Boston, Massachusetts
August 30, 2010

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Are you ready? You better be, because it is time for the 900th Edition of Monday Night RAW!!!

The show kicks off with Bret Hart making his way down to the ring. He puts over the fact that this is the 900th edition of RAW. He admits that back 17 years ago, even he had doubts about the show making it. Bret was on the very first edition of RAW. He says that there is only one other wrestler on the roster that was also there on that night... The Undertaker! Bret seems to be about to introduce The Undertaker, but instead fire breaks out in the arena.

Kane walks down to the ring and has a mic in hand. He says that The Undertaker is no more. Kane has physically decimated him, and left him to rot in a vegetative state. As a result, he is the Phenom no longer. He is just a man. The crowd has started a loud "Undertaker" chant. Kane says that his brother is a lot like Bret. Weak, feeble, scraggly, over the hill and irreversibly damaged. Kane says that the last time his brother was truly The Undertaker, was at Wrestlemania when he ended the career of Shawn Michaels. Kane says that Bret must have loved that moment. He got to see Shawn finally put to rest. Bret says that the only thing he will love, is watching The Undertaker emerge and beat Kane just like he does every time. Kane refuses to let that happen. He is devoted to becoming the devil's #1 demon. Kane says that Taker took out an icon, so Kane needs to take out one of his own. The icon? Bret!

Kane grabs the throat of Hart and looks for the chokeslam. The Hart Dynasty hits the ring to make the save. Kane is able to power them off just enough to prep for a real chokeslam. The lights go out in the arena... and Taker is standing in the middle of the ring! The Brothers of Destruction stare each other down. Kane backs out of the ring saying, "not yet big brother".

*GeneralMail Alert*

This is an iconic moment taking place. As a result, there will be a main event to commemorate the historic occasion. That match? Bret Hart versus The Undertaker!!!

*Flash back to Episode #1 of Monday Night RAW*


*Flash back to Episode #279 in which Austin drove the Zamboni down to the ring to jump Vince McMahon*

Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty v. Kaval & Daniel Bryan v. Alex Riley & The Miz

Wow, Kaval and Daniel Bryan tagging together on the 900th episode of RAW. Amazing.

The match starts with Riley, Bryan and Kofi in the ring. Miz distracts Bryan which allows Riley to get a cheap shot. Kofi follows up with a kick to the gut. Riley is able to bounce back, and Bryan starts to attack Miz on the apron. Bryan is caught from behind with a swinging reverse neckbreaker from Kofi. Kingston goes for the cover, but Riley breaks it up. Riley is the one on the mat courtesy of Kofi, and gets hit with the "Boom Boom Boom". Bryan breaks up the pin. Daniel and Kofi both dash at each other to hit simultaneously with a crossbody. All three men are struggling to get to their corners.

Michael and Kaval come screaming into the ring. Kaval locks on the dragon sleeper, but Riley breaks the hold. Michael is sent down to the mat, while Riley tags in The Miz. Kaval heads to the top rope and connects with The Warriors way! Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale, and picks up the win for his team.

Winners via Skull Crushing Finale: The Miz & Alex Riley

After the match, Bryan and The Miz taunt each other. Riley comes up on the apron to draw Miz's attention. Bryan knocks him off, but that is enough for Miz to run into the ring and knock Bryan out with the Money in the Bank briefcase!


LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla) v. Melina & Eve Torres

McCool & Michelle McCool start things off. McCool goes for a quick cover, but Melina kicks out. Layla is tagged into the match and pulls on the hair of Melina. Layla goes for a quick tag, but Melina runs up from behind and pushes her into Michelle. Melina hits a roll up, and picks up the win.

Winner via Rollup: Melina & Eve Torres

After the match LayCool challenges Melina to a Title Unification Match at Night of Champions. Melina accepts, on the condition that it is a Lumberjack Match. LayCool agrees. Nearly the entire RAW Diva division comes out to stand behind Melina in support.

*Flashback to Episode #889 when Nexus first attacked John Cena on Monday Night RAW*

The Nexus is in the back. Tarver says that since Nexus kicked out Darren Young and Skip Sheffield broke his ankle, people are saying that the Nexus isn't the same. Wade says they aren't weak, because tonight they will win their match. Then, at Night of Champions, he will win the WWE Championship. Barret says that tonight they must do something that will have people talking. Something, unforgettable. Wade claims he knows exactly the right move.


*Flashback to Episode #850 in which Bob Barker was the special guest host*

Josh Mathews is in the back interviewing Chris Jericho. He asks about his thoughts on the future of RAW. Chris interrupts and says that the reason he claims to be the best in the world is because it is true. He says that he had an epiphany, and says that if he doesn't win at Night of Champions, he will leave RAW. Mathews says that he has threatened such things before, so what does it matter? Chris says that he will show tonight that he is in fact the best in the world at what he does. He will be in action later tonight, against the Nexus in the huge Tag Team match.


#1 Contender's Match for the Tag Team Titles
John Morrison & R-Truth v. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

Michael Cole gives a shout out to Jim Ross, and says that this match will be a "Slobber Knocker". Lawler also takes a second to put over Ross.

Cody and Truth starts things off in the ring. Truth hits a spinning arm drag, followed by a split just for the sake of it. Rhodes knocks Morrison off the apron. John did not appreciate this fact, and comes crashing into the ring. McIntyre also pours in, and as a result the referee is forced to call the match a No Contest.

No Contest


Bret Hart v. The Undertaker

This was announced as the main event in the first segment of the show, but I guess not.

*Flashback to Episode #867 in which Hart & Shawn Michaels reached a truce after 13 years*

Bret Hart v. The Undertaker

Before this match can come close to getting underway, Wade Barret comes down to the ring. He has the microphone and says that he promised to do something great tonight. His act will be delousing Bret Hart, and proving that The Undertaker is indeed a Deadman.

Wade tries to attack Taker, but gets demolished and thrown out of the ring for his efforts. The lights go out! When they come up it is Kane standing in the middle of the ring! He goes after the Undertaker. His tactics don't seem to be very effective and looks to be caught with a chokeslam. Also, Bret Hart has disappeared. Before a chokeslam, the lights go out again!

Kane has completely disappeared from the ring! Nexus music hits again, and this time it is the rest of the crew which makes their way down to the ring. They try to attack the Phenom. Taker does do a fairly decent job of holding them off, but eventually the numbers game looks to take over. The lights go off AGAIN!

When they come back on, Wade has Taker up on his shoulders. He hits Taker with The Wasteland! Kane is standing on the entrance ramp laughing. Nexus drags Taker towards the corner, and Gabriel starts to climb. Justin leaps and connects with another beautifully devastating 450 splash.


Jack Swagger v. Evan Bourne

Swagger goes right after Bourne, overpowering the high flyer. Bourne gets back to his feet, and connects with a series of kicks.

Alberto Del Rio's music hits. He drives to the entrance ramp in a Bentley. His personal ring announcer starts to do the introduction.

Bourne and Swagger do not pause their match. While pyro is literally pouring down from the rafters, Swagger has Bourne lifted up into the air. Evan counters and kicks Swagger to send him to the mat. Bourne goes to the top rope. He leaps for Air Bourne. Swagger rolls out of the way. Jacks takes out the knee of Evan, and then grabs his ankle. Bourne taps out to the Ankle Lock.

Winner via Ankle Lock: Jack Swagger

After the match, Alberto Del Rio puts himself over. He explains the match he had against Mysterio last week, and how easy it was. Del Rio says that he isn't completely satisfied because the RAW audience wasn't privy to it. So, he will recreate the moment. Instead of Rey Rey, he will take out Evan!

Alberto runs into the ring and locks the arm bar on Bourne. Del Rio took a steel chair into the ring with him, which he picks up and follows Bourne out of the ring. He looks to place Bourne's arm into the chair like he did with Mysterio!

Mark Henry's music hits, and he runs out to the ring to make the save! Alberto has the steel chair, but Henry literally runs straight through it. Del Rio high tails it up the entrance ramp in defeat.

*Footage is shown of the WWE's first ever trip to Shanghai which took place this past week*


*Flashback to Episode #331 in which Foley conducted "This is Your Life" with The Rock*

CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society (minus Serena) make their way down to the ring. Punk asks the crowd, "do you know who I'm better than?". Answer... The Rock. Punk says that he is better because he doesn't smoke, drink, or make crappy movies like 'The Tooth Fairy'. CM asks the crowd if they miss The Rock. The crowd of course cheers in support. Punk says that he doesn't. Punk says the reason is because The Rock epitomizes the septic tank of a show that is RAW. 900 shows is a milestone he admits, but for the length of that time RAW has been promoting poor family values. Don't believe him? Punk says he has two words for ya... Katie Vick! Punk says that if you don't get it, look it up on Youtube. It will drive you to drink, and then you can come see him. He will save you. WOW!

Punk says that he will show us the most heinous acts in RAW history.

Exhibit A: Property Damage Episode #824: HHH attacks Orton at his house

Exhibit B: Irresponsible and Reckless Behavior Episode #691: Cena throwing Edge into the Long Island Sound (Punk calls it poor sportsmanship)

Exhibit C: Trespassing - Episode #257: DX invades WCW

Exhibit D: Excessive use of Alcohol via Fire Hose Episodes #304 & #754: Steve Austin spraying Vince with Beer

Punk says that he knows the crowd would like nothing better than to see Austin come down the ramp and spray Punk with a fire hose of beer. As if on cue Austin's music hits!

Punk looks shocked, but then he starts to roll around laughing. Austin never appears, because CM Punk set it up as a joke. Punk asks if they are upset with him. He says that's the feeling of disappointment he feels when he comes out and sees every single member of the audience. He is happy they are disappointed. CM Punk has one more clip. He says it's from a good show, Smackdown.

Episode #199: Lesnar & Big Show make the ring fall apart as result of a Superplex

Punk says that he showed it as an example of things he could never be. For instance, criminally obese. Punk says that he doesn't know who the other guy was, but Show was so obese that the ring collapsed.

Big Show's music hits! CM Punk asks why he always gets interrupted. Show is pumped about it being the 900th episode RAW. Show says that the fat joke was a weak place to start. If Punk wanted to embarrass him, then he should have come up with something really solid. Like when Eddie Guerrero gave him the tainted burrito which cause 5 days of bathroom stay. Or perhaps his Sumo match at Wrestlemania. Or even worse, when he was caught on tape kissing Vickie Guerrero. Show says there is such better material then fat jokes.

Big Show says he also does impressions. Show does a Hogan impersonation about joining the S.E.S., and then throws in a Borat joke. CM Punk says that Show isn't funny, and no one likes him. Punk says he won't give him a high five, because there is nothing "high" about the S.E.S. which is why he is better than Show. Big Show slaps Punk across the chest, and throws the rest of the Straight Edge Society out of the ring!


*Flashback to Episode #450 in which HHH returned and attacked Kurt Angle*

Josh Mathews is on the ramp and introduces the WWE Champion: Sheamus. Sheamus grabs the mic and puts himself over, explaining how he will win his match at Night of Champions. He says everyone is here at the 900th Episode of RAW to celebrate. All except... HHH. That's because Sheamus took him out. Sheamus claims that HHH will never be back. Sheamus is not happy about the fact that he has to face 5 other competitors at Night of Champions to defend his belt. Sheamus says that the only true Irishman in Boston is himself. Sheamus claims that the fact that he must face so many people for his belt is a matter of discrimination.

Edge's music comes out and says that Sheamus is giving him a headache. Edge has been through a lot during his time on RAW, and puts himself over. He credits all of his Title wins, and accomplishments. He compares Sheamus to Beaker (from the Muppets). The 5 on 5 Tag Match is next!


Elimination Tag Match
Sheamus, Edge, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho & John Cena v. Wade Barret & Nexus

Jericho & Tarver start things off. The crowd starts to cheer for Jericho. At first he soaks it up, and then he turns to leave the ring. The referee begins the count. Jericho pauses, and begins to run back down to the ring! But no, Chris pauses and leaves.

Jericho has been eliminated

Edge is next. He comes into the ring, but pushes down the referee!

Edge has been eliminated

Cena is annoyed, so he decides to be the one to get into the ring. He goes right after Tarver, connecting with a running bulldog. Cena tags in Sheamus. Sheamus goes right after Tarver, but Michael does get the tag. Heath Slater comes into the match only to get caught with a quick suplex. Sheamus goes for the cover, but Slater kicks out. Sheamus lifts him off the mat and punches him in the skull. Sheamus then sets him up in the corner and uses his knee to attack the gut of Heath. Sheamus holds Slater over the apron, and hits a neckbreaker against the apron. Sheamus rolls Heath back into the ring and goes for the cover. Slater kicks out, and then tags in David Otunga.

David tries to hits a shoulder block, but Sheamus stands his ground. David poses, which Sheamus takes care of with a clothesline. Sheamus now has Otunga on the mat, and attacks him with some heavy boots. Otunga whips Sheamus hard into the corner. Slater is once again tagged into the match. He is relentlessly kicking Sheamus, which the referee breaks up. Gabriel gets the tag, and immediately tags in Wade. Barret kicks Sheamus, and then tags in Slater.

Nexus is working Sheamus in the corner, and Slater locks on a Nelson variant. Sheamus is able to power out, but Slater escapes from the Gut Buster attempt. Sheamus cannot get free of the Nexus no matter what he does. Nexus as a unit dissects Sheamus. Slater hits his finisher and gets the pin.

Sheamus has been eliminated

Cena comes charging into the ring and takes out Slater with a side slam. Cena follows with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle and the Attitude Adjustment.

Heath Slater has been eliminated

Barret runs into the ring and throws Cena to the outside. Wade distracts the ref as Nexus gangs up on Cena on the outside. Wade slides out of the ring and hits John's head against the commentator's table. Wade slides him back into the ring and tags in Gabriel. Justin is successfully working Cena with some carefully placed kicks. Otunga gets the tag.

David sets up for a suplex, but Cena counters with a Fishermen's Suplex of his own. Otunga is still fresher than Cena, and gets to his feet first. John appears to have been feinting, and locks on the STF! Otunga taps!

David Otunga has been eliminated

Justin Gabriel has climbed to the top rope and leaps! 450 Splash on John Cena! Cena is pinned! Cena is pinned!

John Cena has been eliminated

Randy Orton charges into the ring as the legal man. He hits an RKO on Gabriel!

Justin Gabriel has been eliminated

RKO on Tarver!

Michael Tarver has been eliminated

Wade is now the legal man. He comes in from behind and hits the Wasteland on Randy Orton!

Winners: The Nexus

Wade Barret stands strong to close out the 900th episode of RAW!!