Calgary, Alberta, Canada
May 27, 2013
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A Memorial Day video plays to open the show.

Cenaís music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He recaps his match against Ryback and the controversial finish. Ryback announced last week that he wants to fight Cena in an Ambulance Match at WWE Payback. Cena says that Ryback thought a bit too fast. Instead, Cena is going to defend his Title in a 3 Stages of Hell Match. The first stage will be a Lumberjack match so that Ryback cannot run away. The next fall will be a Tables match. The third and final stage will be an ambulance match as per Rybackís suggestion.

Rybackís music hits and he comes out to tell Cena that he has already tried to take him to hell. Ryback refers to himself as Beezlebub, Lucificer and Satan. Ryback walks away.

Paul Heyman struts out to remind the audience that his new client defeated HHH on RAW last week. Curtis Axel makes his way out. Heyman attempts to set up a match between Cena and Axel later tonight. Cena warns Axel to stay as far away as possible from Heyman. Cena is up for the challenge and accepts Heymanís request.


Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez v. Big E. Langston w/ AJ Lee

Langston punches on the gut of Rio and uses his shoulder to thrust into Rio in the corner. Rio escapes and hits a dropkick. Langston is sent flying out of the ring. Alberto runs the ropes and flies to the outside of the ring with a suicide dive.

Back inside the ring Langston works a chinlock. Langston scoops up Rio for a bear hug. Rio escapes but Langston grabs him again and delivers a pair of backbreakers. Langston charges at Rio but misses and crashes shoulder first into the ring post. Rio takes advantage and mounts an offense. Rio kicks Langston straight in the jaw and goes for the cover. Langston kicks out. Langston is back on his feet and connects with a belly to belly suplex. Langston pulls his straps down and is looking for the finish. Rio is able to knock Langston down to the mat.

AJ jumps up onto the apron and starts to untie a turnbuckle. The referee scolds AJ. Meanwhile Del Rio has cinched on his finisher. Langston is able to power his way free but is unable to slam down the body of Alberto. Rio pushes Langston into the turnbuckle that AJ exposed and rolls him up for the victory.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Kane and Daniel Bryan are in the locker room. Bryan is convinced that people think he is the weak link. Kane says that the only one who is talking about Bryan being the weak link is Bryan himself. Kane and Bryan become engaged in an argument. Bret Hart walks into the shot and tries to reason with Bryan. Bret tells Bryan that he is great and encourages the duo to work out their differences. Kane asks why Bryan listens to Hart but not Kane when he said the same thing. Bryan says itís because he is Bret Hart and Kane is just Kane.

The Shield makes their entrance for Dean Ambroseís US Championship match against Kofi Kingston. The Shield members do not make their way down to the ring and instead hold back.


WWE United States Championship
Dean Ambrose v. Kofi Kingston

Kofi goes for a quick roll up and Ambrose kicks out. Kofi has an arm drag and stays tangled with Ambrose. Kofi is pushed back towards the corner and hit with a flurry of punches. Kofi kicks his way back into the fight. Ambrose dodges a Trouble in Paradise and rolls out of the ring.


Back from the break Kofi catapults Ambrose into the corner. Cover, but Ambrose kicks out. Kofi lands a kick and then hits a few chops and a dropkick. Kofi flies off the top rope with a crossbody. Cover, but Ambrose kicks out. Kofi knocks Ambrose down again and pumps himself up. Kofi looks for the Boom Drop but Ambrose moves out of the way. Kofi attempts a roll up. They both exchange near fall roll ups but no one can finish the match. Kofi hits the SOS and looks to end the match. Dean kicks out. Kofi springboards in with a crossbody and tries for the cover agin. Ambrose rolls out of the ring. Kofi follows after, but Ambrose is able to knock him down and send Kofiís head into the steel steps. Ambrose gets back into the ring and hits an inverted DDT.

Winner & Still US Champion: Dean Ambrose

After the match the rest of The Shield enters the ring to celebrate.

Fire erupts in the arena. Kane and Daniel Bryan make their entrance and clear the ring.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins v. Kane & Daniel Bryan

Bryan takes it to Seth Rollins at the start. Kane gets the tag and tries to calm down his partner. Kane pushes Seth into the corner and then whips him across the ring. Kane catches him over his shoulder and slams him down to the mat. Cover, but Seth kicks out. Bryan gets the tag and hits a running Doomsday Device. Bryan works the arm of Rollins and stretches his opponent.

Kane gets the tag and is able to retake control with a hard kick to the skull. Roman gets the tag and unloads on Kane. With the big man dazed Seth is brought back in for his team. Seth attempts a suplex but is over powered. Kane connects with a vertical suplex, but Seth falls into his corner and tags in Roman. Kane is still on the ground as Roman traps his neck. As the work continues Seth gets the tag. Kane is finally able to get Bryan in the ring. Bryan runs in with full force and clears Roman out of the ring. Bryan hits a dropkick on Seth and goes for the cover. Seth kicks out. Bryan hits another kick sequence. Again Seth kicks out of the cover. Bryan continues with the high octane offense but canít finish the match off.


As the action continues back from the break The Shield is trying to take control. Rollins has Bryan in the middle of the ring and attempts a Surfboard Stretch. Bryan is able to fight free. Roman comes into the ring and stops Bryanís momentum. A couple of cover attempts but Bryan is able to keep kicking out. Seth gets the tag and starts to work on Bryan. He bashes Bryanís head into the second turnbuckle. Cover, but Bryan kicks out so Roman gets the tag. He stretches Bryan in the corner.

Bryan is finally able to make it to the corner and brings in Kane. Seth also gets a hot tag. Kane shrugs away a couple of offenses from Seth and then sends him high for a back body drop. Everybody charges into the ring and all hell breaks loose. Roman is sent out of the ring and Bryan follows after with a suicide dive. Kane hits a big boot on Seth and then climbs to the top rope. Kane yells for Bryan to get back into the corner. Kane is looking for the clothesline but yells at Bryan to get back into the corner. Kane connects with the lariat, but Bryan is speared midair as he attempts to jump off the apron at Roman. Seth takes advantage of the distraction and leaps from the corner for a high knee and picks up the pinfall.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions: The Shield


The Miz makes his way down to the ring and WWE Fans can vote on the WWE App for what his involvement will be in the next match:

Guest Ring Announcer
Guest Commentator
Guest Referee


It's revealed that Miz will be a special guest referee tonight.

Fandango v. Wade Barrett

Fandango is able to connect with a few chops after dancing his way down to the ring. Wade sets him up on the second rope but Miz slows down Wade so Wade tosses him across the ring. Wade still connects with a boot that knocks down Fandango. Miz hits Wade with a Skull Crushing Finale. Fandango covers Wade and picks up the win.

Winner: Fandango

Fandango dips Summer Rae after the match. Miz kicks Fandango and Summer lands on top of him. Miz counts to three and awards Summer Rae the victory.


John Cena is shown in the back with Shawn Michaels. Shawn tells Cena that he should slow down and not charge at Axel like HHH last week. Michaels says that he is the voice of reason and yet no one will listen to him. Cena reminds Michaels that he was much the same way in his career.


3MB v. Tons of Funk & The Great Khali w/ The Funkadactyls, Natalya & Hornswoggle

Khali and McIntyre start the match. Khali slaps away and then tags in Sweet T. He hits a shovel roll in the corner. Slater jumps into the match which allows Drew to jump out of the corner. Jinder gets the tag and suplexes Sweet T with Drew before backing Tensai into the corner and tagging in Slater. Cover, but Tensai kicks out. As the action continues Brodus Clay gets the tag. He hits a running senton and picks up the victory.

Winners: Tons of Funk & The Great Khali

After the match Clay grabs a microphone and announces that it is Natalyaís birthday. He hands the microphone over to Khali to lead the singing.


Chris Jericho is out for the Highlight Reel. He introduces his guest, Paul Heyman. Jericho says that Heyman aligns himself with great talent. Heyman counters that he discovers great talent. Heyman points out that he gave Jericho his first big break. Jericho points out that he still owes him money, too. Heyman counters that he has waived his fee for appearing on the Highlight Reel. Heyman starts to talk about Curtis Axel. Jericho wants to talk about Heymanís other client. Heyman starts to launch into a talk about Brock Lesnar. Jericho tells him to shut the hell up. He wants to talk about CM Punk. Punk has been missing from RAW for the past six weeks. Jericho plays the clip of Punk talking about losing to The Undertaker before walking off the RAW set.

Jericho points out that it seems as though Punk leaving was a shock and surprise to Heyman. Paul is trying to avoid the subject but starts to let loose. Jericho cuts him off and straight asks about the whereabouts of CM Punk. Heyman says that he will have an announcement with his client in the next couple weeks. Jericho gives a shout out to CM Punk who is watching at home. Jericho says that Punk cannot make that claim after losing several high profile matches and then walking away. Jericho point out that Punk is in Chicago which is where the next PPV will be held. Jericho says that there are a lot of fans in attendance who would say that Jericho is the best in the world. Jericho continues to egg him on. Heyman says that Jericho cannot make such demands. Jericho counters by saying that he is the best in the world at what he does. The crowd chants in agreement. Heyman is fired up and accepts the challenge. Jericho tells Heyman to tell Punk that after Payback he will never be the same again.


The Bella Twins v. Kaitlyn & Natalya

Kaitlyn tries to save Natalya by charging at The Bella in the ring. Bella moves out of the way and crashes into her teammate at the end of the match. Natalya loses in her hometown on her birthday.

Winners: The Bella Twins

After the match The Bella Twins sing her a mocking happy birthday.

Bret Hart is in the back with Curtis Axel. Hart says that he looks like his dad. Curtis says that they had a lot of great matches in their day. Hart tells Axel to stay clear of Heyman. Curtis says that just because Hart knew his father it doesnít mean that he knows him. Hart knows nothing about him.


Sheamus & Randy Orton v. Team Rhodes Scholars

Orton and Rhodes lock up. Rhodes is whipped into the corner but bounces over Orton only to be met with a shoulder block. Sheamus gets the tag and comes into the match with a battering ram. Cover, but Cody kicks out. Damien gets the tag and punches Sheamus in the gut. Sheamus fights his way back and tags in Orton. He backs Sandow into the corner and hits a slew of punches. Orton jumps for a dropkick and a cover. Sandow kicks out. Cody gets the tag but is planted by Orton with an exploder suplex. Sheamus gets the tag and drops a knee before clubbing the chest of Cody. Sheamus whips Cody into the corner. Sandow gets the tag but is met with an inverted Samoan drop from Sheamus. Sheamus climbs the corner but Sandow throws him down and into the middle of the ring.


The action continues after the break until the competitors spill out of the ring. Orton is rolled into the ring and Cody takes control. Cody attempts a front slam and then a cover. Orton kicks out. Cody gets on Ortonís back to apply a chinlock. Sandow gets the tag and repeatedly knees Orton in the gut before a leg sweep and he elbow of disdain. Cover, but Orton kicks out.

Cody gets the tag again and back Orton into the corner. Orton escapes with a headbutt and an uppercut. Cody is whipped towards the corner but counters with a boot. Orton responds with another exploder suplex and tries to make his way to the corner. Sandow is also calling for his partner to regain his composure.

Sheamus gets the hot tag and bowls over Rhodes. Sandow tags himself into the ring but is caught on the apron and hit with a hard flurry of clubbing blows from Sheamus. Cody attempts to help his partner as he hits a disaster kick. Sheamus falls to the mat, but Orton charges and takes Cody out of the ring. On the outside Orton tosses Rhodes over the barricade. Back on the inside Sheamus connects with White Noise. Sheamus is fired up and looking for his finisher. Sheamus charges across the ring and hits the Brogue Kick. This match is over.

Winners: Sheamus & Randy Orton


John Cena v. Curtis Axel

As the men square off Cena hits an arm drag. Curtis flies out of the ring and catches his breath and a word of encouragement from Heyman as the show goes to break.


Cena and Axel are engaged in a power struggle as the show returns. Axel is able to push Cena down on the mat and stretch his chin. Curtis continues the stretch on Cenaís arm and he is in control. Curtis is tossed down to the mat as Cena hits a couple of shoulder blocks and a side slam. Cena hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Axel is able to stop the progression after the Shuffle but misses as he jumps from the second rope for an axe handle. Cena hits a slam and a cover. Axel kicks out. Curtis hits a snapmare and uses his speed to attempt a cover. Cena kicks out. Axel looks for a T-bone suplex but Cena attempts to counter into an STF. Axel escapes bridges a suplex for a cover. Cena kicks out. Axel charges as Cena is in the corner but Cena dodges and Axel crashes into the corner. Cena looks to close out the match but --

A siren erupts in the arena. Here comes Scott Steiner.

Oh wait, itís just an ambulance. Cena leaves the ring to go confront Ryback who is no doubt behind the diversion.

Winner via Count Out: Curtis Axel

Cena throws open the door to the ambulance but no one is inside. Ryback runs up from behind and attacks Cena and leaves him laid out. RAW goes off the air as Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman celebrate their second victory in as many weeks.