San Jose, California
March 22, 2010

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Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me, because it is time for Monday Night RAW!

Shawn Michaels’ music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. He says that “he has a feeling”. It is the same feeling that had before he threw Marty Jannety through the barbershop window in 1992, and the feeling he had in 1996 when he defeated Bret Hart for the Title. It is the feeling that he can do anything.

Shawn notes that the WWE has released a DVD entitled “My Journey” which coincidentally coincides with him putting his career on the line at Wrestlemania. Shawn says that the fans will need to clear some room on their DVD shelf to prepare for Volume 2, because this is only the beginning. He puts over the fact that he will defeating The Undertaker, and says that at Wrestlemania The Undertaker will ---

The lights go out in the arena. A video package airs which highlights the career of Shawn Michaels. The video ends with Taker’s voice saying that Shawn’s career will rest in peace. The final shot is a graphic of Shawn with the caption “1985-2010”.

When the lights come back on, Shawn states that he appreciates The Undertaker’s attempt at intimidating him, but if he really wants to intimidate him, then he needs to come out and do it to his face.

Pete Rose’s music hits, and he makes his way out to the ramp. Rose says that Shawn is the right man to end The Undertaker’s streak. Pete says that as the guest host, he is going to have Shawn compete tonight against The Undertaker’s brother Kane. He puts up the same stipulations as there will be in Shawn’s match at ‘mania. Pete asks him to get revenge for all of the things that Kane has done to him in the past. Shawn accepts!

Video package airs highlighting the Cena/Batista feud.


The Miz w/ The Big Show v. John Morrison w/ R-Truth

Big Show and R-Truth join the booth for commentary. The former Tag Team partners, and Champions, Miz and Morrison lock it up in the ring. Miz slaps John in the face, and Morrison strikes back with one of his own. Morrison sends Miz to the outside and looks to leap out after him. The Miz backs up, so Morrison moves to the apron. Miz runs at him, but gets kicked in the face. John hits a beautiful Asai Moonsault to the outside!


We come back to RAW as The Miz has Morrison locked in a headlock. Clips show that during the commercial The Miz was working on Morrison’s neck. The Miz goes for a kick, but Morrison ducks and goes for a quick roll-up. Miz kicks out. This time Miz connects with a kick and goes for a cover of his own. Morrison kicks out.

Miz locks on a modified rear headlock. The crowd is behind Morrison as he starts to get to his feet. Morrison escapes and backs Miz into the corner. The Miz charges at him, and Morrison drops him to the mat for his efforts. Morrison follows up with a stiff knee to the face. Miz kicks out of the cover.

Morrison takes to the top turnbuckle, but Miz is there to counter. Miz heads to the second rope and is looking for a Superplex. Morrison counters, and hits a sunset flip. Morrison leaps up and hits the Starship Pain, and this match is over!

Winner via Starship Pain: John Morrison

After the match, The Big show pushes R-Truth away and tries to get in the ring to go after Morrison. John kicks him with a baseball slide, and he and Truth escape up the entrance ramp.

In the back we see HHH taping his knee for a match later tonight. Randy Orton walks up behind him. Hunter says that just because he and Orton have common enemies tonight, it doesn’t mean that the past has been forgotten. Orton cryptically tells Hunter to not forget he still has to make it to Wrestlemania.


Another video package airs highlighting the Cena/Batista feud.

The camera pans to a shot of the Money in the Bank case hanging above the ring. We see that Jack Swagger has joined the booth for commentary. This is the final qualifying match for the 10th spot.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Kofi Kingston v. Kozlov

The match starts with Kozlov throwing Kofi to the outside. He brings him back into the ring hits a release German Suplex on Kofi. He follows up with a cover, but Kofi kicks out. Kozlov lifts him into the air for a modified torture rack. He then picks Kofi up and hits a nice fall away slam. He then sets Kofi up on the top turnbuckle and takes the opportunity to land a couple of punches. Kofi counters, and is able to knock Kozlov away. He leaps into the air for Trouble in Paradise, and this match is over.

Winner via Trouble in Paradise: Kofi Kingston


Before tonight’s huge handicap match, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase take a pair of microphones and hit the ring. The cut a promo on Orton, while taking a fair of shots at each other. They take on Orton at ‘mania in a Triple Threat Match.


Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase & Sheamus v. Randy Orton & HHH

The match looks to start off with HHH and Sheamus, but it seems the Irishman was justt easing the audience, and tags in Cody instead. HHH takes it to Cody without ever taking his eyes off of Sheamus. He backs Cody into the corner and lands a couple of punches. Rhodes escapes and tags in Ted. Dibiase backs HHH into a corner, but Hunter is not going down that easily. He hits an inverted atomic drop, and then knocks Sheamus off of the apron. Dibiase regains his composure and kicks HHH to the mat. Sheamus gets the tag.

It is now HHH and Sheamus in the ring. Hunter is in the corner and Sheamus knocks him to the mat and mounts him. He connects with a slew of punches. He grabs The Game’s head, and then tags in Dibiase. Hunter is stranded in the enemies corner as Rhodes and Dibiase take turns kicking HHH and tagging each and other into the match. A distraction allows Sheamus to get in a couple of blows as well.

Rhodes takes HHH to the center of the ring, which ends up looking like a bad idea as Hunter is able to work up a bit of momentum. Cody hits a beautiful drop punch, but it is not enough, as Hunter is able to make it to his corner and tag Orton into the ring. Sheamus is tagged in by Rhodes as Orton proceeds to clean house. The crowd is going insane as Orton is preparing to strike against Sheamus. Rhodes is on the apron, which causes Randy to go after him and sets him up for the suspended DDT. Sheamus senses the opportunity and connects with his big boot. This match is over!

Winners via Big Boot: Sheamus, Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase

After the match, Legacy rolls HHH into the ring. Sheamus is setting up for the big boot, but Hunter realizes the impending doom and counters. He throws Sheamus out of the ring.

Yet another video package airs highlighting the Cena/Batista feud.

Up Next: Bret Hart!


Video package airs highlighting the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon feud.

Bret’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Bret says that when he left the WWE 12 years ago, it left a bad taste in his mouth that he has never really lost. In his wildest dreams, he never thought he would get another shot at Wrestlemania, especially not against Vince McMahon. He says that he has gotten tired of listening to “Bret Screwed Bret”. Come next Monday, all that people will be hear is “Bret beat Vince”.

Bret says that Vince called his family a bunch of derelicts. Bret says that at ‘mania his whole family will be in attendance to induct his father Stu, and they can’t wait to see Bret beat Vince. McMahon may have driven half of his family out of the WWE (e.g. Linda and Shane) but all of the Hart family will be in Phoenix. Bret says that his match in Phoenix will be one for the ages. Because he is the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be!

Vince’s music hits. McMahon only utters one sentence: “Bret, come Sunday at Wrestlemania, one way or another, you’re screwed”.

In the back Shawn Michaels is preparing for his match, and Pete Rose tells him good luck.

Somehow, another video package airs highlighting the Cena/Batista feud.


Shawn Michaels v. Kane

This match can only end via pinfall or submission. The match starts with Shawn ducking under Kane, and connecting with a chop. Kane quickly turns around the momentum and hits a huge vertical suplex. Shawn kicks out of the cover. Kane lifts him off the mat and lays in with a headlock. Shawn breaks free, but gets caught with another slew of punches. Kane whips Michaels into the corner. He bounces back into the ring and gets caught with a Side Walk Slam. Shawn kicks out.

Kane goes to the top rope, and leaps for the huge clothesline, but HBK counters into a crossface! Kane escapes, but gets caught with an ankle lock. Kane escapes from that as well. Shawn manages to knock Kane to the mat, and heads to the top turnbuckle. He leaps and hits his patented elbow drop! Michaels starts to tune up the band.

The lights go out and Kane has disappeared from the ring, and in his place is The Undertaker! Taker chokeslam Shawn Michaels! The gong hits and the lights go out again. The lights come back up and Kane is back in the ring!! He goes for the cover, but somehow Shawn kicks out! The crowd is going insane. Kane is shocked and lifts Shawn into the air for the Tombstone. Shawn escapes and hits Sweet Chin Music!

Winner via Sweet Chin Music: Shawn Michaels

A video package airs highlighting, surprise, surprise, the Cena/Batista feud.


WWE Hall of Fame Inductee
Bob Uecker “Mr. Baseball”
Inducted by: Dick Ebersol

In the back Pete Rose is talking to Christian. Rose says it made him feel amazing that he was able to have Shawn beat Kane. He says his luck has finally changed here in the WWE. Rose opens the door to go back into his office, and a red light is eminating from the room! The Big Red Machine appears and grabs rose by the neck. Kane tells him that he luck has NOT changed!


Video package airs highlighting the happenings with the RAW and Smackdown Divas.

Eve, Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix w/ Kelly Kelly & Mickie James v. Maryse, Layla & Michelle McCool w/ Alicia Fox & Vickie Guerrero

The match starts with Michelle and Gail. Kim hits a crossbody and goes for the cover. Michelle kicks out. Gail goes for a roll up, but Michelle uniquely counters into a roll up of her own. Michelle McCool lifts Gail Kim up for the Faith Breaker (Style’s Clash) and this match is over.

Winners: Maryse, Layla & Michelle McCool

Just to mix things up, a video package airs highlighting the feud between Batista and John Cena.


Batista saunters his way down to the ring with a large security force in tow. He cuts his promo in essential darkness aside from lights in the ring. A very cool ambiance. He starts off his promo with a Scott Hall quote, “say hello to the bad guy”. Batista says that when he and Cena are in the ring, bad things happen to Cena. It is the same old story and nothing is going to change. The crowd starts up with some Cena chants. Batista says that they hate him because he tells the truth. He mocks Cena for some of his catchphrases. Batista tells the fans that they mean nothing to him. When he sees the fans, he doesn’t see people, he sees dollar signs.

Batista calls out John Cena, and Cena makes his way out to the ring. John says that he has already let the fans down. He says that he let them down by allowing Batista to walk out with the Title. The crowd starts a loud “you can’t wrestle” chant. Cena uses it to illustrate that he has lost faith in himself, as have the fans. Cena says that throughout his career he has always given people something to believe in. And it was because at heart he always believed in himself.

Batista says that Cena has already beaten himself. He says that just like the fans, John is a common loser. Cena says that’s the first thing in weeks out of Batista’s mouth that makes sense. John IS just like all of these people. Batista has put himself above everyone else. Cena says that Dave actually thinks he is the animal. Cena says that he is the proof positive that Batista is bad at his job.

Batista says that Cena has been on his back for four weeks, that’s why he is good at his job. Cena says that is Batista was good at his job, he wouldn’t be in the ring surrounded by guards. If Batista was good at his job, Cena wouldn’t be standing in this ring at all. Cena says that he doesn’t see “The Animal”, he sees Dave Batista. Dave Batista can be beat, and Dave Batista will be beat. At Wrestlemania he will take back the Title.

Cena says that if that’s all Batista has to say, then he is done. Cena looks to leave but Batista is riled up. He starts to fling insults at John. Batista pushes his way through the security which was a bad idea as John punches him square in the face! All hell breaks loose as Cena fights through all of the security. Batista flees the ring and heads up the ramp. John Cena stands triumphant in the ring as the thousands of fans in the arena begin to chant his name.