Dayton, Ohio
November 19, 2012
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Ryback's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He has a microphone and puts over his hunger and claims that the attack of the three men from NXT took food from his starving mouth. He demands that Punk and the men come out. He says that if they don't he will tear the place apart.

Vickie Guerrero's music hits and she warns Ryback not to harm the arena or she will levy a fine against him. Instead she has an opponent for him.

Ryback v. Tensai

Tensai is strong at the start and backs Ryback into the corner. Ryback hits a Thesz press and then slams the skull of Tensai into the mat. Tensai grabs Ryback's throat and slams him down to the mat. Tensai follows with a running back drop and goes for a cover. Ryback quickly kicks out. Tensai bounces off the ropes but runs into a scoop slam. Ryback lifts him up into the air for a Spinebuster. Ryback charges across the ring and clotheslines Tensai to the outside. He throws Tensai into the barricade while muttering Punk's name. Ryback slides Tensai back into the ring. Tensai hits his clothesline and then lifts Tensai up onto his shoulders for Shell Shock. This match is over.

Winner via Shell Shock: Ryback

Sheamus is in the back arguing with a referee.


Kofi Kingston v. Wade Barrett

Kofi starts the match off with some kicks. Wade knocks him down with a shoulder block but gets nailed with an elbow. Cover, but Wade kicks out. Kofi leaps into the corner to deliver several blows and then connects with an uppercut. Wade takes control as he stomps Kofi in the gut. Cover, but Kofi kicks out.


Back from the break Wade Barrett has a side headlock applied to Kofi. Back on their feet Wade knees Kofi in the gut, kicks him square in the jaw, and knocks him outside the ring. Wade follows after and slides Kofi back inside the ring. Cover, but Kofi kicks out. Wade goes for another cover after some swift kicks and a headbutt. Kofi kicks out.

Kofi gets back on his feet and hits a heel kick. Wade rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Back inside Kofi starts to get fired up. He starts his chain and hits the Boom Drop. Wade grabs the leg of Kofi but gets swatted away. Kofi charges directly into a black hole slam. Cover, but Wade kicks out. Kofi climbs to the top rope and hits a high cross body. Cover, but Wade kicks out. Kofi hits the S.O.S. and tries for another cover. Wade kicks out. Barrett gets to his feet and nails Kofi with an elbow, this match is over.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Cole and Lawler explain the situation with the NXT stars invading the PPV last night and then shoot to a clip highlighting the Brad Maddox storyline.

Paul Heyman is in the back talking to a giant picture of CM Punk. He knocks on Punk's door and shows him the picture. Heyman tells him that he is going to throw him a party for the ages tonight.

Matt Striker walks up and asks if Punk has any connection to Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns. Punk scoffs and Heyman puts over the party once again, even going so far as to invite Ryback. Punk is not amused.


Kaitlyn v. Aksana

Aksana starts to leave as she apparently has no interest in this match. Kaitlyn follows after only to walk into a sucker punch. Aksana rolls her back into the ring and goes for a cover. Kaitlyn kicks out. They continue to fight and Aksana tosses her into the corner. Kaitlyn fights her way back and drops Aksana over her knee. This match is over.

Winner: Kaitlyn


Brodus Clay v. Antonio Cesaro

R-Truth, sans Little Jimmy, is on commentary for this match.

They lock up and Clay lands a number of punches. Cesaro dodges a splash and lands some blows of his own. Antonio hits a running clothesline and then stomps on the gut of Clay. Brodus attempts a splash from the second rope, but Cesaro moves out of the way. Cesaro takes to the second rope himself and hits an elbow. Antonio is able to lift Clay up into the air for his finisher and this match is over.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Video: John Cena & Make a Wish Foundation


Vickie Guerrero comes down to the ring along with a man and a woman. She goes off about how AJ has been making a full of herself by lying of the past couple of weeks. The crowd is roaring at her. She introduces the people in the ring as eye witnesses. The girl is a waitress at a restaurant in Sacramento, California. This was the location of AJ and Cena's alleged business dinner. The waitress says that they requested a private table and were touchy feeling throughout the meal. The man is a parking attendant and says that Cena and AJ were parked in a vehicle together for over an hour. A father even came over to complain about what he saw.

AJ's music hits and she comes down to the ring. She says that Vickie paid the people in the ring off. AJ tells her just to fire her or shut the hell up. Vickie says that the attendant snapped some pictures of AJ and Cena in the color. She even teases nudity.

Cena's music hits instead. Vickie's witnesses head out of the ring. Cena wants to put this all to bed and if AJ doesn't mind kisses her in the middle of the ring! Dolph runs down and tries to attack. Cena fights him off and then follows him out of the ring. AJ is left at ringside looking confused.


2 out of 3 Falls
Randy Orton v. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio backs Orton into the corner and kicks him hard. He nails a kick to the back of Orton and tries for a cover. Orton kicks out. Del Rio hits a suplex and tries for a cover. Orton kicks out. Orton gets to his feet and knocks down Rio. He starts to stalk his prey but falls victim to a drop arm bar. Rio slides out of the ring and grabs the arm of Orton. He slams it into the steel post over and over again. The referee calls for the DQ and awards Orton the first fall.

Orton: 1 Del Rio: 0


Back from the break Del Rio is still in control. He tries for a cover, but Orton kicks out. Rio applies an arm bar. Orton gets to his feet and hits a back body drop. He charges for a couple of clotheslines and then hits a snap scoop slam. Orton is pumping up the crowd, but finds himself caught in a cross arm breaker. Rio wins the fall.

Orton: 1 Del Rio: 1

Next fall wins.

Del Rio charges towards Orton in the corner, but Orton moves out of the way and tries a roll up. Del Rio kicks out. Del Rio runs and kicks Orton hard in his injured arm. Orton struggles back to his feet and looks to turn the attack around. Ricardo grabs onto his foot and gets ejected by the referee. Del Rio hits a backstabber, but Orton kicks out.

Rio kicks Orton in the side for good measure. Del Rio tries for an RKO, but Orton isn't about to let his move be stolen. Orton hits a suspended DDT and starts to pound the mat. Rio counters an RKO into an Arm Breaker. Orton tries to fight free and rolls up Rio. Rio kicks out. Rio misses a kick and Orton quickly hits the RKO. This match is over.

Winner via 2 Falls: Randy Orton

Cole shows a clip of Cena leaving the ring earlier tonight and landing badly on his knee. We cut to the back where Cena is being taped up by a doctor while AJ watches.


The Great Khali v. Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes

Before the match starts, Hornswoggle runs down to the ring with a bouquet of flowers. He is apparently down at ringside to hit on Rosa Mendes. She leans down to give him a kiss, but the flowers squirt water in his face.

Primo is met with a chop after the distraction. Epico takes the Punjabi Plunge and this match is over.

Winner: The Great Khali

After the match, 'swoggle dances with Khali in the ring.

Heyman is in the back and is talking with his party planner. He is upset that his planner hasn't ordered balloons.


The Miz v. David Otunga

They lock up and exchange blows back and forth. Otunga gets behind Miz for a chinlock. Otunga hits a splash and follows up with a shoulder tackle. Otunga tries for a cover, but Miz kicks out. Otunga locks on a rear headlock. Miz dodges an elbow and tries a roll up. Otunga kicks out. Otunga returns to the headlock. Miz breaks free and hits a sunset flip. Otunga kicks out of the cover.

Miz tries for another cover, but Otunga again kicks out. Miz lands several blows and unloads with a flurry of punches in the corner. Miz charges and hits a big splash. The crowd is actually on his side. Miz climbs to the top rope and leaps for an axe handle. Miz sets up for the Skull Crushing Finale and connects. This match is over.

Winner via Skull Crushing Finale: The Miz


Sheamus is in the ring and needs to get something off of his chest. He says that when his feud with the Big Show started it was a battle between two warriors. Ever since, Show has played dirty. Sheamus recounts the happenings of last night's match including Show pulling a referee into harm's way. Sheamus says that through all of this, Show has shown who he really is. Show always seems to run away. Sheamus calls out Show so that they can finish this once and for all.

Sheamus has a steel chair in his hands as Show staggers onto the entrance ramp. Show and Sheamus yell back and forth at each other with the gist of the conversation focusing on the fact that Show is still the World Heavyweight Champion. Show calls Sheamus barbaric.

Damien Sandow's music hits and waltzes down to the ring.

Sheamus v. Damien Sandow

Sandow lands a couple of blows before meeting a shoulder tackle. Sandow rolls out of the ring. Upon reentering the ring, Sheamus grabs him with a side headlock. Sandow backs him towards the corner and kicks his way free. Sheamus whips him towards the corner, but Sheamus flies back out with an elbow. Sheamus grabs him by the beard and tosses him out of the ring!


Back from the break, Sandow is in control. Sheamus falls to the outside and Sandow follows after to hit a neckbreaker. Sandow rolls him back into the ring and tries a cover. Sheamus kicks out. Sandow takes his knee and uses it to choke Sheamus. Sandow locks on a side headlock. Sandow continues the control and looks for his finisher. Sheamus counters with an Irish Curse Backbreaker.

Sandow is on the apron which allows Sheamus to hit his clubbing blows. Sheamus suplexes him back into the ring and then climbs to the top rope. Sheamus leaps and connects with a battering ram. Sheamus lifts Sandow up for White Noise. Instead of going for the cover, Sheamus stalks Sandow to set up the Brogue Kick. Sheamus runs and connects. This match is over.

Winner via Brogue Kick: Sheamus

Vickie is in her office talking to Tamina as AJ enters. AJ says that she plans on getting to know Tamina a whole lot better in the near future. AJ says that she knows Vickie sent Dolph to attack Cena. Vickie laughs at her. AJ says that Cena is hurt and asks what Vickie is going to do about it. Vickie says nothing. AJ says that if Vickie won't, then she will.


AJ is walking in the back and Layla is pleading with her not to do whatever it is that she is about to do. AJ tells her to leave her alone and then walks into the WWE locker room. Everyone stares as she walks over to Dolph Ziggler. She asks who the hell he thinks he is. Dolph says that she is a dime a dozen. She has been so alone her entire life that when someone shows her a little bit of attention she clings on to them like they are her world. When they disappoint her she ends up back all alone. Ziggler says he has seen girls like her all his life and they are all the same: sad, weak and pitiful. AJ needs to face the fact that she is just trash. AJ responds by slapping him repeatedly. Cena appears to pull her off, but Dolph goes right after him. They brawl throughout the back and knock down a toilet stall. Ziggler directly attacks his knee. A referee appears out of nowhere and calls for a doctor.


Kane & Daniel Bryan v. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

The Primetime Players are on commentary for this match.

Cara starts the match off against Kane. He lands a couple of kicks and then gets tossed onto the apron. Cara kicks Kane in the head but then misses on a splash. Bryan gets the tag. Cara hits an arm drag and then tags in Rey. They hit a stereo kick on Bryan and Rey goes for the cover. Rey is whipped into the ropes but kicks Bryan. Kane tags himself into the match to Bryan's chagrin. Mysterio slides under Kane's legs and then gives him a kick that sets up the 619. Kane slides out of the ring. Rey leaps from the apron to take out Kane. Bryan runs off the apron with knee drop and Cara follows with a suicide dive.


Kane is in the ring with Cara. Kane hits a side slam and tries for the cover. Young says, "if your hair is nappy, no one is happy". Bryan gets the tag and applies a surfboard stretch. Bryan releases and unloads with kicks. Bryan transitions to a chinlock. Bryan charges for a knee, but Bara counters and hits a tornado DDT. Rey gets the tag and kicks out the leg of Kane. Cover, but Kane tosses him off. Kane whips Rey towards the corner and hits a couple of clotheslines. Rey manages to knock down Kane and try for a cover. Bryan makes the save, but Cara knocks him out of the ring. Rey leaps form the top rope but Kane punches him square in the face. Cover, but Rey kicks out. Rey sets up Kane for the 619 and connects. He climbs to the top rope and jumps, but Kane catches him for a clothesline. Before he can hit the move, the PTP run into the ring and attack Kane.

No Contest

After the match Rey and Cara help Kane and Bryan fight off their attackers.


Paul Heyman is in the ring and it is set up for the CM Punk celebration. Heyman tells them not to boo him. He puts over his time in ECW and says that when things got extreme last week the fans couldn't take it. They don't appreciate his genius. He then puts over CM Punk and his one year reign. Heyman introduces the WWE Champion.

CM Punk comes down to the ring and reiterates how he is the best in the world. He shows a video montage of his reign. If they put it up on WWE.com it is definitely worth a watch.

CM Punk has a microphone and says that he can't wait until an episode of Main Event in 2018 when he passes Bruno Sammartino for the longest WWE Championship reign in history. Heyman says that he knew Bruno, and he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, but Bruno could never beat CM Punk. Heyman points to another name on the listed of longest reigns which is set up in the ring and says that Hulk Hogan couldn't beat CM Punk, neither can Steve Austin or The Rock.

Punk says that a lot of people ask him about his historic Title reign including what his most important victory has been. Last night takes the cake because nobody thought that Punk could win. Probably because the audience is full of losers. Only two people believed in him and they are both standing in the ring. Punk was able to survive Survivor Series.

Ryback's music hits and he walks down to the ring. Ambrose, Rollins & Reigns appear and attack Ryback. He charges past them and into the ring. Punk takes cover in the corner. They fight with Ryback in the ring and are able to ground him. They pull him to the outside and over to the announce table. All three of them power slam Ryback through the table!

The three men enter the ring and Punk heads slowly to the outside. Punk walks over and squats next to Ryback. He stands up and holds his Title up in the air as he shouts 'Best in the World'.