. Mickie then shoved her to the mat and scored the pin for the win.

WINNER: Mickie at 4:55 to retain the Divas Title. Nice, high-energy match with five minutes of dedicated TV time to a singles divas match. (*1/2)

Backstage: DX back with Dusty Rhodes. Hunter called Michaels psycho boy for not being able to contain his anger. Dusty talked about War Games, Sting, and Magnum TA. Hunter said the one thing not in the DVD was WCW's greatest moment ever. ... The Shockmaster. Michaels sold not knowing it. Hunter: "You've never seen the Shockmaster?! Oh my goodness." Hunter then re-lived the whole deal of "a big fat guy" dressed up and crashing through a wall. Suddenly, a deep voice came on saying Triple H and then Shawn Michaels's names. Suddenly, there was a wall next to them. Suddenly, there was a weak explosion and Shockmaster came crashing through the make-believe wall. Helmet dropped, then Shockmaster pointed his finger at non-reactional Hunter an Michaels. He repeated the lines from WCW. Soooo not authentic without British Bulldog cussing off camera or Sid Justice selling shock and trying not to bust up laughing. Hunter no-sold, then pointed off camera where the Ole Anderson voice was coming from. It was Arn Anderson reading a script off to the side. He was caught red-handed, then dropped his script and ran away. "It shoulda worked!!" Dusty shouted. DX left, then Shockmaster took off the helmet... it was Santino with a bunch of pillows to make a big giant gut. "I ah loved the ah Shockmaster!" Santino said. Dusty shook his head.

JC: Can you imagine 20 years from now when the next big promotion does a "Rise & Fall of WWE DVD" and reduces WWE's entire history down to one stupid moment like Mae Young giving birth to a hand or Hunter with Katie Vick?


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Backstage: Josh Mathews brought in John Cena for an interview. John Cena screamed to Tweet our friends and message our friends on Facebook. Moving along... It's going to be a big one tonight. He turned his attention to the title match tonight. Cena said he won't just let Cody Rhodes win the title tonight. He's going to make him earn it. Cena with another "Fire up the fanbase" promo that he will...not...quit at Breaking Point against the champion. Cena repeated over and over "I...will...not...quit." Cena guaranteed victory at Breaking Point to become the new champion.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler hyped the Breaking Point PPV line-up. Cole said it could be...wait for it...the breaking point for Legacy tonight before they even get to the PPV.

In-ring: WWE champion Randy Orton came to the ring first for the title match main event. They cut backstage to show Dusty giving Cody a pep talk before the title match. One more shot of Orton in the ring before they cut to break.

ECW plug: Another look at Michaels vs. Undertaker.

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Next week: Bob Barker hosts Raw. Cue up Jerry Lawler with as many Price is Right jokes as possible.

In-ring: Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes came out for the title match. Wonder if the Fingerpoke of Doom was foreshadowing. John Cena's music then hit to bring out the champ as special ref. Before the bell sounded, Cena checked both men for illegal weapons. Orton wasn't too fond of being checked that closely.

[Q9 -- over-run]

7 -- WWE champion RANDY ORTON vs. CODY RHODES -- WWE Title match -- John Cena special referee

Before the match started, Dusty took the mic and said there's nothing a father would do for his son. Suddenly, Orton and Cody jumped Cena. Dusty watched as Ted DiBiase then stormed the ring and took out Cena. Suddenly, DX's music hit and Michaels and Hunter stormed the ring. Hunter teased the Pedigree on Cody, but Dusty took his boot to Hunter's head. Legacy beat down Michaels, then Cody gave him Cross Rhodes in center ring. Heat was off the chars for this. Orton shook like the great evil character he is, then he put another boot to Cena's head. Dusty stood tall with Rhodes, DiBiase, and Orton and they did a curtain call to big heat.

Dusty and Cody hugged, then Orton suddenly gave Dusty the RKO. Cody seethed and yelled at Orton. "Why, man, why?!" Cody thought it over as Orton turned and shot him this evil look. Cody fought the urge to fight for his dad or fall in line with Orton. Crowd yelled at Cody to do something. Credits came on as Cody stood next to Dusty's boot. Orton's mind control was taking over Cody as he thought things over. Crowd was chanting as the hard cam pulled away to reveal chaos in the ring with DiBiase in one corner and Orton standing across the ring from a contemplative Cody to close the show.

WINNER: No match occurred. Deal had some gap holes in logic. Apparently Dusty was fighting for the honor of WCW by taking out DX, who ripped the promotion all throughout the show. Shockmaster was the straw that broke the camel's back apparently. That aside, what an awesome, intense conclusion to the show. Flash back to the Raw before the Royal Rumble when Orton was red-hot as a heel. Orton's mind games over Cody Rhodes to prevent him from defending his dad after Orton made it "business, nothing personal," was great. This was Orton in his element as a top, credible heel. The whole bit made Cena look like a chump, though, for not being able to see through the plot. This after he was given 18 chances to win the WWE Title at Summerslam. WWE is giving him the Teflon treatment where they figure he can look silly every week and audiences will still go nuts for him and back him. At the end of the day, though, Legacy looked good with a beat down on the top babyfaces and Orton looked like that pre-Rumble monster he needs to be in order to be an effective heel champion.