Nashville, Tennessee
July 5, 2010

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Tonight's WWE Raw opened cold in the arena with the Nexus 7, including Wade Barrett, assembled in the ring. Barrett raised the mic to his mouth, which drew boos. He paused before beginning with a promo that their attacks on Mr. McMahon, John Cena, etc. are all part of a "bigger picture." Barrett said McMahon thought he controlled them, but that is not the case. He said things changed very, very quickly and just like the audience, he had no idea what their agenda is.

Barrett said Mr. Sheffield has something to say regarding Ricky Steamboat. Skip Sheffield took the mic and said unlike what they did to Mr. McMahon, what they did to Steamboat and the WWE Legends was for fun. He said they took advantage of a loophole in the Raw GM's rulings and the audience loved every second of their beat down on the Legends. The fans booed. He said the audience watched like rubberneckers on the highway gawking at a car accident. Nice line. Skip said more people are interested in his DVD now than before they attacked him. He said Steamboat should be thanking each of them.

Suddenly, the MacBook buzzed and the lights flickered in the arena. On cue, Michael Cole approached the podium to read an email from the Raw GM. Cole said the GM has decided on his punishment for Nexus. Per the GM, "none of the Nexus can compete for a WWE Title until further notice." And furthermore, the ruling of Nexus not being able to touch WWE Stars, and vice versa, has been lifted. Lawler whispered it could be open season on Nexus.

Cue up John Cena's theme music for the interruption. Cena slowly walked out on stage and looked into the ring. Cena said one thing the Nexus has failed at has been getting into a fair fight. Cena said his math is seven-on-seven. Nexus readied in the ring, then Randy Orton, Truth, Evan Bourne, Hart Dynasty, and John Morrison walked up behind Cena. They marched to the ring, then the Raw heels suddenly jumped the babyfaces from behind. The feuding babyfaces and heels went after each other as Nexus took off to avoid an attack. Cena put an exclamation mark on things by dropping one of the Usos with an Attitude Adjustment.

Sheamus, as the heels retreated, said Cena doesn't get it. Cena said they're crazy because they had Nexus prime for a beating. Sheamus said all of the heels support Nexus taking out Cena and Bret Hart, no matter what their agenda is. Sheamus said Cena asked him last week to join him in the fight against Nexus. Sheamus said him and everyone else "respectfully decline." Sheamus said if Cena's friends have any brains, they will too.

Randy Orton took the mic from Cena and said he and Cena aren't friends and probably never will be. "Unless, we have to," Orton said. Orton said Nexus is a serious threat to each and every one of them. He asked Edge what's wrong with him. After all, they jumped them at the Fatal Four-Way PPV. Orton said if they can't take out Nexus by themselves, then they should continue the seven-on-seven.

Cue up the MacBook and the lights flickering for another interruption. Cole said the GM wants no fighting tonight. He read that the GM has booked all eight MITB competitors in a series of matches. Also, Cena will be in the ring tonight against Wade Barrett. But, it's not going to be a match. The GM wants Cena and Barrett to shake hands and call a truce. Cena said they all know the anonymous Raw GM is watching, so Mr. Anonymous GM, instead of shaking hands with Barrett for a truce, he make a fist and knock Barrett's teeth out. "Does that work?" Cena asked. And the MacBook speaks. Cole read that the GM wants Cena to be the bigger man and Cena will do the right thing. Or else, his actions will be met with "appropriate consequences." Cole suddenly paused. "And that's the bottom line cause the Raw GM said," he said. Well, that's either a huge clue or a huge red herring. Nice cliffhanger conclusion to a decent opening segment. PYB (3) talk time: 11:53.

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In-ring: John Morrison came out first for the opening match. Cole said the Raw GM was busy emailing him during the break and booked Morrison against Ted DiBiase. Out came DiBiase, with Maryse, for the opening match. Cole wanted Maryse to DTR (define the relationship), but Maryse balked and laughed at him.


DiBiase worked over Morrison early on. Maryse said she and DiBiase love each other and her love of money is just a coincidence. She said they have an economic stimulus plan to employ people to drive their limo, polish their jewelry, etc. Morrison made a comeback at 2:00 and hit a spinning heel kick for a two count. Maryse suddenly had a phone call as DiBiase hit a powerslam for a two count. Morrison then came back with an enziguiri kick as Maryse hung up and left the announce table. She grabbed Morrison's fur coat and teased Morrison with it while DiBiase used the distraction to hit a thumb to the eye. DiBiase followed with Dream Street for the pin and the win.

WINNER: DiBiase at 3:27. Basic match with more emphasis on Maryse than the in-ring competition. The match was presented as a filler and featured two wrestlers losing momentum right now. (*)

Backstage: Kozlov and Santino were walking down the hallway. Santino said it will be like old times - Italy and Russia back together like World War II. "Except no Nazis," Santino said. Kozlov became annoyed and told Santino that if he loses their match tonight, he will pound him in the face.

Announcers: Cole fed to a video package hyping a possible truce between Cena and Barrett later tonight.

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JC: It's worth noting how the announcers have failed to re-visit the obvious "Stone Cold" Steve Austin reference at the beginning of the show. They could play it up with speculation that it's Austin or someone pretending to be Austin. The fact they haven't discussed it creates more distrust between the announcers and viewers when a big item is dropped on the audience and the announcers treat it like it's nothing.


In-ring: The Russian and the Italian came out to the ring, then the Englishman walked out on stage to vow revenge against Kozlov and Santino. Cue up the Indian's theme music to bring out Great Khali with Runjin Singh. Cole said Khali and Singh have been at odds lately. Cole said Singh wants Khali to be more aggressive. So, it's England & India vs. Italy & Russia.


Regal worked alone and never tagged Khali into the match. Kozlov won with the Iron Curtain for the quick pin and the win. Post-match: Khali stepped into the ring and made some noises as Kozlov stood his ground prepared to fight. Kozlov and Santino then lifted up Regal for Khali to give him a chop. Cue up Khali's theme music as Singh entered the ring and asked everyone to dance. Apparently he's not trying to encourage Khali to turn heel anymore? Who knows what's going on here.

WINNERS: Kozlov & Santino at 1:35. A complete booking mess compounded by Singh all over the TV. There just doesn't seem to be a point to any of this. (n/a)

Still to come: Edge's Cutting Edge segment with Chris Jericho and Evan Bourne. Also still to come: Update on Nexus's beating on Ricky Steamboat and other WWE Legends last week. It's up next.

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Announcers: Lawler talked on-camera about what happened last week when the Nexus took out Ricky Steamboat, Legends, and him when they were celebrating Steamboat's career. Lawler said burning out someone else's candle doesn't make yours burn any brighter. Lawler fed to a video package on Nexus taking out the Legends last week on Raw.

Backstage: Arn Anderson was with Josh Mathews selling emotion after watching the video again. Anderson said it's hard to watch and stomach. He said Ricky Steamboat is "bad, bad, it's serious." He said what's worse is Ricky is one of the good guys. Very controversial and potentially in bad taste to turn a real-life health scare last week into part of the angle. Sheamus then walked up behind Anderson and peered over his shoulder. Sheamus told Anderson he used to be The Enforcer, but now he's a pathetic old man.

Anderson asked Sheamus if he knows what's happening to the company. He said just because he's the champ, he's not safe. Anderson said they need to understand their weaknesses, put ego aside, and fight together. Sheamus said Nexus is smarter than the Four Horsemen because Nexus is smart enough not to interfere in his business. Anderson said Sheamus is comfortable and champion of a thriving company. He said if Sheamus doesn't get together with the other guys, he'll end up a great white shark with nothing around him. Sheamus said Anderson must have been hit in the head too many times because he doesn't fear Nexus. Anderson sighed and told him he just doesn't get it.

Still to come: Here's a random announcement. Divas Title match with Alicia Fox vs. Eve later on tonight. Also tonight: R-Truth vs. U.S. champion The Miz in a MITB preview match. Non-title, apparently.


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WWE Classics On Demand: They went back to July 4, 1993 for Lex Luger's bodyslam on Yokozuna. They showed the launch of the Lex Express and Luger doing the whole tour leading to his WWF Title match against Yokzokuna at Summerslam. They quickly went to a clip of Summerslam '93 where the voice-over man said Luger's "campaign was successful." Apparently a count-out victory and not actually winning the WWF Title is a success according to WWE's version of history.

In-ring: R-Truth was already in the ring after completing his rap. Truth asked Nashville what's up. Truth's music hit again and The Miz came out mocking Truth's rap again with a plug for the MITB PPV. It comes across as something Cena would have done when he was starting to get over as a heel doing the raps. It's not main event level. Miz then did his own line about being Awesome before smashing Truth in the head with the mic. Miz knocked Truth to the outside and pounded on Truth's arm before selling that he was trying to break Truth's hand and separate his shoulder.

After Miz's big injury spot, medics and refs checked on Truth as Miz sat quietly on the ring apron watching Truth be escorted away. Miz did a more main event level heel promo asking Truth if it hurts right now. He said he's going to make it hurt for anyone who steps in the ring with him. Miz quietly said he's The Miz and he's awesome. Fade to commercial. Of note, Miz vs. Truth never started.

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NXT plug: Titus O'Neil was eliminated last week, so what's next for the seven remaining NXT Rookies?

Recap: Cole and Miz narrated clips of Miz's attack on R-Truth. Cole said Miz is trying to send a message to everyone involved in the MITB ladder match.

In-ring: Edge came out for his Cutting Edge segment at the top of the second hour. The ring was covered in ladders as the MITB briefcase hung above the ring.

[Q5 - second hour]

Edge started with a mock moment of silence for R-Truth. "He only knew one song, but he did it oh so well," Edge said. He referenced the opening segment when Randy Orton reminded him Nexus took both of them out at Fatal Four-Way. Edge said he's decided to make allies rather than enemies. Edge said he's willing to provide leadership and direction for Nexus so he can make allies with them. He predicted another victory in MITB, then introduced his first guest on Cutting Edge tonight, Evan Bourne.

Instead, Chris Jericho's music hit to bring out Jericho. The WrestleMania 26 opponents stared down each other as Jericho said he doesn't take a back seat to Bourne, the hypocrites, or Edge. Jericho said he knows what Edge is doing out here pandering to Nexus so they won't attack him. Jericho said his NXT Rookie was Wade Barrett, so he would like to think all of the chaos caused by Nexus was due to his influence. Jericho smiled and said they took it to the point of destroying Ricky Steamboat "just like I did at WrestleMania last year." He said

Edge asked Jericho why they would listen to a guy who barely beat Evan Bourne two weeks ago. Jericho shot back that they shouldn't listen to a guy who lost to him at WrestleMania. Edge said his mind wasn't clear at WrestleMania because he was too concerned with what the people thought about him. Edge said the fun begins in two weeks because he owns MITB. Edge said he might even cash in his briefcase after the WWE Title match inside a steel cage. Jericho cut him off and said he is the most valuable performer in WWE and he can't be replaced despite Edge's attempts to copy him throughout his WWE career. Jericho said he will win MITB and become WWE champ again.

Edge cut off Edge with a gut shot, then pounded him into the corner. Jericho then dropped Edge center ring and teased the Walls of Jericho center ring. Suddenly, Evan Bourne ran to the ring and dropped Jericho with a springboard double knee smash. Edge and Jericho then tried to chase down Bourne, who scampered out of the ring. Suddenly, the lights flickered and the MacBook made a noise. Cole then went to the podium and read an email from the GM. He said the GM wants to know if the audience wants to see some action, then give him a hell yeah. Cole announced the GM's next booking decision: Edge and Jericho vs. Bourne and...Randy Orton. As I expected last week, the St. Louis Connection is official. Cue up Orton's theme music to bring out Orton to stand next to Bourne. Orton and Bourne then hit the ring as Jericho and Edge bailed. The tag match is next.

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Back from break, the bell sounded to begin the match. The announcers continued to play dumb on the Steve Austin references by the anonymous GM. Meanwhile, Bourne started things off against Edge before Orton and Jericho tagged in. Orton rammed Jericho into the corner and teased the RKO, but Jericho scampered to his corner to tag in Edge. Cole then gave a plug for the big Smackdown Supershow in Atlanta tomorrow night with a plug for WrestleMania 27.

[Q6] Bourne tagged in and cleared Edge and Jericho to the outside with rapid-fire offense. Bourne then landed a dropkick through the ropes on Jericho to knock him into the guardrail. Bourne followed with a splash on the outside before rolling Jericho back into the ring. Back in the ring, Jericho put the brakes on to avoid a double knee smash. He followed by dropping Bourn face-first into the mat to regain control as they cut to break.

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Back from break, Bourne was crying out in pain as Edge worked him over on the mat. Jericho then tagged in and worked over Bourne. Bourne broke free, then teased a tag to Orton, but Edge cut him off. He tried to follow with a suplex, but Bourne hit a knee to the head to escape and follow with a kick strike to the head. Bourne then crawled across the ring to Orton to make a hot tag. Jericho also tagged in after slightly hesitating. Orton attacked Jericho, then dropped him with the trademark spike DDT from the second rope. Orton then teased the RKO as the crowd screamed with Edge sneaking in behind Orton. Orton flung him away, but then walked into an enziguiri from Jericho. And the crowd goes quiet.

Edge and Jericho started working over Orton, with Edge focusing on Orton's injured shoulder. Orton started to fight out of the heel corner before Jericho landed a dropkick to the jaw for a close two count. Jericho tried a Lionsault, but Orton moved out of the way and Jericho ate the mat. Jericho crawled over to his corner and made a tag after Edge sold hesitation to tag in. Bourne also tagged in for Orton and landed high-flying, high-impact offense on Edge. Edge then cut off Bourne with a kick to the face. Edge went to the heel corner to tag in Jericho, who yelled at Edge to listen to him. Jericho then walked into a kick to the face from Bourne. Edge, not pleased with Jericho trying to give him instructions, got the big eyes and smashed Jericho with the spear in the corner. Edge took off to the back as Bourne then slowly gathered himself and climbed up top. Bourne came off the top with the Air Bourne to a big pop and followed with a cover on Jericho for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Bourne celebrated and got his shine with the victory. Orton then walked over to Bourne still maintaining the soulless expression on his face as he surveyed the scene. As Bourne continued to celebrate, Orton spun him around and suddenly dropped him with an RKO. The crowd gasped in the arena. Orton simply shot Bourne a classic Orton look as Lawler talked about not being able to trust a snake. Cole said it reinforces the idea that it's every man for himself at the MITB PPV.

WINNERS: Bourne & Orton at 15:40. Good, long-form match on Raw with plenty of combustible elements to sell the MITB match. The build-up feels much more organic this month than for the Fatal Four-Way PPV last month. They need to turn Bourne taking the RKO into sympathy, though, rather than leaving it as Bourne looking like bad for trusting Orton. (**1/4)


[Commercial Break. A plug for the Raw house show in Houston later this month has Randy Orton vs. Edge in a Texas Street Fight.]

Backstage: Randy Orton was walking down the hallway when David Otunga, Heath Slater, and Michael Tarver stopped him. Orton said he can't forgive them for interrupting his title match at Fatal Four-Way. Otunga said they had to do what they had to do to make a point to management. He said they're trying to apologize. Otunga suggested the winner of the MITB match could get a nice opportunity to win the WWE Title after Sheamus vs. Cena in the cage. Otunga said he thinks Orton needs to ignore Cena trying to recruit him for his little cause. Orton said he's heard what they have to say, now get out of his face.

Announcers: Cole and Lawler plugged the Supsershow Smackdown TV taping in Atlanta tomorrow night. Cole said it's the home of WrestleMania 27 next year. He then plugged Money in the Bank being so popular at WrestleMania that it now has its own PPV. Cole ran down the MITB line-up and said R-Truth is no longer in the match due to Miz injuring him. One slot has opened up. Also, two slots still open in Smackdown's MITB match.

Backstage: Josh Mathews said they received an email during the last commercial break. He announced Hart Dynasty vs. the Usos for the Unified tag titles at the MITB PPV. In walked the Usos and Tamina to discuss the tag title match. He said this is exactly what they've been waiting for since coming to WWE. The Usos then bet each other that Mathews doesn't even know which one is Jimmy and which one is Jey. Tamina introduced them and said Mathews is just like Hart Dynasty: ignorant.

Tamina and the Usos walked off, then Divas champ Alicia Fox walked in to complain that she hasn't been given any interview time since her victory at the Four-Way PPV. Alicia said it was not a fluke that she won the "title" at the Four-Way PPV. Oops, she said "title" instead of "championship." Alicia then walked off to head to the ring for the Divas Title match. Lawler said the "title match" is up next.

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Summerslam Recall: They debuted a "Summersam Recall" going back to Wembley Stadium in London for Summerslam 1992. They focused on Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog for one of the epic WWF matches of the 1990s.

4 -- Divas champion ALICIA FOX vs. EVE TORRES -- Divas Title match

Back from break, Alicia was in the ring proudly holding her Divas Title. They replayed the Four-Way PPV where Alicia captured the title, setting up Eve cashing in her re-match clause tonight. They cut back to Alicia cradling the title to sell how happy she was to hold the title. Eve then came out to face Alicia and the match was on. Eve was aggressive early on and sent Alicia reeling into a neutral corner. Alicia then started to sell a leg injury, which suckered in the ref and Eve. Alicia blindsided Eve, then dropped her with her Axe Kick finisher for the surprise pin and the win. Alicia then hobbled out of the ring still selling the "injury" after the heelish win.

WINNER: Alicia at 1:20 to retain the Divas Title. Basic title match thrown out on TV with no advanced hype, but solid reinforcement of Alicia as the lead heel in the division. Fine, overall. (n/a)

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Breaking News from the anonymous Raw GM: Cole read an announcement of Randy Orton vs. Edge in a singles match for next week.

In-ring: The Nexus music hit to bring out Wade Barrett to the ring for the "truce" with John Cena. Barrett began his promo saying everything they've done has had a purpose and it's unfortunate John Cena has been caught in the middle of everything. He asked Cena to come out and shake hands like men. Cena's music hit and he slowly walked out on-stage checking around the arena to make sure he wouldn't be jumped on the way to the ring.

Cena entered the ring and Barrett said they have caused him a lot of harm, including the WWE Title. Barrett said he is not in their future plans for beatings, though. Barrett said he wants to put everything behind them and move on to the future. He said the Nexus 7 are going to be here for a long, long time, so it can be easy or hard for Cena. "The choice is yours," Barrett told him. Cena cautiously looked around before asking Barrett that if they shake hands right now, then no more attacks, no more chaos? Cena said he needs Barrett's word. Cena rolled the mic around in his hands before extending his hand. Barrett went to shake, but Cena yanked his hand away.

[Q9 -- over-run] Cena smiled and said they have a little bit in common looking ahead to the future. He did one of his sarcastic babyface promos, including a magic eight-ball. He told Barrett to take his truces, his short-term plans, his long-term plans, crumple them up and shove them up his Nexus. Cena said the future is him taking Barrett down along with the entire Nexus. He said he'll do it himself, with help, or by any means necessary to go through every single one of them. "That's the future. You've got my word on it," he said.

Cena started to leave the ring before Barrett told Cena what they've done to him in the past is nothing compared to what they can do to him in the future. Barrett said it's not about Cena. He said they took out Bret Hart and Mr. McMahon. He warned Cena he'll face some very severe consequences unless he shakes his hand. Cena stared at Barrett's extended hand and shook, then he pulled Barrett close and teased the Attitude Adjustment. Suddenly, Nexus hit the ring and beat down Cena before Evan Bourne tried to make the save. The parade of babyfaces hit the ring until Mark henry's music hit to bring out Henry and the rest of the mid-card Raw babyfaces.

Chaos erupted in the ring with the Raw babyfaces taking control of the action to clear Nexus from the ring. Darren Young was left alone in the ring as the rest of Nexus retreated to the stage. Suddenly, the MacBook buzzed. Cole went to the podium and read what the GM said: "I wanted peace. If things don't stop now, there will be consequences." Cole paused as Cena grappled Young and slapped on an STF center ring. Cena squeezed it on tight as Young tried to fight the hold. Suddenly, the MacBook buzzed again. Cole said in a direct message to Cena that because of his actions, he will now face all members of the Nexus next week in a seven-on-one handicap match next week.

Cena held his head in frustration and concern. Meanwhile, Young, who didn't tap out to the STF, tried to crawl away, only to have Cena grab him, kick him, stomp him, and punch him. Cena landed a big clothesline before staring down in the corner. Nexus and the Raw babyfaces were gone at this point. The crowd was hot with a "Cena, Cena" chant as Cena stared down at Young. Cena toyed with Young a bit before chucking him into the ringpost. Young sold on the outside as Cena huffed and puffed inside the ring selling anger and determination. Cena then left the ring and grabbed the ring steps. Cena did a big dead lift and chucked the ring steps into Young, who put up his hands to block.

Cena did a big "I'm going to rip someone's head off" facial expression before running Young over the announce table. Cena then pushed the table over Young and ran back into the ring to celebrate with the crowd. Cena did a big Triple H pose with veins bulging out of his head. He put up six fingers for the hard camera (since he "eliminated" Young) before celebrating in the ring and posing to close the show. PYB (3) talk time: 13:15.