Kansas City, Missouri
May 20, 2013
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RAW opens as an ambulance is shown driving into the arena. The lights and sirens are activated as it makes its way down to the entrance ramp. Ryback exits the ambulance and stands on top. He has a microphone in hand and clearly is not pleased about the results of last night's match. Ryback points out that his Championship match ended in a No Contest. Ryback says that Cena could not walk out last night from their match because of the damage that Ryback inflicted. A clip is shown of Cena laid out after the crash through the stage.

Ryback continues with his monologue as he takes several shots at the audience. Ryback puts down the crowd's intelligence and likens them to derelicts of society. The crowd begins to boo which brings a smile to Ryback's face. Ryback challenges Cena to an ambulance match for the Championship. He promises to send Cena out of their showdown in an ambulance.

Ryback Rules.


Back from the break there are a lot of fans sitting at ringside sipping on Sonic milkshakes. The commentators plug Sonic and Corporate is no doubt pleased with the sponsorship check.

Wade Barrett & Fandango v. The Miz & Chris Jericho

Wade starts the match off against Jericho. After a brief back and forth Wade sends Chris down to the mat and tags in Fandango. Jericho is whipped into the corner and Fandango follows up with a couple of punches. Fandango poses and frolics around the ring. Wade gets the tag and has some words with Fandango about the showboating as the show fades to commercial.


Miz and Wade are in the ring. Miz knocks Wade down to the mat and then kicks him in the head. Miz grabs the leg of Wade.

Fandango is with Summer Rae outside of the ring. Fandango has a microphone and requests that his music be played. Fandango and Summer are getting very close to each other as Wade stares on in frustration from inside the ring.

Fandango continues to dance whilst inside the ring Jericho hits a Lionsault and a Code Breaker on Wade. Miz gets the tag as he locks on the Figure Four. Fandango's music continues to play as he dances ringside while his partner taps.

Winners: Chris Jericho & The Miz

Miz and Jericho get out of the ring following their victory and approach Fandango. He scurries away into the crowd leaving the lovely Summer Rae behind. Jericho stares down Summer and slowly approaches. The former Dancing With the Stars competitor extends his hand inviting Rae to take the embrace. She does, and Jericho dips her down. Summer stares Jericho in the eyes and gives a glance down his body as they get closer and closer. Summer bites her lip as she seductively tries to sell herself to Jericho. Y2J puts up his hand to her face and starts to laugh as he walks away.


Daniel Bryan and Kane are in the locker room on the heels of their Title loss at last night's PPV. Bryan says that he finally understands that they are no longer the Tag Team Championships. Kane says that negativity will not help them. Bryan is upset at the humor that Kane is employing. Kane suggests that Bryan may be the weak link in their team. Bryan is not pleased and starts to argue with Kane. Kofi appears behind them to break up the fight. All three men will take on the Shield in a Six Man Tag Match later tonight.


Mark Henry is shown walking out of a trainer's room sans a shirt.

Sheamus v. Titus O'Neil w/ Darren Young

Titus is strong with the attack at the start and gets in a couple of kicks and punches. Sheamus gets Titus on the apron and struggles to get Titus' arms under the top rope. Sheamus uses his strength to get Titus locked in and then hits his clubbing blows. Titus falls to the outside of the ring. Sheamus follows after and tosses Young into the barricade. Titus runs up behind and throws his body into Sheamus. Titus rolls Sheamus into the ring. Titus lifts Sheamus up in front of his chest and tosses him over head. Titus lets an expletive fly, which the WWE bleeps out. Titus shouts, "You think you're ------ tough?". Cover, but Sheamus kicks out. Titus attempts to retain control as he applies a side headlock. Titus has the size and maybe power advantage, but Sheamus is fighting with a lot of heart. Sheamus whips Titus into the corner which allows him a reprieve. Sheamus hits an axe handle and a shoulder block. Sheamus attempts to lift Titus up from the White Noise, but Titus slips off. Sheamus heads to the apron and looks to fly into the ring with a battering ram. Darren Young is ready and pulls on Sheamus' leg so he slips. Titus pulls Sheamus back into the ring and goes for a cover. Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus gets back to his feet and whips Titus hard towards the corner. Sheamus lifts Titus up for White Noise and finally has full control of the match. The crowd gets to their feet as Sheamus powers up and connects with the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus covers and this match is over.

Winner: Sheamus


Paul Heyman comes down to the ring to announce his latest client. Heyman says that he enjoys listening to boos of the crowd. Heyman asks the audience how it feels to be powerless. No matter how much the crowd boos, they cannot change the historical fact that last night Brock Lesnar defeated HHH in a steel cage.

Heyman says that the crowd is here tonight to witness history. Now is the time to hit record because the newest Paul Heyman guy is… Curtis Axel (the former Michael McGillicutty).

The crowd boos during his entrance. Heyman says that this is the same reaction that he received in 2002 when he introduced Brock Lesnar. It was the same reception that Heyman received in 2006 when Heyman stood with CM Punk. Heyman puts over Curt and points out that he has pedigree. Heyman puts over that Curt is a third generation superstar. However, he does want to pave his own path. So, he takes his father Mr. Perfect's first name as well as using a last name variation of his grandfather. Heyman proudly displays Curtis Axel.

Triple H's music hits and he comes down to the ring. Curtis attempts to interrupt HHH but is brushed away. Hunter continues to say that he is not embarrassed by his performance last night. HHH says that he fought in a war with Lesnar and lost. Just like Lesnar lost to him at Wrestlemania. Trips adds that he was backstage listening to Heyman talk and, solely because he can, is considering beating the crap out of Heyman.

Curtis gets in between HHH and Heyman. Curtis says that he doesn't think that HHH understands that the game has changed. If he wants to talk to Heyman he'll have to talk to Curtis first. HHH smiles, and then slaps him across the face. HHH says that he has changed his mind about beating up Heyman. First, he is going to have a match tonight against Axel. When he is done beating him he will come for Heyman.


Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez v. Big E. Langston w/ AJ Lee

After the match gets underway, Alberto looks to lock the cross arm breaker on Langston in a similar fashion to how he applied it to Swagger over the stage. Langston is hanging out of the ring. Langston grabs Rio and tosses him out of the ring.

Back inside, Langston drops Del Rio over his knee for a backbreaker and then applies a stretch. Rio is whipped into the corner and Langston charges after. Rio blocks the charge and then hits a tornado DDT. Cover, but Langston kicks out. Both men get to their feet and Rio connects with a few clotheslines before knocking Langston down to the mat. Rio catches him with a Backstabber and Langston flops to the mat. Rio follows with a kick to the skull and a cover. Big kicks out. Rio slaps his wrist and is signaling for the Cross Arm Breaker. Langston tosses Rio out of the ring as he attempts to lock on the finisher. Del Rio re-enters and looks to regain the advantage. AJ provides a bit of distraction which allows Langston to poke Rio in the eyes. Langston hits the big Finish to pick up the cheap victory.

Winner: Big E. Langston


AJ Lee v. Layla

The Bella Twins are watching from the back. AJ clings to the second rope to avoid being pulled into the ring. Layla stomps on her in the corner. AJ gets to her feet and attempts a tilt-a-whirl which she spins into a Gangnam Press, which AJ is calling the "Black Widow". Layla is forced to tap.

Winner: AJ Lee


Zack Ryder v. Cody Rhodes

The match is underway as the show returns from commercial. Cody slams Ryder into the turnbuckle. Rhodes continues to work on Ryder's arm. Ryder is able to hit a bulldog. Ryder climbs to the second rope and leaps for a dropkick. The crowd gets excited as Ryder connects with the Broskie Boot. Cover, but Cody kicks out. Back on his feet, Rhodes runs around Ryder and then springs off the second rope for a Disaster Kick.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Ryback's music hits. Ryback marches down to the ring to take on the defenseless Zack Ryder. Cody scurries from the ring. Ryback has no pity as he punishes Ryder with Shell Shocked. Ryback tosses Ryder out of the ring after the assault for good measure. Ryback exits the ring and lifts up Ryder. Ryback carries him up the entrance ramp and tosses him in the ambulance that he drove out at the beginning of the show.


The Shield makes their way down to the ring. Dean Ambrose is the United States Champion and Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins are the current Tag Team Champions. They have mics as Ambrose explains that last night at the PPV, The Shield brought power back to the Titles. Ambrose puts over some of their victims including Cena, Taker & Ryback. The other members of The Shield say that this is just the beginning. The dogs of justice run this yard. They hold the collars (aka The Titles). Ambrose says that that there is now no choice other than to believe in The Shield.


Kane, Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston v. The Shield

Kofi starts the match against Ambrose. Kofi gains control and drags Ambrose towards the corner to tag in Bryan. Ambrose is whipped into the ropes and flies over the knee of Bryan before being kicked. Cover, but Bryan kicks out. Bryan works the arm, but Ambrose escapes and tags in Rollins. Bryan drops an elbow to the back of his head and then steps on the back of his knees in order to apply an inverted surfboard stretch. Bryan stomps on the knees and shouts that he is not the weak link. Bryan backs Rollins into the corner and kicks him with a flurry of hard blows.

Kane gets the tag and continues to work the back of the neck area. Kofi gets the tag and continues stretching the arm. Rollins runs the ropes but is dropped with a crossbody. Rollins uses all of his strength to push Kofi back towards the corner and then tags in Roman. Kofi is now grounded as he is flattened with a shoulder block.

Ambrose is brought into the ring and decides to one up Bryan in the submission game. Ambrose locks up Kofi's legs and stretches his chin. Ambrose slaps him in the face and then charges to deliver a drop kick. Cover, but Kofi kicks out. Rollins is brought back and the attack continues on Kofi. Rollins bashes Kofi's head into the turnbuckle and goes for the cover. Kofi kicks out. Rollins gets on the back of Kofi and applies a headlock. Rollins stands over Kofi and mocks the Boom Drop. Rollins walks towards Kofi but gets caught in a headscissor.

Bryan gets the hot tag and punches his way into the ring. Bryan flips out of the corner and hits a charging arm. Bryan charges across the ring and hits a devastating leaping dropkick. Bryan is fired up as he kicks Rollins repeatedly in the chest. Rollins dodge one kick, only to be dazed with another. Cover, but Rollins kicks out.

Ambrose gets the tag but is flattened with a missile dropkick from the top rope. Bryan fights Ambrose to apply the Yes Lock, but Ambrose is able to get to the bottom rope. The Shield pulls Ambrose out of the ring as Kane and Kofi flank Bryan.


Back from the break, Ambrose is trying to get Bryan to submit. He hits a high back drop and another cover. Bryan kicks out. Ambrose grabs the hand of Bryan and pulls his fingers apart. Ambrose then punches Bryan in the head a few times. Bryan fights back with a few headbutts. He attempts to run the ropes, but Ambrose knees him in the gut. Rollins gets the tag. He holds Bryan's arms back as Ambrose gets the tag and kicks him in the gut. Ambrose lifts Bryan to his feet but is met with a foot to the jaw. Reigns calls for the tag, but is unable to keep Bryan from reaching the corner.

Kane is now the legal man and he hits an uppercut on Reigns. Kane splashes him in the corner and hits a sidewalk slam. Cover, but Reigns kicks out. Ambrose tries to make the save, but Kofi tosses him out of the ring. Kofi and Bryan fly out of opposite sides of the ring onto Shield members. Reigns is left in side with Kane. Kane flattens reigns with a shoulder block and looks for the cover. Reigns kicks out. Outside the ring The Shield members have gained the advantage. Reigns attempts to lift up Kane, but is kicks away with a big boot. Kane looks for the chokeslam but Ambrose jumps at him from the corner. Kane swats him away, but Rollins springboards from the other side of the ring and takes him out. Reigns hits a spear and goes for the cover. This match is over.

Winners: The Shield

HHH is shown in the back taping up for his match tonight.


Kaitlyn is backstage still annoyed AJ Lee for the attack last night as well as desperately wanting to know the identity of her secret admirer.

Jack Swagger makes his way down to the ring to find out his opponent as voted on by users of the WWE App.

Not surprisingly, Randy Orton is chosen.

Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter v. Randy Orton

They brawl to the outside of the ring where Orton tosses Swagger into the barricade. Randy rolls him back into the ring, but Swagger tries to run away. Randy jumps out of the ring and hits him with a clothesline. Orton is still fired up. Orton hits an uppercut and then tosses Swagger back into the ring. Swagger starts to fight back and pushes Orton towards the corner. Orton responds with a few kicks to the gut. Swagger attempts to set up the submission, but Orton pushes him away. Orton looks for the suspended DDT, but it does not provide enough of an advantage to finish the match. Orton climbs up the turnbuckle to set up for the Superplex. Swagger notices and pushes Orton out of the ring. Orton holds his ankle as the show goes to commercial.


Back from the break, Swagger is in control. He charges at Orton in the corner, but Orton tosses him into the steel post. Orton lifts Swagger up to the top rope and connects with the Superplex. Cover, but Swagger kicks out. Orton punches him in the head but is caught in a belly to belly suplex. The exchange continues as Swagger looks to set up for his finishing sequence. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock in the middle of the ring. Orton crawls towards the corner but Swagger pulls him back into the middle. Orton rolls through to kick free. RKO "out of nowhere" and this match is over.

Winner: Randy Orton


Triple H v. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman

HHH pushes him back towards the corner and then connects with a couple of arm lariats and a cover. Curtis kicks out. HHH looks at Heyman and says that he was close. Trips exits the ring to intimidate Heyman and then tosses Axel back into the ring. Axel gets in a few punches for his first offense. HHH shrugs it off and delivers a few punches of his own. Axel dropkicks HHH in the same jaw that Lesnar attacked with a sledgehammer last night. Curtis lifts HHH to his feet and tries to whip him into the corner. HHH reverses but Curt attacks with an elbow. Curt leaps from the second rope for an elbow and a cover. HHH kicks out. Curt gets behind Trips and applies a side headlock. Heyman cheers on from ringside.

Triple H fights back to his feet and then slams Curt into the corner. HHH hits a few shoulder blocks until the referee backs him up. Axel whips HHH into the ropes but is met with a knee to the face. HHH hits a Spinebuster, but is still shaken from his match last night. Curt is against the ropes, so Triple H clotheslines him out of the ring. Trips follows after and hits his head into the apron. HHH slides him back into the ring, but pauses before getting in himself. HHH is visibly shaken and goes over by the commentators' booth and actually takes a seat. He asks for water from the crew. Triple H throws water over his face and then tries to stand once again.

Instead of counting him out, the referee goes over to check on HHH and encourage him to re-enter the ring. Because, hey screw the rules.

There are several trainers by HHH at this point as he falls to the ground. The show fades to black as HHH appears dazed on the floor and cannot get to his feet.