Sheffield, England
November 9, 2009

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Ricky Hatton was introduced to the crowd and he came down to the ring and greeted the Sheffield fans. Hatton said he was a man of the people and was thrilled to be here. Chris Jericho & Big Show’s music hit and they came down. Big Show said it wasn’t any big deal that he knocked people out, because he knocked people out every day. He said he’d better step aside or he’d make a memory out of him. Hatton said he loved Show and enjoyed watching him get knocked out.

He said he’d give Hatton the same chance he gave Mayweather. Hatton made a wise-crack before Show got on his knees and invited Hatton to hit him. Hatton wound up but Jericho stepped in and began talking down to Show telling him that he doesn’t want him to get embarrassed by a low life boxer again. Show took exception and got into a back and forth with his partner. Hatton stepped in letting them know he called the shots around here, and they weren’t going to take over his show. He said they’d face DX tonight.

Show and Jericho turned their frustration on Hatton and backed him into the corner. DX’s music hit to a monster pop and they came out to assist Hatton. Michaels popped Jericho and the three cornered Big Show. Show got ready to fight the three before rolling his sleeves up and leaving. DX and Hatton gave us a big ‘suck it’ and that was that.


Alicia Foxx vs. Kelly Kelly

Alicia mugged Kelly who thesz pressed her to the mat. Alicia lured her to the corner and slammed her face off the mat before dropping an elbow for a two count. She dragged her to the middle of the ring and hit a stomp before eating some shots to the gut. Alicia cut off Kelly with a monster lariat and then slammed her floor off the mat yet again before wrapping up Kelly in a rear chin lock.

The crowd rallied Kelly who fought out of the hold and hit a hand spring back elbow in the corner. Kelly hit her fame-asser but Alicia kicked out. Alicia hit a stun gun and a scissor kick to the back of the neck for the three count.

Winner: Alicia Foxx via pin fall

John Cena and Ricky Hatton have chat in the back.


Seamus vs. Job Guy

Seamus cut a promo talking about him doing what the Irish have always done, and that was walk into England and beat the crap out of Englishmen. Seamus hit a huge boot to the face and a big lariat before dropping a series of elbows.
Seamus hit his one handed back breaker before hitting his jumping big boot followed by a razor’s edge for the win.

Winner: Seamus via pin fall


Ricky Hatton’s in the back with the Bella Twins. He’s shooting the breeze with them until Santino walks in. He’s dressed as “Ricky Fatton”. Why? No idea. Chavo walks in and claims he can beat Hatton at darts. That doesn’t happen. Chavo says he wants Santino in a match tonight. Hatton says he’ll have a match tonight for sure… against him.

The Miz is cutting a promo about how great he is when Swagger interrupts and they have a back and forth. Swagger vs. Bourne is next.


Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

Swagger hit a big take down before hitting a quick Vader bomb. Swagger slapped on a bow and arrow before picking Bourne up in a Tiger clutch and tossing him to the corner. Swagger hit a running spear in the corner and went for a second, only to get caught with a knee to the face. Bourne hit a splash for a two count before attempting a roll up and getting a similar result.

Bourne made the mistake of getting into a strike exchange with Swagger before hitting a set of double knees. The Miz’s music hit and he came down to the ring, distracting Swagger. Swagger hit a belly to belly that resulted in Bourne rolling out to the apron. Swagger told Miz to look at he attempted a vertical suplex. Bourne hit a knee to the head and then a vicious back kick to the head that cold-cocked Swagger. He climbed to the top rope and hit the SSP for the win.

Winner: Evan Bourne via pin fall

After the match, the Miz resumed his speech from the back where it left off when Swagger interrupted him.


VIP Lounge

Mark Henry and MVP introduced Kofi Kingston as their guest tonight. Kofi said Team Orton would have no idea what was going to hit them. They went to toast Kofi for being team captain before Randy Orton’s music hit and he came down to the ring with the Legacy in tow.

Orton said the three were just a bunch of low-class street thugs. He said Henry stole a video last week. He said MVP was just a common criminal. He said Kofi should be in jail for what he did to Orton’s car. Rhodes said MVP looked VIP, but he was surrounded by some ‘not-so-VIP’s’. Orton said he and his colleagues belonged here. He said the only place where Kofi and his clowns belonged, was the hood. He told them to go back from where they came from.


Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton

Henry tossed Orton to the corner before shoulder tackling him hard to the mat. Orton tripped up Henry in the corner and began stomping on his knees. He mounted Henry and began laying in punches, but Henry picked him up and brought him down hard with a lariat for a two count.

Orton began stomping away on Henry on the mat after hitting a low blow. Orton connected with a knee to the head before going for a pin fall that only got him a one count. Orton hit a DDT for a two count before going back to knee-ing the head. Orton hit a kick to the gut and locked on a rear chin lock to try and keep the big man on the mat.

Henry rallied out of the hold and hit a nice running power slam for a two count. Orton fired back with a right hand, only to eat a monster head butt. Henry hit a big splash in the corner before laying the former champion out with a series of Head butts. Orton dropped to the mat and looked for a sunset flip, only for Henry to rip him up to his feet. As he brought Orton up though, Orton dodged to his left and hit a big RKO for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton via pin fall

After the match, Orton slapped Kofi, but got chased off.


Ricky Hatton vs. Chavo Guerrero

Hatton pawed at Chavo who bailed on the boxer twice. Hatton went to the body this time, causing Chavo to bail to the outside of the ring. Chavo grabbed a go-behind and took Hatton down before Hatton escaped. Chavo hit a cheap shot kick to the gut and decked Hatton with a right hand. He grabbed another go-behind only for Hatton to roll out and land a crushing right hook to Chavo’s head. So much for Chavo.

Winner: Ricky Hatton via KO


John Cena is confronting Hornswoggle about his behavior of late. He hears DX coming and tells him to go and hide. DX comes in and say something’s up. Hornswoggle comes in in John Cena garb. This was just weird. I’m not getting it.


D-Generation X vs. Chris Jericho & the Big Show

Jericho and Michaels locked things up and Jericho laid him out with a shoulder block. Jericho ducked under an elbow but ate a chop. Triple H tagged in and whipped Jericho to the corner only to eat a big boot to the grill. Triple H mounted a mini-comeback and dumped Jericho to the outside as we went to break.


Jericho caught hit a knee on HBK before tagging in Big Show. Jericho and Triple H ended up back in the ring and Jericho caught a running knee for a two count. He dragged Triple H to the corner and tagged in Big Show. Show came in and slapped on a bear hug before laying Triple H out with body shots and heabutts to the face.

Jericho tagged back in to pick the bones. Triple H ducked a clothesline and hit a spine buster before crawling and getting a hot tag to HBK. Michaels scaled the top rope and hit an elbow drop before going for Sweet Chin music. Jericho countered trying the walls but HBK threw him off. HBK rushed Jericho to the corner only for Big Show to come and splash both. He wound up the over hand right to clock HBK, but Michaels ducked under and he clocked Jericho instead. Big Show stood stunned before Triple H clotheslined him to the floor. HBK hit a sweet chin music on Jericho, and that’s all she wrote.

Winners: DX via pin fall