Laredo, Texas
July 29, 2013
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Vince McMahon’s music hits and the Chairman of the Board makes his way down to the ring. General Manager, Brad Maddox, follows behind. Vince says that we are in store for some fun tonight. The mic is handed to Maddox. The GM apologizes for the “boneheaded” decision of allowing Cena to select his Summerslam opponent. McMahon takes the mic back and points out that Maddox refereed to Bryan as a troll. McMahon points out that Bryan very well may be a troll, if not something worse. McMahon points out all of the negative things that Maddox said about Bryan. Maddox reaches for the mic –

Yes! Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he walks his way to the ring before Maddox can respond. Bryan announces that with all due respect he believes that McMahon provided the words of Maddox. Vince allows Maddox to exit the ring and then scolds Bryan for coming down to the ring and interrupting. McMahon questions the respect of Bryan, but Daniel turns the point around and says that Vince has not shown him an ounce of respect. Vince asks Bryan if he respects John Cena. The crowd continues the cheers for Bryan, as Vince wants them to fall silent.

Bryan says that he respects Cena as a human being, champion as well as for picking Bryan for his Summerslam opponent. Vince tells Bryan that Cena is a massive manipulator. Cena has been lying through his teeth with his praises for Bryan. Vince says he knows that Bryan can’t be Cena. McMahon also believes that Bryan can’t beat Kane tonight. McMahon says that Bryan lacks “ruthless aggression”. Vince admits that he doesn’t want Cena to win the Title. He complains that Cena walks around like he owns the place, but Vince is the true owner. Vince says he doesn’t want Cena to win but he also doesn’t want the Championship around the waist of a troll. Bryan would be an embarrassment to the company. Vince spreads his legs to go down to Bryan’s level. Vince fantasizes that the best match result would be if Cena and Bryan both spontaneously combusted in the middle of the ring. Vince wants to be the one to win.

Bryan gets up on his tippy toes to get on McMahon’s level. Bryan says it doesn’t matter what Vince thinks, it matters what the fans think. The crowd cheers. Bryan says that the fans want a new Champion at Summerslam – named Daniel Bryan. Bryan tells Vince to listen to the WWE Universe. Bryan asks if they want a new WWE Champion. The crowd roars in approval. Bryan’s music hits.

The Shield’s music hits as Vince and Bryan clear the ring. They make their way down to ringside to prepare for tonight’s opening match.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins v. The Usos & Mark Henry

Henry and Ambrose start the match. Henry pushes his foe away as the strength advantage is astounding. Henry punches on Ambrose before tossing him across the ring. Ambrose retreats and brings in his partner. Rollins take to the ring but does not fare much better than his ally. Rollins heads to the corner and hands the match to Roman Reigns. They square off and Henry signals for a test of strength. Henry kicks him in the gut and then tosses him across the ring. Henry slams the head of Roman into the turnbuckle. Henry takes Reigns to the corner, which brings Jey into the match. Jey stomps on Reigns until the referee forces him to back up. The other Usos gets the tag and stomps on Reigns with his brother. Jimmy splashes Reigns and goes for a cover. Roman kicks out. Jimmy applies a front headlock but is backed into the corner and Rollins gets the tag. He unloads on the grounded Uso and then tags in Ambrose. The United States Champion stomps on Jimmy. Rollins gets in a cheap stomp and then Ambrose takes over with fists and forearms. Ambrose walks into a boot and Jey gets the tag.

Ambrose is flattened with a couple of clotheslines. Ambrose flings him into the ropes but gets hit with a big splash. Jey slams Ambrose and then tags in Henry. The Big Man misses a back splash. Ambrose tags in Rollins and they attempt a double leg sweep but are swatted away. Reigns tries to assist but along with the rest of his team flies out of the ring. The Usos fly out with stereo suicide dives. Henry fakes a dive of his own as the show cuts to commercial.


Ambrose and Jey become the legal men. Ambrose lands a few punches and then applies a chin lock. Jey connects with a jawbreaker. Ambrose charges but crashes shoulder first into the steel post. Ambrose tags Rollins. Seth cuts Jey off from reaching his team. Jey reaches his corner after a back body drop and all hell breaks loose. Henry is legal and clears most of the ring. Reigns charges in with a spear. Rollins is the legal man and tags in Ambrose. One of the Usos gets the tag and tries to take advantage. He leaps from the top rope for a splash but Ambrose gets his knees up. Ambrose hits his finisher and this match is over.

Winners: The Shield

After the match Mark Henry runs into the ring and attacks The Shield. He tosses all of its members to the outside. Henry’s music hits as The Shield makes their way up and into the crowd.

The camera cuts to a scene at the food service area. Ryback looks mightily hungry as he saunters over for a chip. One of the staff members is pushed back. Ryback asks what his problem is. The crewmember doesn’t respond as Ryback continuously throws food in his face. Ryback points out the nearby table and says it is like the one he will toss Cena towards later tonight. Ryback then lifts up the poor crewmember and sends him through the table. Can you smell lawsuit?


Video package: The Wyatt Family

Kane is in the back and walks up to Brad Maddox. He asks where the Wyatts are because he can’t find them. Maddox says that they aren’t here tonight. He tells Kane that if he wants to send a message to the Wyatt’s and show that he is still a monster he needs to beat Bryan tonight.


Rob Van Dam v. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

RVD has an expression on his face along the lines of what the hell happened to this place while I was in purgatory? Yes, TNA is purgatory at the least.

Rob kicks Fandango in the face and then applies a scissors. Fandango is not pleased and catches his breath. Fandango locks up with RVD and sends him down with a shoulder block. Fandango leaps over Rob and then dances. Rob kicks him in the face. Fandango heads to the outside so Rob hits a moonsault from the apron. Rob Van Dam has the crowd remind him of his name. Fandango gets back in the ring and hits a few knees to the face. Fandango looks for a cover, but Rob kicks out. Fandango climbs up to the second rope. He leaps for a knee but Rob moves out of the way. RVD jumps up from his knees. He lays out Fandango and connects with Rolling Thunder. He follows with a monkey flip and then a springboard back kick. Rob climbs up for a frog splash, but Fandango runs out of the ring. Rob wants to leap to the outside but Fandango walks away. The referee counts him out.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Fandango heads up to the ramp and grabs a microphone. He tells the crowd to hush. He then lets the crowd know his name and dances off with Summer. Rob has no idea what is going on in this screwy guy’s head.

AJ is in the back with Langston. AJ is yelling at him for not being there for her. He tries to respond but AJ just laughs. Langston lets her continue to talk. AJ says that Langston watches he because he likes what she does in the ring. AJ says that he never knows what she is going to do next. Langston is bemused as AJ skips away.


AJ w/ Big E. Langston v. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn tosses AJ to the mat. The little sprite gets back on her feet only to be elbowed in the face. AJ goes out onto the apron and knocks Kaitlyn’s head. She delivers a knee and then a snapmare takedown. AJ bridges over for a submission. Kaitlyn manages to reach the bottom rope for the break. AJ slams Kaitlyn’s head into the turnbuckle and follows with some boots. AJ charges but misses Kaitlyn. AJ hits a Shining Wizard and goes for the pin. Kaitlyn kicks out. Kaitlyn hits AJ with a clothesline and then delivers a backbreaker. Kaitlyn goes on the attack as Langston watches from ringside. He looks completely unhappy with his position in life. AJ takes up Kaitlyn drops her hard on the elbow. AJ lifts Kaitlyn back up but is hit with a few clotheslines. AJ kicks her opponent in the gut, but then gets flattened with a spear. Cover and this match is over. Langston throws his hands up knowing he is going to have to deal with a crazy AJ for the next week.

Winner: Kaitlyn

After the match AJ cries in the ring as Langston watches on. Ziggler’s music hits and he walks out onto the ramp to congratulate her on her loss. Ziggler says that maybe Langston can console AJ, or maybe she will have to console him. Ziggler wants a match with Langston right now.


Dolph Ziggler v. Big E. Langston w/ AJ

Both competitors are swift at the open. Langston pushes Ziggler down and tells him that his time is up. It is now Langston time. Langston grabs Dolph by the neck for more taunting. Ziggler blocks a charge and then tries to hit a splash. Langston catches Ziggler and slams him down to the mat. Langston runs the ropes twice and then hits a high splash. Cover, but Ziggler kicks out. Langston lifts Ziggler up and applies a bear hug. Ziggler struggles to break free. Dolph uses a few elbows to jostle Langston. Langston lifts Ziggler back up and hits two backbreakers. Cover, but Ziggler kicks out. Langston gets behind Ziggler for a chin lock. Ziggler is released but hit with a flurry of punches. Langston tells Ziggler that it is his show. He charges and hits a hard shoulder block.

A limp Ziggler falls to the mat. Langston continues the attack. Ziggler looks helpless until he is able to dodge a shoulder thrust. Ziggler lifts himself to his feet and then punches Langston hard. Ziggler hits a dropkick. Langston lifts Ziggler up but Ziggler is able to scurry off of his back. Langston runs to Ziggler but is instead tossed out of the ring. AJ charges into the ring and throws herself onto Ziggler. The referee calls for the bell. The referee is then forced to peel AJ away from Ziggler like a monkey on a banana. Langston gets into the ring and yells at AJ.

Winner via DQ: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Ziggler runs back into the ring and hits a Zig Zag on Langston. AJ looks on furiously as Ziggler gloats on the entrance ramp.

John Cena is on the phone in the locker room. Daniel Bryan walks up to confront him. Bryan asks if what Vince said was true. Cena scoffs at the notion that Vince was telling the truth. Bryan says that good or bad Vince has always been honest with him. Cena asks if Bryan thinks he is lying. They stare each other down.


Alberto Del Rio v. Christian

They lock up and exchange blows in the corner. Rio flips him to the mat for a headlock. Christian slides around but is backed into the corner. Rio kicks Christian in the gut and sends him to the mat as he continues to stomp. Rio continues the attack and the referee forces him back. Rio hits a vertical suplex and goes for the cover. Christian kicks out. Christian is whipped into the ropes and hit with an elbow. Rio misses a slam so Christian punches leaps out of the ring for a right hand. Rio dodges. Rio is sent out of the ring, but he dodges a baseball slide. Rio tosses Christian shoulder first into the steel steps. Christian’s arm is against the steel steps as Del Rio kicks it right into the steel. The referee heads out to check on Christian as the show goes to commercial.


Back from the break, Christian is in the tree of woe. Rio kicks and then chokes Christian. Rio is pushed back. Christian is on the second rope and connects with a tornado DDT. Cover, but Rio kicks out. Rio and Christian exchange blows until Christian climbs to the second rope for a missile dropkick. Rio kicks out of the cover. Rio says that he has had enough and then tosses Christian towards the corner. Sunset flip from Christian. Rio recovers and hits a few headbutts. Rio picks up Christian and tosses him down to the mat. Rio tosses Christian out of the ring but he lands on the apron. Christian punches Del Rio in the face hard. Christian charges at Rio right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cover, but Christian kicks out. Rio is frustrated as he continues with pin attempts. Rio sets up for a running kick. Christian dodges and tries for a Killswitch. Rio counters into a Cross Arm Breaker. Despite his injured arm, Christian rolls though for a pin.

Winner: Christian


Cody Rhodes v. Wade Barrett

The shots are stiff at the open as Wade tries to capitalize on the mustached star. Wade hits Cody in the spine with his knee and goes for a cover. Cody kicks out. Wade gets behind for a choke. Cody blocks a splash and climbs to the top rope. Cody leaps for a moonsault. The move connects but Cody is not able to cover his opponent. Cody counters an offensive front from Wade and looks for the finish. Cody hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match Damien Sandow comes out onto the ramp. He is furious that Cody threw his MitB briefcase into the river. Sandow says that Cody comes from a family of clowns. He says that carney folk are beneath him and walks away.

Kane is in the back getting ready for his match against Daniel Bryan.


Daniel Bryan v. Kane

The competitors stare at each other before the match starts. Bryan runs at his former tag partner. Kane pushes him back and whips him into the ropes. Bryan kicks Kane in the shoulder and takes some shots at the big man’s legs. Bryan trips up Kane into a Boston Crab. Bryan flips out of the corner but charges into a boot. Kane lifts him up and connects with an uppercut. Kane stomps on Bryan and works the chest. Kane hits a vertical suplex. Kane drops an elbow on Bryan and follows with another. Cover, but Bryan kicks out. Kane gets behind Bryan and pressures the neck and head. Bryan elbows his way free and then kicks and punches at Kane. Kane fires back with a long right.

Bryan is not discouraged and hits a clothesline. Kane stays on his feet. Bryan kicks Kane and then jumps from the corner. Kane catches him by the neck. Bryan counters the chokeslam and then uses his legs to Hurricarana Kane out of the ring while holding on to the top rope. Bryan runs off the apron with a knee.


Back from the break Kane goes for a cover. Kane applies another rear choke. Bryan gets to his feet and is whipped across the ring. Kane follows for a splash and then tosses him towards the corner. Bryan moves out of the way of a splash. Bryan is all fired up and then runs around the ring as he unleashes attacks on Kane. Bryan jumps from the top rope straight into a punch. Kane follows up with a side slam. Cover, but Bryan kicks out.

Kane looks to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Bryan is dazed as Kane leaps for a rolling arm lariat. Bryan looks for the Yes Lock and struggles to get Kane down to the mat. The Big Man uses his strength to push Bryan away. Bryan tries for a few punches. Kane grabs him for a chokeslam but Bryan rolls him up for a quick pin.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match Kane picks up Daniel Bryan and chokeslams him to the mat. Kane is about to set off his pyro –

The Wyatt family stands around a lit lantern and announces that they are here. The shot cuts to the arena where the Wyatt Family is making their way down to the ring. As if by magic the lantern has turned from flame to electric.

The lights come up as Wyatt is seated on the ramp. The other two members are in the ring. Kane runs right out of the ring and at Wyatt. Wyatt’s family members chase after Kane and roll him back into the ring. Wyatt laughs as Kane is manhandled. Bryan gets into the ring and kisses Kane before flattening him. Wyatt picks up a microphone and talks about the devil. He tells Kane to be careful what he says because he never knows who might be listening.


Natalya v. Brie Bella

Brie called Natalya an ugly duckling earlier in the evening plus was mean to her on Total Divas, so we get to watch them wrestle. Brie taunts Natalya and applies a headlock. Natalya fights back and looks to cinch on the Sharpshooter.

Nikki Bella appears on the entrance ramp with a kazoo. She taunts at Natalya, which allows her twin to pick up the win.

Winner: Brie Bella


Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman v. R-Truth

Paul Heyman talks on the mic as he walks to the ring with his client. He first puts himself over and then mentions Brock Lesnar. He takes the time to put over his clients and then turns his attention to Curtis. Axel mentions that his dad won the IC Title in Texas. Axel says that he is already more perfect than Perfect.

Truth whips Curtis into the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick. Truth connects with a clothesline. Axel dodges a scissor kick. He kicks Truth in the guts and then stomps across his upperbody. The crowd chants for Punk as Axel looks for the finish.

CM Punk charges down to the ring and takes out Axel. Punk runs after Heyman who is trying to scurry away into the crowd. Punk grabs him but is attacked from behind by Axel. Heyman escapes up the ramp as Punk fights off Axel. Punk jumps up on the commentators’ booth and pumps up the crowd.


HHH is in the office with Vince McMahon and asks him about the unfair treatment of Bryan. Vince says that maybe deep down he wants Bryan to win. Vince wants someone to beat John Cena. Vince wants someone like HHH to beat Cena. Except Vince would prefer someone about twenty years younger than HHH. Stephanie walks into the shop and says that she has an idea. She wants to give Daniel Bryan a corporate makeover. Vince walks away. HHH looks at Stephanie and says it’s worth a shot. Hey, the corporate makeover looks good on HHH.


Tables Match
John Cena v. Ryback

They square off in the middle of the ring. The ramp is lined with wooden tables. Cena knocks Ryback out of the ring. Cena follows after and tosses Ryback into the barricade. Cena pulls a table out from under the ring. Ryback attacks him from behind and hits a few punches. Ryback tosses Cena head first into the steel post. Ryback lifts up a table and charges at Cena. Ryback hits the steel post instead and the table breaks as the show goes to the last commercial of the night.


The action continues outside the ring as the Superstars work towards the tables on the ramp. Cena escapes a slam but is sent shoulder first into the steel steps. Ryback laughs at his destruction. Ryback grabs steel steps and places them in the ring. Ryback heads back out to Cena. John pushes Ryback into the apron. Cena grabs a table and leans it up against the apron. Ryback turns his attention to Cena and lays him out. They are back in the ring. Ryback is tossed to the outside. Cena throws a table out of the ring at Ryback.

Ryback escapes by climbing under the ring and coming out the other side. Ryback sets a table up against steps and the ring. The table Cena leaned earlier is set up in a similar fashion. Ryback tries to toss Cena into steel steps but he moves out of the way. Ryback misses a slam on Cena so Cena lifts him up for an AA. Ryback is able to scurry off and avoid being sent through a table. Ryback lifts Cena up for a huge overhead slam. Cena falls to the other side of the table. Both competitors stare each other down as a table separates them. Ryback grabs steel steps and breaks open the table. Cena grabs steel steps of his own. Both men are holding the steps and looking at each other. They toss them at each other and they collide in midair.

Cena slides back into the ring and Ryback follows. Cena slams Ryback onto steel steps and then delivers the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena heads out of the ring to grab a table. Ryback grabs Cena and plants him with a jawbreaker. Ryback charges to send Cena through a table but he stops short. Cena lifts up Ryback and sends him through a table with an AA.

Winner: John Cena

After the match Bryan cheers his way down to the ring. He grabs Cena’s Title from ringside. Bryan offers it to Cena but then pulls it back. Bryan says that it is going to be his. Cena grabs the Title and tells him that he has a long way to go.