San Antonio, Texas
August 2, 2010

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-With a pre-taped Raw, we get a long video recap of last week's big angles (three minutes) followed by the full Raw intro, the pyro show, and a full show-preview from Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler with the promise of a world premiere of Cena's "Legendary" movie trailer. In other words, the taping night was long last Monday before their overseas trip so they used every trick to cut back on the length of the live taping.

-Edge walked out to a full ring intro. He said he should start listening to himself because everyone else lets him down. He said earlier this year the fans let him down. Now his team is letting him down. He said he doesn't like John Cena, doesn't trust Chris Jericho, doesn't have faith in Great Khali, and barely knows the other two. He said he's doing things his way just as he should have from the get-go, so he challenged Wade Barrett to a singles match later on the show. R-Truth's music interrupted.

Edge asked him what he was doing in the ring. Truth asked if he thinks the Nexus issue is much bigger than just Barrett. Truth said if he doesn't want to listen to Cena, that's fine, "but you will listen to me." He asked him how many times he's had to fight for everything in one of his matches. He said they're fighting for their lifestyle and friends and families and the WWE Universe. The fans popped. He said they have to do it together or else Nexus wins. He said he needs to stop thinking about himself and get his head out of the rear end. Edge said, "Oh, that's clever. That's clever." His tone was great. He said that's Truth's version, but if he takes out the head of the snake, the Nexus crumbles. He said if Truth doesn't leave, he'll spear him out. The mystery G.M. chime sounded. Cole stood up and said he received an email from the G.M. They showed him once again looking down at the keyboard where the script sat rather than at the computer screen. Cole said the G.M. told Truth to leave the ring because Edge would face Barrett next. Truth wished Edge luck and said, "You're on your own." [c]



Cole touted Barrett's win over Mark Henry. Barrett opened on offense against Edge. Edge outmaneuvered him early, though, and dropped his neck over the top rope to take control. The crowd didn't know how to react to any of this as they weren't willing to cheer for either. It's risky of WWE to even put these two in a situation where fans might have begun to cheer Barrett out of spite for Edge. Barrett took over at 2:00 with a big boot. He settled into a chinlock on Edge at 3:00. Who does he think he is, Randy Orton? The fans began slowly siding with Edge as the match progressed, which is good sign since the heat needs to be on The Nexus going into Summerslam. I don't even notice half of the little things they do well, but you catch every once in a while the wisdom and knowledge passed along for decades from one camera crew to the next on how to film a WWE match. There were some Edge punches here that weren't looking good for one reason or another and they had another camera angle ready that showed Edge's back and not the contact point of the punch. I doubt that's a total coincidence they had a camera stationed at that spot and cut to a less revealing angle. At 5:00 Edge came back and set up a spear. Barrett saw it coming and bailed out to ringside. Barrett then called for the rest of Nexus to come to ringside. They charged to the ring. Edge bailed out over the barrier and into the rafters Security was already in place to keep fans away from Edge. Cole said the head games from Nexus continue.

WINNER: No decision announced in 6:00.

STAR RATING: *1/4 -- Nothing special in the ring up until that point. It's so annoying when announcers blow off that there was no announced finish by the referee. Was it Edge getting counted out or Nexus DQ'd? Why didn't the ref just order Nexus to the back and restart the match? [c]

-WWE Fact: WWE has won numerous awards for its support of the U.S. Military.

-Edge frantically sought out Cena backstage. He found him just standing around. Edge asked where he was. He said he was out there all alone fighting for his life. Cena said since Edge didn't want to listen to him, he let him fend for himself. Cena: "You gotta realize the only way we've got a chance against Nexus is seven-on-seven." Edge: "Good luck with that because you're gonna be doing that without me because I quit." Edge walked away and Jericho walked up behind Cena. Was Jericho wearing high heels? Was almost eye to eye with Cena, despite being way shorter than him in real life. Jericho told Cena that if anyone should quit, it's Cena because he's as much of a problem in the company as Nexus is. He said if his team has a chance to win, it's with Cena gone. He told Cena to do the right thing and quit right now. He said if he won't do it on his own, he'll make him do it. He challenged Cena to a one-on-one match where the loser has to leave the Summerslam team. Cena said that's the exact opposite of what they should be doing. He said Nexus is laughing at them. Jericho didn't change his mind. Cena said, "If that's what you want, fine."

-They went to Lawler and Cole at ringside. Cole said this all can't be setting well with Bret Hart, whom he said is training in Calgary right now.


-A Summerslam Recall aired featuring "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig vs. Bret "Hitman" Hart. That was one of the better WWE matches of that era, although nothing close to what top notch matches have been like regularly in the Attitude Era until now. It was just an era where dramatic athletic four-star matches were rare and not considered a commodity at all, and even when there was a good match, it almost never had a good finish.

-John Morrison approached Khali and asked him if he's ever seen "The Magnificent Seven" or "Seventh Samurai." He said the seven have to work together or they'll fail. Khali, via his interpreter, said, "There were also the Seven Dwarfs." Morrison told him to think about it and wished him luck against Ted DiBiase later. Michael Tarver and David Otunga walked up to Khali and said last week they didn't attack him because they don't attack people respect. Otunga planted the seed that if he loses to DiBiase tonight, DiBiase will replace him. Tarver told Khali the door is always open for him on Nexus. Ranjin Singh told Khali to think hard about that. [c]


The faces isolated and beat up Fox early in the match. Jillian tagged in against Kim. Kim springboarded off the top rope onto Tamina at ringside. Natalya was going to going to Fox in a sharpshooter, but Tamina interfered. Fox then surprised Natalya from behind with a legdrop to the back of her head for the win.

WINNERS: Fox & Tamina & Jillian in 2:00.

-Afterward Fox cut a promo aimed at the babyfaces claiming that no other Diva is comparable to her. Melina's music played and she strutted to the ring, making her return from injury. When Fox bailed out, Jillian threw her back into the ring. Melina gave her her power legdrop finisher. Cole noted that Melina never lost her title; she vacated it due to injury.

-They showed Sheamus headed to the entrance tunnel.

[Q4] [c]


Lawler said he doesn't want to say good things about Sheamus, but he's so damn impressive he can't help but acknowledge his success. Cole said Sheamus had the best first year of any WWE Superstar in history. (Yet he finished only no. 10 in the PWI 500.) Goldust is moving better than at any time in his career and really is in better shape than probably since he was having standout mid-card matches against "Stunning" Steve Austin in WCW. Cole said Sheamus's style of using his talent is what makes him hard to like. Sheamus dominated, though, and finished Goldust methodically with his High Cross finisher. When did the name change from Celtic Cross? Did someone protest? Did the Linda McMahon campaign think it could get them in trouble with a special interest group?

WINNER: Sheamus in 3:00.

-Sheamus took the mic afterward and said "what a difference a year makes." He said last year at this time he was feuding with Goldust in ECW (WWE reasserts the lack of dormancy of their trademarked brand) trying to make a name for himself. He said now he's not trying anything, he's just dominating. He said he's now a two-time WWE Champion standing on top of the world. He said he wasn't lucky enough to be born a fourth generation superstar like Orton or lucky enough to grab a briefcase. He said fans are there to watch him. He mentioned Triple H, which got a little pop. He said Triple H is their hero, a man Orton couldn't beat, and he ended his career. He said he's going to do the same to Orton at Summerslam. He extended his arms and smiled proudly mid-ring. Cole said Sheamus speaks the truth.

-They showed a split-screen of Cena and Jericho headed toward the entrance tunnel. [c]


4 -- JOHN CENA vs. CHRIS JERICHO -- Loser Bumped from WWE Team at Summerslam

Cole wondered what Bret Hart was thinking of all of this. Cole said all seven member of the WWE team had issues with the Nexus, so it's hard to understand why they can't all get on the same page. Lawler said it's all about ego. Jericho took control early and beat up Cena at ringside, and then continued the beatdown in the ring. At 4:00 he settled into a chinlock and then trash-talked Cena. Lawler said Cena must be disgusted since this is the last thing he wanted to be dealing with less than two weeks before Summerslam. Cole asked why they joined Team WWE in the first place. Lawler said they fooled themselves into thinking they could all get along, but their egos got in the way. Cena began his comeback at 5:00, but Jericho surprised him mid-You Can't See Me routine with a Code Breaker. Cena rolled to the floor. Jericho retrieved Cena and rolled his dead weight into the ring. He rolled him over and scored a near fall. Nice to see that attention to detail. So often the wrestler being thrown into the ring is clearly helping and basically leaping into the ring. Here they created the perception Cena was truly dead weight. [c]

At 13:00 Cena made a comeback and hit Jericho with a legdrop off the ropes. Cena clutched his knee afterward and thus was slow to make the cover. Jericho kicked out before three. Cena lifted Jericho for an Attitude Adjustment, but Jericho elbowed out of it and put Cena in the Walls of Jericho. Cena, who had been favoring his knee, writhed in pain, but then reversed the hold and applied an STF. Jericho immediately tapped out. In fact, he tapped out before Cena applied it. Cena looked at him as if he just bailed out on the team. Lawler said Cena didn't even have it locked on. He said Cena realizes it. Cole said Jericho's heart wasn't in the match-up.

WINNER: Cena in 14:00.



-As Jericho walked toward the back, Cena asked Jericho for one minute of his time. He said the fans just saw one hell of a match between two of the best in WWE. (We'll be the judge of that; it was okay.) He said he didn't want him to leave the team. He said he's the best at what he does and can go toe-to-toe with anyone. He said they should coexist for one night "and whatever happens after that happens." He said otherwise he can turn and walk out and let everybody down including himself. He said he won't beg him and the choice is yours. Jericho looked like he was contemplating Cena's words. Jericho thought it through for ten seconds, took a few steps toward the ring (and got a few tentative cheers), and then shook his head no and walked to the stage. He stopped on the stage for a little extra drama, then walked all the way to the back.

-Cole plugged Orton vs. Miz was coming up. [c]

-Cole said, "And then there were five." A clip aired of Jericho tapping out of the match a few minutes ago.

-Backstage Jericho walked up to Edge. Edge said he doesn't blame him for what he did. "John Cena needs us, we don't need him," he said. "I respect you for what you did. You don't need that." Jericho said he respects Edge for quitting the team. He agreed Cena needed them more than they need him. Edge said they've been through a lot together, but together they could own this place. He said that's why they keep them banging heads. He suggested they let bygones be bygones and move forward together. They hugged. The G.M. chime sounded. Edge and Jericho looked up.

-Cole stepped up tot he podium and said after what transpired tonight, next week Edge & Jericho will team together against former Summerslam teammates John Cena & Bret Hart. The crowd popped for that. He said all seven Nexus members will stand at ringside as lumberjacks. Lawler called that a powder keg. Good main event for the final show before the PPV.

-Josh Matthews interviewed "The Viper" Randy Orton. They're definitely settling on "The Viper" as his "Stone Cold" or "Hitman" level moniker. That could stick if they are consistent with it. Orton invited Sheamus to sit ringside with his match against Miz so he can see what he is capable of doing to another human being. He said when he's done with Miz, he'll be in no shape to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. He said in two weeks it's Sheamus's turn. [c]


-The Cena movie trailer aired. I tried watching Cena's last movie "12 Rounds" and couldn't get past the first 20 minutes. It just was so cliched and formula. I heard it got better, but I just couldn't spend another hour or so on it when I have a couple seasons of "The Sheild" left and have been playing catch-up with that for years. This looks like a step up in terms of script.

5 -- THE GREAT KHALI (w/Ranjin Singh) vs. TED DIBIASE (w/Maryse)

Khali warbled his way to the ring. It's like he's walking on stilts for the first time when he walks. He seems so unsteady and rickety. A video recap aired of the little storyline with Otunga and Tarver planting seeds of doubt in Khali's mind about staying loyal to Team Cena. DiBiase chopped Khali early. Khali no-sold it and threw DiBiase into the corner and threw Kevin Nash style offense at him. DiBiase dropped to the mat gasping after a chop to the chest. DiBiase low dropkicked Khali in response and then applied a front chancery. Khali powered out, staggered, and then dropped DiBiase with a clothesline. When he lifted his arm for a big chop. Wade Barrett and Skip Sheffield showed up at ringside. DiBiase turned and asked what they were doing there. Khali chopped a distracted DiBiase in the skull and then crushed his head in his hands. The ref called for the bell. Maryse looked on not with fear or worry, but as if she was watching someone eat a bug. Not a great instinct for how to react there.

WINNER: Khali in 3:00.

-They showed Miz heading toward the entrance tunnel. Has Miz ever headlined a singles main event on Raw before that wasn't followed by a big interview segment? In other words, has he ever been leaned on to be the main event ratings draw for the overrun. [c]

-Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell talked about their upcoming movie. The Bella Twins showed up and fawned over Ferrell. Wahlberg said they're two average looking women, and he didn't mean it in a bad way. "If I was sitting next to you on a bus, I wouldn't notice you," he said. Wahlberg tried to get their attention. "When Wendi Richter got into the Hall of Fame, I cried," he said. The Bellas said they give great foot massages. Ferrell said that's not likely since only pediatrists can do that. Wahlberg tried to move in on that. They showed him down. He smiled and said he liked that.


-The Miz walked to the ring. He said Orton's best case scenario at Summerslam is he beats Sheamus for the WWE Championship, but then he cashes in and take the title from him. "My moment," he said. "Do you hear me, Randy? Do the voices in your head hear me? My moment." He said he only delays the inevitable of him becoming WWE Champion. "Get it straight. I - will - be - W - W - E - Champion - because I'm The Miz and I'm awesome!"


Lawler said Miz is the biggest thing going in Cleveland now. It'd be a great WWE p.r. move to pay to put a huge Miz mural in place of the Lebron James wall mural. Orton fended off an early advantage by Miz and stomped on his chest. He circled Miz and then stomped him. When he dropped a knee toward him, Miz moved and then hit a kneelift. Miz shoved his boot against Orton in the corner. Orton came back and clotheslined Miz over the top rope. Sheamus stepped onto the stage. Lawler wondered if he was accepting Orton's invitation. They cut to a break. [c] After the break one guess what was happening? Yep, Orton had Miz in a chinlock center-ring. Miz came back with a big boot to Orton's face.

[Q5 - Overrun]

Orton made a comeback at 12:00 and showed good fire. He set up a DDT off the second rope when Miz tried to retreat to the ring apron. Miz countered and backdropped Orton to the floor. Miz threw Orton back into the ring and blocked a clothesline and gave him a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for a believable near fall. Orton came back with an RKO out of nowhere for the win. Sheamus headed to the ring, but Orton stared him down as the show ended.

WINNER: Orton in 14:00.

STAR RATING: **1/2 -- Good TV match. Miz looked very much at Orton's level so he gains even in the loss. It's part of the building block for him as he moves up the card and is built into a top tier player if all goes as planned. Orton, of course, should have won going into Summerslam's title match.