Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September 14, 2009

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WWE Raw opened with a video package from Breaking Point when John Cena refused to quit despite all of the torture Randy Orton put him through. They showed Cena hoisting up the WWE Title belt last night as the new champion.

After the regular Raw intro aired, Lilian Garcia introduced Batista for his big return. Batista was still sporting the giant Barry Bonds arm brace over his left arm. He did some deep breaths to sell a big announcement. After a video package aired on the storyline write-off from the spring, Jerry Lawler said there have been numerous rumors flying around about this announcement. Batista, sporting sunglasses to cover his eyes, said he wants to say thank you to everyone who has supported him before he makes his announcement. Pause. Batista said it's been a rough year for him. He said he's come back to...say good-bye. Batista paused, waited out a "Batista" chant, then said there's been rumors about his health for a while.

Randy Orton's music interrupted much to the chagrin of Jerry Lawler, who assumed Orton was out here to ruin Batista's announcement. Why couldn't he have a change of heart and be out here for a Sting to A.J. Styles heart-to-heart and provide a shoulder to cry on? Orton slowly made his way to the ring and slowly opened by saying he is not very happy ... about losing the WWE Title last night. He said what cheers him up...the fact that Dave is retiring. So, this is how the Big Bad Animal goes out? He said nobody cares about the big farewell speech. Orton asked him why he waited so long to retire. Orton said it's because of him. He put him on the shelf, after all. Orton told Dave to hang his head and cry. Batista was selling a lot of emotion with his head down. He was half-laughing, half-crying. "You think it's funny I ruined your life?"

Batista said there's two things really funny to him right now. One, Orton is very predictable. Two, Batista removed his Barry Bonds cast and blasted Orton with a big powerslam, then a running clothesline that took Orton out of the ring. Lawler said Batista suckered Orton out to the ring. Batista said he's not here to announce his retirement, but that he's going to Smackdown. Orton was like, "what?" The return of the Batista Formula match on Friday nights. Batista said he talked to the guest host tonight and she guaranteed him one more match on Raw. He said it's No Holds Barred vs. Orton tonight. Orton freaked out on the outside, then Batista did his Ultimate Warrior celebration. PYB (3): 7:20.

Plug: Announcers hyped Shawn Michaels vs. Ted DiBiase later tonight.

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In-ring: Lilian Garcia was in the ring to introduce the Raw Diva of the Decade and tonight's guest host, Trish Stratus. Trish came out on stage in front of her hometown to talk about the guest hosting gig. She said Bob Barker made a good guest host last week, which drew mainly cheers. Trish said this isn't the Price is Right, though. It's Raw. And she knows Raw. She has Batista vs. Orton, but Orton is owed a re-match. She put some thought into it and came up with something. Trish slowly dragged out the expected: Orton vs. Cena re-match in Hell in a Cell. She then decided to get some wrestling going.

In-ring: U.S. champion Kofi Kingston came out first for a tag match. Primo was out next as his partner. Apparently they're still not going to develop any singles programs involving the mid-card wrestlers. Jack Swagger then came out first for the heels. He took his time coming to the ring before The Miz came out as his tag partner. Michael Cole sold this as a "return match" from Superstars. Good save from this being a "repeat match."


Announcers said Miz is not happy today after being so close to winning the U.S. Title from Kofi last night at the PPV. Heels worked over Primo, then Swagger lost control and Kofi came in hot. Kofi then dropkicked Swagger into Miz to bump him off the apron. Kofi then slammed Swagger with his back sweep for a two count. Miz then picked up the U.S. Title belt and started to walk away with it, which distracted Kofi. Swagger capitalized with a gutwrench powerbomb on Kofi for the pin and the win. Miz just kept on walking with the title belt and left with possession as Kofi freaked out in the ring. We'll see if they actually follow up on this development tonight or forget about it until next week.

WINNERS: Miz & Swagger at 2:58. Too short of a match to really give these four enough focus. Hopefully there's more on the show, as it's merited based on the lack of TV time and Miz stealing the belt. (*)

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In-ring: Divas champion Mickie James skipped out to the ring dressed not to wrestle. Apparently she's not fully recovered from her recent implant mishap. Mickie was on commentary for a contenders match between Gail Kim, who came out to a strong hometown reaction, and Alicia Fox.

2 -- GAIL KIM vs. ALICIA FOX -- #1 contender match to Divas Title

Action quickly moved to the floor, then Alicia went to work on Gail in the ring. Gail fought back and went up top for a top rope splash that seemed to be the three count, but Alicia kicked out, which drew a stunned reaction from Mickie ringside. Alicia then avoided another top rope attempt - this time a trademark missile dropkick. Alicia followed right up with a kick to the face that led to the three count for the win. Afterward, Alicia looked down to Mickie and talked some trash to Mickie to set up their future title match.

WINNER: Alicia at 3:10 to become #1 contender. WWE obviously has faith in Alicia to be in the mix of top female wrestlers on the Raw brand. Or, they just want to incorporate someone new into the mix to challenge Mickie for the title in a short-term feud. Gail continues to just be a bit player in the division. (*)

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Announcers: Cole and Lawler plugged Batista vs. Orton in a No Holds Barred match tonight. They talked up their Evolution history before taking us back to late 2008. Hey, look, there's Manu. They showed Orton using him...as a battering ram to deliver the RKO and The Punt on Batista to put him on the shelf. They avoided showing John Cena in the mix so this didn't seem like a total repeat.

Backstage: Trish Stratus lit a candle, then Beth Phoenix walked in and wanted to know how Trish could make a #1 contender match without her involved. Chris Jericho interrupted and told Beth not to let Trish talk about herself because it's only a two-hour show. They alluded to their WM20 program where Christian and Jericho bet a Canadian penny on who could score Trish. Beth then talked trash to Trish and defended Jericho. Beth said Jericho didn't run away and hide when some new competition came around to open up a yoga studio in a second-rate country. (Boos from the live crowd.) Trish smiled and said she didn't even know who Beth was when she retired. Nice comeback. She then booked herself in a tag match against Jericho and Beth for tonight. She's going to find herself a partner. Beth walked off, then Jericho closed with a parting shot that he'll take on Bob Barker anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Such a great "tough guy" heel.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler narrated clips of DX vs. Legacy at Breaking Point last night. WWE showed still shots of the brawl through the arena match. They said Shawn Michaels tapped out for the first time. Um...no. Lawler gave Ted and Cody their due that they won the match. ... Backstage: Cody and Ted had big grins on their faces as they walked down the hallway. Ted vs. Shawn up next.


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Decade of Smackdown DVD: The DVD video package opened with a clip of Eddie Guerrero as World champion. Hogan & Edge as tag champs. Lesnar vs. Big Show ring collapse. The Rock. Eric Bischoff as the pastor for the Billy & Chuck wedding. Steve Austin driving motorized vehicles. John Cena with hair vs. Kurt Angle. DVD out tomorrow.

In-ring: Ted DiBiase came out first with Cody Rhodes for a lengthy intro while the announcers talked up their victory last night. Cody and Ted took the mics. Cody asked the crowd...Are you ready? Where's the fake big nose? Cody then asked the crowd if they're ready to welcome a new era in WWE. He said the truth is they didn't just beat DX, they made them submit. Cody said they made DX tap out. He lightly tapped a top turnbuckle to emphasize the point. Cody said The Rock, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The McMahons, and ...dare he say... Edge & Randy never made DX tap out. Cody said Legacy is the only group to make them tap.

Ted picked up that what they did last night was historic. He said they may have shocked the world, what they accomplished did not surprise them one bit. Ted said they were who they said they were. And they didn't let them off the hook! Camera focused on a big dry blood spot on DiBiase's ear. That's going to be cauliflowered. Cody then said they will no longer be known as the sons of DiBiase and Rhodes. They are their own legacy now. Cue up their music. Backstage, they cut to Shawn and Hunter watching the promo on a monitor. Michaels wiped his mouth in frustration. Hunter was serious too. They started walking down the hallway with Michaels leading the way for the singles match up next. WWE doing a nice job getting as much mileage as possible out of the victory thus far.

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In-ring: Cody and Ted stood firm in the ring, then DX's music hit. Shawn and Hunter sternly walked to the ring. No shenanigans. No funny business. Ready for a fight.

3 -- TED DIBIASE, JR. (w/Cody Rhodes) vs. SHAWN MICHAELS (w/Triple H)

Bell sounded and Ted took the fight right to Michaels with hard right hand blows. Michaels then blasted DiBiase with a knee lift that seemed to shake up both men temporarily. Michaels then hit a swinging neckbreaker and sold an eye injury. Michaels was also selling a back injury from taking the figure four around the ringpost. Crowd picked up a "You screwed Bret" chant as Ted worked over Michaels. DiBiase with a high back-body drop going to the top of the hour.

[Q5 -- second hour]

DiBiase knocked Michaels to the outside, then Hunter backed down Cody on the outside to prevent extracurricular activity. Cody just kept tapping the ringpost to remind Michaels of his tap out last night. DiBiase then suplexed Michaels back into the ring. He kept working over Michaels as the announcers talked about Legacy backing up their words last night. Strong emphasis on Legacy thus far. Michaels then escaped a chinlock and teased a figure four, which the audience booed because it looked like a sharpshooter, but DiBiase broke free. Michaels then slapped on his figure four, but DiBiase broke free with an eye-rake. DiBiase then went on the attack with straight right hands. Michaels sold eye damage, which prompted Cole to talk briefly about Michaels's history of eye problems. Wow, an HBK vs. Jericho feud reference from 2008. Nice historical reference. DiBiase then slapped on the Million Dollar Dream center ring, but Michaels flung him away to the corner.

After a pause for both men to recover, DiBiase kicked Michaels in the gut and wanted a piledriver, but Michaels back dropped DiBiase clear over the top rope to the floor. Cody shouted encouragement to DiBiase as Hunter chased him down. Hunter and DiBiase exchanged words, then Michaels dropped DiBiase with two atomic drops. Michaels landed a flying forearm smash, then he kipped up to his feet still selling the eye injury. Michaels landed a flurry of right hands, then he went up top. Michaels sold losing his balance, but landed the top rope elbow smash on DiBiase. Michaels then went to the corner to set up the Sweet Chin Music, but Cody tripped Michaels from behind to cause a DQ.

Post-match: Hunter then chased down Cody and blasted him into the ring steps and announce table. And the fight was on again. Michaels and DiBiase took their fight to the floor, too. And then into the stands. Cody got an upperhand on Hunter momentarily ringside as Michaels beat the crap out of DiBiase on the seventh row. Hunter then regained control and made it look like he smashed Cody head-first into the announce table several times. Hunter then took Cody to the front row and then to the production area. A cameraman back ringside was taken out as Hunter ran Cody back over the guardrail. They cut to break when the "feed was cut out" when the cameraman was taken out.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels via DQ at 9:03. Very good TV match-up leading to a hot post-match angle to keep the feud going. Announcers really emphasized Legacy's victory at the PPV and Michael Cole deserves some props for the history reference with Michaels's eye. Good feud going right now. (**1/2)

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Announcers: Cole and Lawler plugged Batista vs. Orton and Trish & ??? vs. Jericho & Beth coming back from break. They then talked about the post-match to HBK vs. DiBiase that didn't end. After a video replayed showed what happened, announcers said the four men were separated during the break. Cole and Lawler were shown on-camera to say this feud is going to go on for a while if Legacy is determined to take DX out of WWE.

In-ring: Hornswoggle came out to the ring for a tag match with Evan Bourne joining him on stage. They showed a Price is Raw replay from last week when Chavo Guerrero lost out his chance at the shiny red Corvette thanks to Horny's interference. Chavo then came out on stage along with Carlito, who is now being managed by Rosa Mendes. Carlito's frustration with not being on the Breaking Point PPV has apparently landed him in the middle of the feud that won't end. Cole even reminded us of how many times Horny vs. Chavo has happened on TV lately.


Announcers speculated on who Trish will pick as her partner. History would indicate John Cena, who she picked last December when she was on the show vs. Beth and Santino. Anyways, Chavo and Carlito worked over Bourne early on. Bourne then fought back on both men before putting Chavo in the corner. Horny was tagged in and he went up top, but Chavo woke up and grabbed Horny. Horny had a back-up plan, though, by spitting Carlito's apple in Chavo's face. Chavo fell down to the mat and Hornswoggle came off the top with a tadpole splash for the pin and the win. Lawler said Chavo needs to find another feud. Anybody but Hornswoggle, he said.

WINNERS: Bourne & Hornswoggle at 3:58. Lawler said it best. Let's move on from the coyote chasing the roadrunner. The coyote never wins. (1/2*)

Post-match: Chavo took the mic and shouted, "What do I have to do?!" Chavo said he gives up. Hornswoggle wins. Horny celebrated on stage with Bourne. Chavo then dropped the mic and rubbed his head in frustration. Cole dryly said: "Chavo admitting defeat...to a leprechaun."

Video package: They took us back to the Extreme Rules PPV in June when Randy Orton and Batista fought in a steel cage match with Batista winning the WWE Title. Tonight, it's Orton vs. Batista again.

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Smackdown plug: They went to a video from Breaking Point when The Undertaker won the World Title...but Hell's Gate is banned. They showed Teddy Long re-starting the match and Taker "tapping out" in the "most controversial ending in World Hvt. Title history." Voice-over man told us to check out SD to see what happens next.

Backstage: Josh Mathews brought in new WWE champion John Cena to ask him how he withstood all of that torture from Randy Orton last night. Cena said Orton talked for so long about how the WWE Title is his life. He said last night, in the first sign of jeopardy for Orton, he literally gave it away. Cena gave a promise before BP that he will not quit. And at Breaking Point, there were many times where he wanted to give up. He said his body was wrecked. Pain was immeasurable. Every time he said no, he knew there would be more pain and suffering. Cena said he gave the folks his word and he kept it. Whole storyline seems like Jesus Christ sacrificing himself on the cross faced with unspeakable torture. ... Cena said they have a re-match at Hell in a Cell. And if you thought there was punishment at BP, there will be a different side at HIAC. He said he will be more brutal, more savage, and Randy Orton will be the luckiest man on the earth if he makes it out in one piece. His voice escalated. He then lifted up his title belt and said The Champ Is Here. Great promo from Cena, who really knows how to measure his words and intensify when needed. Removing the corny poopy jokes has done wonders for him.


Announcers: Cole and Lawler had breaking news. Cole announced DX vs. Legacy in a Hell in a Cell match to "settle things once and for all."

In-ring: Tonight's guest host Trish Stratus came out first for the mixed tag match. They paused for Trish to get her cheers, then MVP came out as her partner. That was my second guess behind Cena to continue the Unified tag title feud. MVP bounced out to the ring in his new sleeveless Power Rangers suit to join Trish. MVP did his ballin' motion as they cut to break.

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In-ring: MVP and Trish were talking about dinner plans coming out of the break. Chris Jericho then came out alone for the heel mixed tandem. MVP smiled down at Jericho, who confidently strolled to the ring without a care in the world. Beth Phoenix then came out hailing from just across the border in Buffalo, N.Y. Cole said it's like playing SD vs. Raw 2009 with a match-up of a legend vs. a new star between Trish and Beth.

5 -- MVP & TRISH STRATUS vs. Unified tag champion CHRIS JERICHO & BETH PHOENIX

Divas started things off, then Jericho got involved and the action intensified with a fight breaking out all over the ring. Big Show then ran down and attacked MVP. Crowd roared as Mark Henry then ran down to ringside and knocked around Big Show. Jericho, Show, and Beth then retreated to the entrance ramp. Trish and MVP were announced as the winners via DQ.

WINNERS: Trish & MVP at 1:30. To the follow-up... (n/a)

Post-match: Trish took the mic and said this is her town and her show. It ain't ending like this. She booked a six-person tag match for right now. That was a much better promo than the three minutes earlier in the show when she seemed to be a little off.

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Action was joined in progress with Show working over MVP. Jericho then tagged in and worked over MVP. Announcers plugged Batista vs. Orton later tonight and said Batista is going to Smackdown "for some competition." Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Raw brand. Anyways, MVP fought back on Jericho, but Jericho cut him off with a clothesline. Jericho then kicked Henry off the apron to prevent a tag before dragging MVP back to the heel corner. MVP then made a comeback so Jericho tagged in Beth, who told MVP to deal with her. She doesn't want Trish. Beth shoved MVP, then tried a kick, but MVP grabbed her by the foot and brought in Trish, who excitedly took the tag and cleaned house on Beth. Male action spilled to the outside, then Trish suddenly warmed up a dive to the outside, but Big Show tripped her from the outside. Henry then smashed Show on the floor and both men fell hard to the floor. Back in the ring, Beth tried to sneak in a pin on Trish, but Trish kicked out just before three to a big reaction. Trish then wanted her vintage handstand flip out of the corner and connected. (Lawler dropped "vintage" and Cole paused to tell Lawler thanks for taking care of it.) Trish then followed with her Stratusfaction facebuster on Beth for the pin and the win. Babyface trio took their bow to give Trish a "feel good" victory in front of the hometown.

WINNERS: Trish & MVP & Henry at 5:03. Good, high-energy six-person TV tag match. Crowd was into the non-stop action which continued the Jericho & Show vs. Henry & MVP feud. They'll probably put it on PPV again to follow the pattern of Orton vs. Cena and DX vs. Legacy re-matches. (**)

Video replay: They went back to Raw in June for Randy Orton and Legacy to take out Batista and give him the storyline write-off injury.

Backstage: They showed Batista walking down the hallway as Trish Stratus's music continued to play in the background. The Raw theme then mixed in to create a new dance beat. They should try that more often.

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ECW plug: Tommy Dreamer & ECW champ Christian vs. Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson again tomorrow night. ... Announcers: Cole and Lawler plugged Cedric the Entertainer hosting Raw next week.

In-ring: Randy Orton came to the ring first for the TV main event. They showed the opening segment with Batista pulled a trick on Orton, who sold frustration standing in the ring before Batista's music hit. Batista then came out and did his machine gun entrance while pointing to his arm to say he's all good. Batista's entrance pushed the show to the top of the third hour, so you know this isn't going long for Batista's return match.

[Q9 -- over-run]

6 -- BATISTA vs. RANDY ORTON -- No Holds Barred

Announcers said Batista will be on Raw this Monday. Bell sounded and Orton went to the floor looking for a chair. Batista chased him down, though, only to be set up for the Jake Roberts horizontal DDT. Batista avoided it, though, and landed trademark shoulder thrusts in the corner. Batista landed a clothesline and Orton went back under the ring, but Batista clotheslined him to the floor. Back in the ring, Orton dropped Batista with his fallaway backbreaker before going to work on Batista's arm with the Orton Stomp. Orton tried to bring a chair into the proceedings, but Batista dropped him with a spear mid-ring. Orton again rolled to the floor and Batista followed up by chucking him across the announce table. Batista slowly brought Orton back into the ring and Orton teased the RKO, but Batista flung him away. Orton then went to the floor and stared to walk away, but John Cena's music hit. Cena had Orton trapped, then Cena clotheslined Orton down to the ground. Apparently No Holds Barred also means No DQ. Cena then tossed Orton back into the ring where Batista delivered a spinebuster. Batista did the Thumbs up, Thumbs down before putting Orton in position to deliver the Batistabomb. Batista then made the cover for the win. Cole gave a warning to the Smackdown locker room to look out for Batista before adding that Orton's downward spiral continues. They replayed the finish and showed Batista celebrating in the ring to close the show.

WINNER: Batista at 5:01. Formula gimmick match between Batista and Orton. This week, Orton was back to that familiar position of not having much credibility being duped by Batista at the beginning and taking the loss in the main event. It's been a PPV-to-PPV see-saw with his character lately. When he gets too hot, WWE cools him down just a little bit to even things out. Now the question is where Batista fits in on the Smackdown brand. (*1/4)