Buffalo, New York
October 26, 2009

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Big Show and Chris Jericho came out to the ring with the Trophy from last night. Big Show said it didn’t matter what he did last night, he was a proud member of Raw. Jericho said he didn’t need to explain it to ‘these people’. He said he understood that Big Show did it because their friendship was more important. Show said he had something to say, but Jericho cut him off and thanked him more. Jericho kept on going while Big Show couldn’t get a word in edge-wise. Show said what he did he did for him. He said there’s one thing that was more important to him than anything else and that was his career. He said he could be on both shows and he struck a deal. He said because Smackdown won Bragging Rights, he won himself a title shot against the Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jericho was upset and said nothing got approved by him. They bickered back and forth before they were interrupted by two NASCARS blowing doughnuts in the parking garage before they drove into the arena. Kyle Bush and Joey Lagano got out of their cars and made their way to the ring as the Bella Twins escorted to them to the ring. The two got on the mic and expressed their displeasure at what happened last night. Bush seemed to play heel and he congratulated Big Show. He said Joey was young and dumb and obviously didn’t know anything about championships. Joey fired back and the two went back and forth. Big Show would have to face Triple H tonight and Kofi Kingston will face Chris Jericho. The two really struggled to deliver their lines.. Kofi Kingston is now ‘Kofi Johnston’. Yikes. Great from a content point of view, but these two couldn’t deliver it.


Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston

The two circled it up before Jericho bailed to the outside quick and stalled some. Jericho attempted a low-blow, only to whip Kofi to the corner. Jericho tried a splash in the corner but ate some boots to the grill and a drop kick for a two count.

Kofi grabbed an arm bar and dropped a big knee across Jericho’s arm but Jericho was able to get to the ropes. He tossed aw thumb in Kofi’s eyes before choking him out on the second rope. Jericho got a little lazy and almost got pinned with a small package before immediately kicking out and responding with a kick to the ribs. He slapped on a side headlock while Kofi tried to milk the crowd.

Kofi fought out of the headlock and the two cris crossed until Kofi hit a back leg kick that sent Jericho reeling to the outside. Kofi hit a tope to the outside before bringing Jericho back into the ring and hitting a series of mounted punches in the corner. Jericho countered the spot with a desperation power bomb that left both laid out on the mat.
Kofi fought to his feet only to eat a drop kick out on the apron that sent him clattering to the floor.


Jericho continued to work over Kingston, hitting a sling shot into the bottom rope before slapping on a cross face. Kingston fought out only to eat a big back elbow that ended with him kicking out of a two count. Jericho kept talking smack, kicking him around and slapping him in the corner. The two exchanged strikes moving out of the corner and it moved into Jericho’s whip/bulldog combo, only for Kofi to fling Jericho into the corner on the bulldog attempt.

Kofi came back with two drop kicks and went for the boom drop, and connected, only for Jericho to attempt the Walls of Jericho. Kofi powered out only for Jericho to hit an enzeguri and snag another near fall. Jericho whipped Kofi to the buckles, only for Kofi to counter with some knees to the face. Kofi went to the top buckles only for Jericho to cut him off. The two fought back and forth on the top rope before Kofi tossed him off hard way. He hit a big cross body only for Jericho to roll through for a great near fall.

Kofi hit a side-Russian leg sweep. He went for Trouble in Paradise only for Jericho to counter with the Walls of Jericho. Kofi hit a great small package counter for a two and walked straight into a code breaker. Jericho went for the cover, but Kingston kicked out. Jericho thought he had won, and argued with the ref only to charge back at Kofi and eat a big Trouble in Paradise. Kofi made the cover for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston via pin fall

After the match Kofi celebrated on his way up the ramp before Randy Orton jumped out and threw him to the floor. Looks like Randy-Kofi.


Josh Matthews asked Randy Orton why he jumped Kofi. He said Kofi stuck his nose in where it didn’t belong. He said he was pursuing justice. Cody and Ted showed up to give him a gift as a symbol of their gratitude and showed him a NASCAR with his image on it. Orton said the car was incredible. Ted said they had had their issues lately, but this was to mend the bridges. They said that wasn’t their only surprise. They had something regarding John Cena and the WWE Championship later. Orton was transfixed on the car.

Bush and Lagano are with Eve Torres in the back. Jack Swagger walked in to lobby for a WWE title shot. The Miz interrupted and said since he was the only person from the Raw brand who won last night so he should get the shot.
Santino and Melina are walking to the ring.


Chavo Guererro & Jillian Hall vs. Santino Marella & Melina

Santino whipped Chavo and scored a big back drop and a European uppercut. He went for the Sailor’s head butt but whiffed by a mile. Chavo kicked him in the gut a few times before choking him out in the corner and getting a two count.

Chavo continued to boot away on Santino in the corner before he did a cart wheel and a split-arm drag counter. He hit some right hands and a ‘duck’ to the face. Jillian tagged in and slapped him before Melina tagged in.

Melina and Jillian went back and forth before Jillian cold-cocked her with a lariat. Hornswoggle showed up yet again and distracted Jillian. They botched the sunset driver before just hitting the final cut. He celebrated with Santino and company in the ring.

Winners: Santino & Melina via pin fall

Some guy in a suit showed up and handed a green envelop to Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle read it and wasn’t too excited. DX sent him a cease and desist letter.

WWE Champion John Cena is in the back heading to the ring.


They went to introduce John Cena but the Legacy interrupted and came out. They said Randy Orton couldn’t challenge for the WWE Championship, but they could. They said at Survivor Series they’d take the title from Cena themselves.

Cena came out to the ring and said he didn’t have to brag about what happened last night. He said it was the best in the company facing each other in one final match. He put over how important the match was. Cena started making fun of them. He wants to know how long they’ve been running around in circles. People are tired of seeing the same stuff. John Cena said he earned the right to say ‘no more’. He said whoever wanted a shot at his title could get one, but they had to earn it.

Cena said frankly, they hadn’t earned it. He said they could try and prove themselves a little bit, against their opponents right now… Mark Henry and MVP.


Mark Henry & MVP vs. The Legacy

We came back to Cody working over MVP. Rhodes hit some rights and lefts, backing MVP up before slapping on a chin lock. MVP fought out off the hold and tagged in Mark Henry who hit a huge head butt. Henry picked up Rhodes and choked him, but Dibiase hit a big chop block.

The two worked over Henry on the mat with stomps. They worked over him for a few minutes before MVP caught a hot tag. MVP had to really work to get the crowd interested before popping a ballin’ elbow. MVP hit a sunset flip for a three count and that’s that.

Winners: MVP & Mark Henry via pin fall

After the match, Randy Orton came out to address the crowd. He said the guest opponents are looking to find his next opponents and it officially looks as if it’s not him. He understood the terms of his terms last night, but he didn’t care. He said he’d do whatever he had to do to get back what was his. Kofi Kingston interrupted him on the titan tron. He said Orton lost and no one cared what he had to say.

He was with Orton’s NASCAR and totally destroyed it, keying it, caving in the windshield, hitting it with a crowbar and dumping paint on it. Safe to say they have butt hurt.


The Miz vs. Evan Bourne

The two locked it up before Miz caught a knee to the mid section. Miz hit a boot to the side of the head and whipped Bourne, only for Evan to throw on the breaks. Miz tripped him up and got a one count before the two traded kicks.
Miz loaded Bourne up and hit a back drop before going for a second cover and getting a two count this tie. Miz started tearing at Bourne’s hair before picking him up and looking for a bow and arrow. Evan fought out and hit some kicks to Miz’s legs and one to his backs before hitting a beautiful hurricanranna for a two count.

Miz rushed Bourne to the corner and began hitting shoulder blocks before Jack Swagger showed up on the scene. Swagger got on the mic and they began talking about Eve. Miz went out to confront him before Bourne hit a suicida on both. Bourne beat the 10 count and won the match.

Winner: Evan Bourne via count out

Miz was furious that Swagger cost him the match afterwards.


Sheamus vs. Jamie Noble

Sheamus said he’s here to make an impression.

Sheamus hit a big clothesline before going for a Canadian back breaker. Noble fought out and hit an Irish whip, but Sheamus caught him on the follow up. He hit some kick knees to the gut before hitting a big right hand to the back of the head. He followed up with a big knee to the head before picking him up and hitting a big back breaker. Sheamus hit a big jumping boot to the grill and that’s that.

Winner: Sheamus via pin fall


Lumberjack Match
Triple H vs Big Show

Triple H announces that this is a lumberjack match.


The match is also no DQ. Triple H was attempting a sleeper on Show when we came back.

Triple H attempted a body slam but it back-fired badly. Show went on the attack, spearing Triple H out of his boots. Show moved over to Triple H and stood on him near the ropes not once, but twice. Show hit a big chop on Triple H in the corner. Show walked over the Game on the mat before motioning to him to get up.

Triple H fought back with right hands, but Show caught him with a side slam. Show clamped on a shoulder vice and a body slam before Masters tried trip him up. Show dragged him into the ring and knocked him out. Triple H took advantage and hit a knee to the face followed by a series of clotheslines. Show caught Triple H on the third attempt, only for the game to counter with a choke slam for two.

Triple H tried yet another body slam and failed again, but Cena’s hand got ‘hurt’ and he couldn’t count to three. The Raw superstars started jumping into the ring to try and hit something on Show. Finally, Mark Henry succeeded and that started a succession of finishers being hit on Show that culminated in a sweet chin music-pedigree combo. Triple H made the cover and that’s all she wrote.

Winner: Triple H via pin fall

After the match, Bush and Lagano came out and announced who John Cena would defend his title against at Survivor Series: Triple H & Shawn Michaels in a triple threat match.